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Pages 27 - 33 40,000 copies free every week from Umdloti to Mandeni No 1412 Vol 32 | Tel: 032-9460276 | Fax: 032-9462430 | www.northcoastcourier.co.za | Friday, July 14, 2017 Roads at breaking point Page 3 Mandela Day Drive Page 10 Ice Ice, Baby! Page 14 Erica Abrahams Illegal fishing activities are getting out of hand on the North Coast as the department of agriculture and fisheries (DAFF) struggles to monitor the coastline. Last year April, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife’s con- tract with DAFF to look after the coastlines was terminated after 32 years. Ezemvelo was respon- sible for maintaining wildlife conservation areas and biodiversity in KZN. They played a prime role in monitoring the coastlines for illegal fishing activities. However, due to a lack manpower, DAFF chief control conservation inspector Dino Govender said that beaches were not being moni- tored as closely as before they took over. “Ten fishery control officers are rotating from East London, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. They cover the Durban area. We currently work on an intelligence plan where we draw up our action plan and monitor certain areas according to information we receive from the public. So if we receive reports of illegal fishing in the Ballito area, we will have our officers in that area making arrests. The officers are rarely walking around on the beach but they do go around the shorelines. “ About two weeks ago, Ballito resident and pho- tographer Samantha Akker Basson was outraged after having spotted a group of people fishing in the Chaka’s Rock tidal pool in Ballito, despite there being clear no-fishing signs. Outcry over coastline rape Allan Troskie The 2017 Ballito Pro, presented by Billabong has come and gone, leaving us all a little more tanned and looking forward to next year’s event. An estimated 160 000 people came out to enjoy the Pro over the fortnight. Eager to watch the 112 men, 48 women and 80 juniors from 20 countries , surf for World Surf League qualifying points and major bragging rights. “KwaDukuza once again proved itself as the ideal venue,” said event organiser Collette Bundy. “The weather was exquisite, the people warm and welcoming and the vibe was just fantastic through- out. It is always sad to bring the event to a close but we are looking forward to another phenomenal festival next year as we celebrate the 50th edition of the Ballito Pro.” Some of the world’s best surfers came and con- quered, but in the end it was former Durbanite Jordy Smith who claimed his second Ballito Pro title ahead of Brazilian Willian Cardoso. Smith beat out crowd favourite Michael February (Cape Town) in the semis to advance to the final and there he dominated throughout. “Secretly I was a little bummed for Mikey. I would have liked to be in the finals with him but that is just the way our sport goes,” said Smith. KwaDukuza Mayor Ricardo Mthembu extended his congratulations to Smith on winning the 2017 Billabong Ballito Pro in an effervescent final. “We congratulate Jordy for his remarkable achievement which has demonstrated the rich talent that exists within our country’s surfing fraternity, especially among our youth. Jordy’s achievement augurs well for the development of our country’s sports and recreation,” said the Mayor. In the senior women’s category Australia’s Sophia Fulton was crowned champ after beating out Zoe McDougall in patchy conditions while Brazil’s Samuel Pupo and Hawaii’s McDougall won the junior series. Economy boost Christine Grobler of Ballito Accommodation told The Courier that they see a definite upward trend in bookings during the Pro. “Naturally, all the surfers and event coordinators need a place to stay during the contest but this is also holiday time, so the Pro is an added attraction to draw holidaymakers and for visitors to take advantage of.” Restaurants and bars throughout Ballito and Salt Rock were doing booming business with holiday- makers flocking to enjoy a bite to eat or a cold beverage after leaving the beach. Mo-Zam-Bik’s Brett Michielin said the Pro more than doubles their clientele. “Of course, we are situated in the right spot to take advantage of it.” Michielin said that during the week they saw even more customers than last year’s Pro, but due to the final being moved from Sunday to Saturday things did quiet down a little over the weekend. Visit the North Coast Courier’s Facebook page and website to catch up on all the Ballito Pro action, watch the live videos and get to know some of the surfers a little better. Fun, sun and beach bodies is what the Ballito Pro is all about. A picture worth a thousand words - Ballito’s Grant Visagie won this handcrafted one-of-a-kind Hutchinson surfboard with this “selfie”. Pro boosts economy Continued on Page 2 Continued on Page 4 When it’s convenience you’re looking for... S i n c e 2 0 0 3 L I F E S T Y L E S U P E R S P A R FAVOURITE LIFESTYLE 7AM - 8PM DAILY CUSTOMER CARE: 032 946 8800 MANOR LIQUORS 9 90*/,30,< 750ML 9 *(:;3, 30;, +<470,: 18x340ML <50; (:/3,@ 7(92 .(930*2, (=,5<, .7:! »¹: »¹, 5,?; ;6 6(:0: >(;,9 *9,+0; (5+ +,)0; *(9+: (9, 56> (**,7;,+ :[YPJ[S` UV [YHKLYZ c >L YLZLY]L [OL YPNO[ [V SPTP[ X\HU[P[PLZ , HUK 6 , :WLJPHSZ H]HPSHISL H[ )HSSP[V IYHUJO VUS` 6MMLYZ ]HSPK MYVT [V VY ^OPSL Z[VJRZ SHZ[ 5V[ MVY ZHSL [V WLYZVUZ \UKLY [OL HNL VM MON - FRI 8AM - 7PM, SAT 8AM - 5PM SUN 10:30AM - 3:30PM

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40,000 copies free every week from Umdloti to MandeniNo 1412 Vol 32 | Tel: 032-9460276 | Fax: 032-9462430 | www.northcoastcourier.co.za | Friday, July 14, 2017

Roads at breaking pointPage 3

Mandela Day DrivePage 10

Ice Ice, Baby!Page 14

Erica Abrahams

Illegal fishing activities are getting out of hand on the North Coast as the department of agriculture and fisheries (DAFF) struggles to monitor the coastline.

Last year April, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife’s con-tract with DAFF to look after the coastlines was terminated after 32 years. Ezemvelo was respon-sible for maintaining wildlife conservation areas and biodiversity in KZN. They played a prime role in monitoring the coastlines for illegal fishing activities. However, due to a lack manpower, DAFF chief control conservation inspector Dino Govender said that beaches were not being moni-tored as closely as before they took over.

“Ten fishery control officers are rotating from East London, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. They cover the Durban area. We currently work on an intelligence plan where we draw up our action plan and monitor certain areas according to information we receive from the public. So if we receive reports of illegal fishing in the Ballito area, we will have our officers in that area making arrests. The officers are rarely walking around on the beach but they do go around the shorelines. “

About two weeks ago, Ballito resident and pho-tographer Samantha Akker Basson was outraged after having spotted a group of people fishing in the Chaka’s Rock tidal pool in Ballito, despite there being clear no-fishing signs.

Outcry over coastline rape

Allan Troskie

The 2017 Ballito Pro, presented by Billabong has come and gone, leaving us all a little more tanned and looking forward to next year’s event.

An estimated 160 000 people came out to enjoy the Pro over the fortnight. Eager to watch the 112 men, 48 women and 80 juniors from 20 countries , surf for World Surf League qualifying points and major bragging rights.

“KwaDukuza once again proved itself as the ideal venue,” said event organiser Collette Bundy.

“The weather was exquisite, the people warm and welcoming and the vibe was just fantastic through-out. It is always sad to bring the event to a close but we are looking forward to another phenomenal festival next year as we celebrate the 50th edition of the Ballito Pro.”

Some of the world’s best surfers came and con-quered, but in the end it was former Durbanite Jordy Smith who claimed his second Ballito Pro title ahead of Brazilian Willian Cardoso.

Smith beat out crowd favourite Michael February (Cape Town) in the semis to advance to the final and there he dominated throughout.

“Secretly I was a little bummed for Mikey. I would have liked to be in the finals with him but that is just the way our sport goes,” said Smith.

KwaDukuza Mayor Ricardo Mthembu extended his congratulations to Smith on winning the 2017 Billabong Ballito Pro in an effervescent final.

“We congratulate Jordy for his remarkable achievement which has demonstrated the rich talent that exists within our country’s surfing fraternity,

especially among our youth. Jordy’s achievement augurs well for the development of our country’s sports and recreation,” said the Mayor.

In the senior women’s category Australia’s Sophia Fulton was crowned champ after beating out Zoe McDougall in patchy conditions while Brazil’s Samuel Pupo and Hawaii’s McDougall won the junior series.

Economy boostChristine Grobler of Ballito Accommodation told

The Courier that they see a definite upward trend in bookings during the Pro.

“Naturally, all the surfers and event coordinators need a place to stay during the contest but this is also holiday time, so the Pro is an added attraction to draw holidaymakers and for visitors to take advantage of.”

Restaurants and bars throughout Ballito and Salt Rock were doing booming business with holiday-makers flocking to enjoy a bite to eat or a cold beverage after leaving the beach.

Mo-Zam-Bik’s Brett Michielin said the Pro more than doubles their clientele.

“Of course, we are situated in the right spot to take advantage of it.”

Michielin said that during the week they saw even more customers than last year’s Pro, but due to the final being moved from Sunday to Saturday things did quiet down a little over the weekend.

Visit the North Coast Courier’s Facebook page and website to catch up on all the Ballito Pro action, watch the live videos and get to know some of the surfers a little better.

Fun, sun and beach bodies is what the Ballito Pro is all about. A picture worth a thousand words - Ballito’s Grant Visagie won this handcrafted one-of-a-kind Hutchinson surfboard with this “selfie”.

Pro boosts economy

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When it’s convenience you’re looking for...Since 2003







M O N - F R I 8 A M - 7 P M , S A T 8 A M - 5 P M S U N 1 0 : 3 0 A M - 3 : 3 0 P M

NEWS 2 The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017

“I was at the beach doing a photo shoot and a family told me there were some people fishing in the tidal pool. They had asked the group to please stop fishing and their response was that they should f*** off. I wanted to go over and ask them to stop but my husband said I should rather not as they were most probably drunk,” she said.

With the lack of moni-toring on the beaches, many anglers are also not adhering to the bag limits. The overall cumulative daily bag limit is ten fish but this amount varies depending on the species and size of the fish caught.

Umhlanga’s Nico Chinna, who often fishes recre-ationally on our coastline, said there were times when fishermen caught over 50 shad in a few hours.

“Ezemvelo did a great job and I never really minded getting asked to show them my licence. My family and I go deep sea fishing almost every weekend because I have given up on fishing at the beach. Some of the guys go crazy when it is shad season. It puts a damper on the sport as a whole.”

According to Tidal Tao Snorkeling’s Michelle Morris, ignoring the no fishing signs not only affects marine life but beachgoers too.

“People fish and ignore the signs that clearly state no fishing, no feeding and no collecting fish. If you fish at tidal pools leaving your hooks and lines behind, it becomes hazardous to those swimming in the pool. Fishing lines also smother corals which are extremely important to the ecosystem. The same goes for collecting. Each critter plays a huge

role. If you take out too much or if you catch under-sized fish, the ecosystem will collapse.”

Morris said the main problem was difficulty in contacting someone when illegal fishing activity is spotted.

“We need to stand together as a community and say no more! Perhaps it would be worth it to look at getting local security companies involved to assist with the law or even find someone who can help us in identifying hot spots on our coast. We

have seen how the ocean can bounce back if we let it.”

However, DAFF’s Govender said they are issu-ing a firm warning to those who are caught engag-ing in illegal fishing activities.

“Ezemvelo was about educating people but we are not about that. If people are caught fishing at a protected zone they are arrested and a criminal case is opened against them. More than 30 people were arrested in Durban and surrounds during June just for fishing in protected areas. With bag limits, peo-ple are fined and charged according to the type of fish, the amount and the size.”

Govender said that starting next year, DAFF planned to have fishing officers stationed at differ-ent areas in Durban and surrounds.

To report illegal fishing activities contact DAFF’S Dino Govender at 072 231 6070.

Continued from Page 1

Mixed feelings over mixed drinks

Erica Abrahams

A liquor licence has been approved for a bottle store in Westbrook that is set to open on the doorstep of the local Methodist church despite outrage from the ward councillor and residents.

The notice of approval was published in the Mer-cury two weeks ago.

Registered as Westside Liquors, the store is set to open it’s doors in a few months at the Westbrook Boulevard centre in Strelitzia Place which is a little more than 30 metres away from the church that has been in the area for 70 years. The quiet area is also well known for it’s retirement village.

However, according to the liquor board, there are no bylaws in place that state a liquor outlet cannot open within 500 metres of a place of worship, how-ever, the liquor licencing act states that applications for liquor outlets that are less than 500 metres from a school or religious organisation have to be care-fully considered. The 500-metre proximity policy was changed to around 79.8 metres last year after the matter was taken to court by the Checkers Group. The act has not yet been amended.

DA Ward 58 councillor Geoff Pullan said he was disturbed that he had not been consulted during the licence application process.

“I am the councillor where this outlet wants to operate. I am aggrieved that I was not consulted about the application. My understanding is that liquor applications should be considered by both the local ward councillor and the SAPS. We are the people who have to deal with problems after the fact. I have received many objections from resi-dents and some objected directly to the KZN liquor board. The residents worry that crime will rise when people consume alcohol.”

Owned by Vish Govender, the renovations at the liquor outlet started at the beginning of the year and are almost complete.

The bottle store set to open in Westbrook has been granted a liquor licence.

“Fishermen caught over 50 shad”

“ We need to stand together as a community and say no more!

The pristine tidal pool of Chaka’s Rock.

NEWS The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017 3

Roads at breaking point

The intersection of the P445 and the R102 at Ballito Compensation is a potholed mess.

Erica Abrahams

The DA in KwaDukuza are outraged at the KZN transport department’s blatant disregard and the ongoing lack of road repair on the Dolphin Coast roads.

Frustration and fury mounts as both residents and KwaDukuza councillors wait for answers from the transport department (DOT) on road work projects that have been on the council’s agenda for up to five years.

DA ward 6 and 22 council-lors Tammy Col ley and Malcolm Hub-ner said the sit-uation is get-t ing out of control where roads are strug-g l i n g t o accommodate the rapid devel-opment that is taking place.

“ K w a D u -kuza is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the country. A recent local traffic study found that traffic volumes have increased from 3000 cars a day to 18000 cars a day, over the last three years,” said Hubner.

The councillors said their concerns were regard-ing potholes, pedestrian crossings and robots in Ballito, Salt Rock, Umhlali and Sheffield.

“The first area of concern is the intersection of the P445 and the R102 at Ballito Compensation. The second is the road between the R102 and Salt Rock that leads through the Umhlali Village up to the N2 and then east into Salt Rock.

“This whole road is littered with potholes and damaged road surfaces. There is also a circle in the centre of Umhlali Village that is in a continual state of disrepair. The contractors who fix this section of the road are completely out of their depth in resolv-ing the situation as it is repaired and lasts exactly a week or so until the next rains and reverts to the same state. Further up that road, there is the off-ramp from the N2 into Umhlali and Salt Rock. This on and off ramp has no traffic control and is majorly congested daily with traffic backing up onto the highway. Traffic measurement studies have been conducted by consultants in conjunction with SANRAL, DOT and the Kwadukuza municipality and their report contains recommendations that this area needs to have traffic lights installed to regulate

the traffic volumes. Next is where Fox Hill Road intersects with Salt Rock Road at the Sasol Garage. This road carries all the traffic to Tiffany’s Shop-ping Centre both in and out in an east-west direc-tion as well as all traffic making use of the Sasol Garage.”

Hubner said the roads belonged to the transport department and not KDM.

In the past year, three meetings between KDM and DOT have failed due to DOT officials report-

edly being unprepared. However, KZN DOT

KwaDukuza Cost Centre acting deputy director Ger-ald Perumal said he was not aware of any meetings between KDM and the DOT.

“The matter of pothole repairs is being reported to the KwaDukuza Cost Centre for investigating and actioned as required,” he said.

DA shadow MEC for transport Mohammed Rafeek Sayedali said the

problem arose due to a lack of synergy between the local and provincial government.

“It would make sense for the department to sit down with municipalities where there is rapid development and prioritise funds to those areas that are crucial for economic development, like Bal-lito.”

Sayedali said he would be escalating the matter to provincial legislature and the MEC for transport.

“DOT needs to communicate their plans with communities. Their main challenge is the budget. In KZN there are about 32 000 kilometres of roads of which only 8100 is tarred. About 24 000km is gravel. There is a constant demand from communi-ties for roads to be fixed. For the 2017/2018 finan-cial year, the DOT has a budget of R9.96 billion. 73 per cent goes toward road infrastructure. About R1.2 billion goes to the rehabilitation of roads. R2.1 billion goes toward maintenance and another R3.4 billion is for the maintenance of existing infrastruc-ture. Little is left to resurface or build new roads.”

KDM media liaison officer Sipho Mkhize said DOT presented plans for fixing the roads to the KDM three months ago.

“They are now in their new financial year and we cannot speak on their behalf in saying when those projects will be completed. We do not yet know what their roll-out plan is.”

“ Traff ic volumes have escalated over the past three years from 3000 cars a day to 18000 cars a day.

Low quality stall N2 roadworksAllan Troskie

Road users heading north or south on the N2 from Ballito are losing patience with the ongoing road-works along the highway.

Earlier this month The Courier reported that sub-standard materials had caused the work on the N2 north of Salt Rock to be a year behind schedule.

Now it has emerged that this is the case at other sites as well.

SANRAL’s Eastern Region project manager, Ridhwaan Mahomed said the issue with the road-works on the N2 near the Umdloti River crossing was also due to poor materials.

“The material that the contractor had placed did not meet the contract specifications,” he said.

Work on this stretch of the highway was origi-nally scheduled to finish in February this year, it is now expected to be completed in January 2018.

“It should be noted that SANRAL strives to ensure that the best quality of material is used and that it meets the contract specifications which ulti-mately provides a superior end product for the motorists.”

Meanwhile there have also been complaints about roadside lights not working on the N2.

SANRAL’s Kersen Naidoo told The Courier that the contractor was busy with repairs and adjust-ments to equipment outstations and the lighting management system. He said that the work should be completed by the time this edition is published.

NEWS 4 The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017

Allan Troskie

While it is the surfing that defines the Ballito Pro pres. by Billabong yearly extravaganza, it makes up only a small part of the fun.

There were also food, clothing and curio stalls to delight and amaze, a half-pipe for the avid skaters and adrenalin junkies, free concerts at Salt Rock Beach, cook-offs, wine-tastings, motorcycle dis-plays and so much fun on the beach that you would almost have been forgiven for forgetting about the surfing on display.

The first Night of Food and Wine kicked off on a

sweet note as little chefs went all out with smarties, jelly tots, cream and ice cream in the Freak Shake competition ran by Hirsch’s Homestore and Fine Young Cooks Cooking School for the sixth year. The little foodie enthusiasts were put into teams of two and had to produce the freakiest and most cre-ative shake possible and wear outfits to match! The celebrity cook-off saw Darren Sykes of Ilembe Surfriders take on commentator, Kai Linde, in a mystery box challenge; in the end it was Sykes tak-ing the win.

Things got heated the following night in the Shisa Nyama Proudly African Cook-off. This year’s mys-

tery box included wors, liver, chicken wings, T-bone steak and a pork chop which had to be fused with bread dough, carrots, green pepper, onion, tomato, cabbage and chilli.

Bringing their finest shisa nyama dish to the table was the winning team of Zuko Maja and Zandile Msuka, aka The Rakeez, from the recently opened Verulam restaurant, The Zulu Pot.

On Thursday and Friday nights the first Cadbury 5Star concerts brought Salt Rock beach to life with kwaito, hip hop, DJ’s and rock stars entertaining crowds thousands-strong.

Extreme Pro-tainment!

Zuko Maja and Zandile Msuka, aka the Rakeez, were the winners of the cook off.

Kwesta on stage.

Team Super Caramelicious, from left, Nikita Samuelson and Zeldalee de Villiers.

Determination as Mthokozisi from Ilembe Surf Riders paddles his way out at the Ballito Pro. Photo: Ryan Janssens/ The Ballito Pro.

Beyrick DeVries showing his fans some love after his heat at the 2017 Ballito Pro presented by Bilabong. Photo: Ryan Janssens/ The Ballito Pro.

Shoot a goal at the Coca Cola arena. RIGHT: A fan living it up at the Thurs-day night free concert at Salt Rock.Photo: Ryan Janssens/ The Ballito Pro.


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The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017 5

OPINION6 The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017

As the official media partners of the Ballito Pro, myself and my team spent the most part of last week on the beach. Rough life hey? I can tell you the energy was fantastic.

After Christmas, the Ballito Pro is the biggest event on the Dolphin Coast yearly calendar. The surfing event was a blur of extreme all round fun. Holiday-makers packed our beaches and our waves played host to some of the world’s best surfers. Hats off to Collette and her team from KwaDukuza for a sterling job all round.

The free concerts are a highlight for most people and there really is nothing to rival it in these parts. If you missed it, do yourself a favour and pack up your family and a picnic basket next year for an awesome evening on the beach. I know there was some unhap-piness over litter left on the beach the next morning but well done to the event organisers and KwaDu-kuza for ensuring it was promptly cleaned up. If you can’t handle the noise then perhaps its a good time to schedule a weekend away (I hear Blythedale is very quiet this time of year).

Our design and then win a surf board competi-tion, in conjunction with the Pro and Groundswell Surf Shop was a huge hit. The competition was to promote the #SaveTheWaves campaign and cre-ated quite a buzz on the beach. We had about 80 ‘selfie’ entries taken with the board and entered via our Facebook page. Ballito’s Grant Visagie (you will find his entry on the front page of this edition) was our very enthusiastic winner. Visagie was so happy when he found out he had won it was diffi-cult to get more than a ‘woohoo!’ out of him.

“Now I’ll never have to borrow another friends board,” said Visagie, who surfs up and down the coast, from Addington all the way up to Blythedale.

The board was handcrafted by Groundswell’s Jono Hutchinson and designed by Ballito graphic

designer/illustrator Dustin Scott to feature an eerie skeletal turtle trapped in ocean rub-bish.

The Pro also turned out to be an excellent place to experiment with ‘Facebook Live’ (bascically live stream-ing over Facebook). Our live videos attracted between 1.4K and 2.6K views per video online. The most popular video being by reporter Allan Troskie during a fly-over of the Ballito Pro in the IPSS Security Anti Poaching airplane. Our followers loved the bird’s eye view of the coastline and also being able to spot their homes from the air! Look out for more Facebook Lives of breaking news and community events.

A surfer catching a dawnie during the Ballito Pro. Photo: Allan Troskie

News Editor

Lesley’s Perspective

Ayla Acton, Summer Pritchard, Pedro the Chi-huahua, Holly Acton and Scarlett Pritchard from Ballito watching the live performances up on the festival stage at the Ballito Pro. Photo: Ryan Janssens/ The Ballito Pro.




KwaDukuza Municipality as part of its Legkotla took a resolution to realign and restructure some municipal functions in order to improve its service delivery,

The Business Licensing Function has been moved from the Corporate Services Business Unit to the Economic Development & Planning Business Unit, as of the 1st of July 2017

All our clients and community members shall note that Business Licensing Applications will be considered or processed as from the 7th of August 2017

The municipality is in the process of aligning its process with the amended Business Act, the Licensing of Business Act and still to be promulgated KZN

is using the period between the 3rd of July 2017 to 4th of August 2017 as a

relevant legal resolutions related to the performance of this function in line with the

All enquiries related to the Business Licensing Function, shall be directed to the

032-437 5005 [email protected] & Planning via email, which is [email protected].


MANOR LIQUORSHOURS OF TRADE: Mon to Fri – 8am to 7pm | Sat – 8am to 5pm | Sun – 10:30am to 3.30pm




750ml 750ml

750ml 750ml



The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017 7

Write to: The Editor, P O Box 694, Ballito 4420. E-mail [email protected]. Full name & address must be supplied.

Letters8 The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017

Response to the article: Baby Naomi gets her angel wings

Nina Lees-Middleton This is heart breaking. I am lost for words and feel so angry these medical aids really tick me off. Rest In Peace Angel. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

Mellisa Reddy I have personally experienced a loss with regards to medical aid issues. The sad reality is that no mat-ter what you will never be compensated for the time that was lost. Medical aid is frustrating. RIP beautiful princess.

Valerie Gunter Damn medical aids always have “compli-cations “. All about money and forget about life. Makes me so mad. I’ve hardly used my medical aid in the last five years and I bet there’ll be a “complication” if I need it in an emergency.

Response to the article: Ballito Junction car guards left in limbo

Amanda Green Maidman If you come across any of these great guys before they find work, please ask them to register for Work 4 A Living at Linc Church. Here they are given training to help them in the work place and during the interview process, they are also helped put together a CV.

Lots of local companies use Work 4 A Living in their search to find quality employees that have been through the 2 week course. It costs R100 and will help them immeasurably.


Follow Us:@nccourierwww.facebook.com/northcoastcourier

Roads need attentionNow that our esteemed and Hon.Mayor Ricardo is back from his policy conference, may we ask that he finds the time and someone willing to repair the two major traf-fic hazards in our town?

I refer to the storm water damage in Leonora Drive and in Ocean Drive. It would appear that some effort was put in to commence sorting out these two prob-lems but work seems to now have been abandoned. Vehicles now have to swerve out into oncoming traffic to avoid falling into either of these drains and I do not think it requires anything more than a little effort to fill in and re-tar the damage. With all the extra holiday traffic using these roads we are sitting on an accident waiting to happen.


BallitoKwaDukuza municipality responds:Leonora Drive - The damage was as a

result of an Umgeni Water pipe bursting. The issue dates back to February 2017. KDM was ready to repair the road through section 36 as it was deemed urgent but Umgeni Water had to fix the pipe first and in the process they decided to construct a chamber. They have recently completed construction. The agreement was that KDM is going to reinstate the road and invoice Umngeni Water. KDM has planned to do the reinstatement through Cluster contractors before the end of July 2017 and invoice Umgeni Water as per the

agreement between the two parties.Ocean Drive - During the heavy rains

experienced in February 2017, there was a wash away at Ocean Drive. The wash away was addressed by section 36. A

sinkhole developed after that and interim measures were put in place due to the end of the financial year. As the financial year begins on the 1st July each year, funds are now available and the Civil Engineering Department will issue an order and work should be done and complete by the first week of August 2017. We are currently utilising internal staff to ensure that the road is safe as a temporary remedial mea-sure.

SIFISO ZULUKDM corporate communications direc-


Move the free concerts?I write this as an open letter to the organis-ers of the free Salt Rock music concerts.

The authorities must consider moving the concerts away from the residential area of Salt Rock. Many bylaws are bro-ken over the two nights of the concerts.

The Thursday night concert is of major concern. The authorities are unable to control the unruly, undisciplined, and inconsiderate crowd hell-bent on causing as much disturbance and irritation to resi-dents and holiday makers as possible. The concert is supposed to stop at 11pm and the area cleared before midnight. On Thursday night, the screaming, shouting, hooting and revving of motor car engines went on into the early hours of Friday morning with total disregard to any law and order, not to mention the filth and litter left behind. The unruly behaviour is get-ting worse year on year.

Due to the terrain and the nature of the residential area it is impossible for law

enforcement to move in and control the unruly crowds and render assistance, this fact alone should be a red light to the organisers and authorities that this is a disaster in the making.

The roads and the entire area become grid locked and has anybody considered:

• How the medics will get to a gravely ill person in the area?

• How will the fire department get to a house fire?

• How will law enforcement get to a housebreaking, murder or unrest in the area?

• How are the security companies’ reac-tion units going to respond to emergency calls and break-ins?

It is our constitutional right as citizens, residents and rate payers to live in an area that is safe and protected by the laws and bylaws of the country and area.

I suspect that most Salt Rock residents will agree that this is a major problem and

something needs to be done.Move the concert away from

the residential area (an industrial site or some field) or do away with it completely.


KDM responds:KwaDukuza Municipality and

its partners note the concerns raised by Mr Chart. These comments are taken in good spirit with the broad understanding and acknowledgement of the excellent work done by our law enforcement agen-cies during the entire two weeks of Ballito Pro festivities. The Ballito Pro is the main-stay tourism event in the North Coast which continues to draw patrons from various walks of life.

The Ballito Pro Music Festival which took place on Thursday and Friday, 5th and 6th of July 2017 respectively, demon-strated social cohesion and integration of our youth. These concerts are free to the public, which makes them accessible to everybody in the area. They provide a platform of cultural exchanges among our community and tourists. It is unfortunate that on Thursday it took time for the crowd to disperse after the event was officially closed at 11.30, as per the events permis-sion granted by the SAPS Commissioner. The event attracted more than the expected number of people, due to the headline art-ists who were performing at this event. KwaDukuza Municipality would like to extend its apology for the inconvenience that was caused to the residents of Salt Rock after the event. The law enforcement agencies led by KwaDukuza Municipality Traffic and Crime Prevention Units did a sterling job of ensuring that the crowd

dispersed peacefully. There were no major incidents reported after this event. The munici-pality will be doing its debriefing exercise with all law enforcement agencies where such complaints will be con-sidered in order to avoid future occur-rences. Our community will continue to appre-ciate the fact that events such as the Bal-lito Pro have positive socio-economic spin-offs to local businesses and entrepreneurs. Let us continue to engage constructively to ensure that our public ameni-ties are drivers of tour-ism and economic growth.

KDM Execu t i ve Director - Economic Development & Plan-ning


Letter of the Week

SERVICESCleo Marangos

PoolsConstruction, Design & Service

Tel: 083 225 9639

EST. 1970

To advertise in the SERVICES call 032 946 0276

The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017 9

NEWS 10 The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017

Painting the township greenSboniso Dlamini

Driven by an ambition to no longer live in squalor and restore the green lungs to their home, a group of Shaka’s Head women will stop at nothing to turn their township into an environmentally friendly place and make an income at the same time.

Last December the 16-strong group led a clean-up campaign through the streets to clean dumpsites and streams around their town-ship. Like the pied piper they were joined by more than 50 residents who were able to more than fill the two skips provided for the cam-paign.

While many people have continued to dump their waste, the women refuse to give up and have embarked on two projects to further their mission: a vegetable garden and a recycling project.

“We will keep on cleaning our township and make use of the land that was used as a dumpsite, until residents realise the importance of having an environmentally friendly town-ship,” said Nomvula da Silva.

They hope the garden will one day be one of many. Pro-ducing vegetables like cabbages, brinjal, beetroot, tomatoes, chillies and peppers, they sell the produce in the township and use the remainder to put food on the table as the majority of them are unemployed.

“Our vision is that no land should be unprofitable. It should either be a park for people to enjoy or a garden that can feed the hungry. We hope that more women will join us soon as we want to plant more vegetables around the township,” said da Silva.

Once we have enough produce we could supply supermarkets and restaurants.

While eleven of the sixteen women are busy with the garden, the other five are on a mission to collect plastic bottles for recy-cling. Recycling goes hand in hand with their vision because the women have realised that one man’s waste is another woman’s treasure. However they have not sold any of the collected plastic bottles because they feel they have not collected enough.

In support of the initiative, Sha-ka’s Head councillor Mlamuli Ndlela allocated them a plot of land. This has motivated them to

start collecting other forms of waste, such glass, plastic and paper that can also be exchanged for cash. However, project leader Thandeka Mfeka said they will have to wait until the land is fenced and they have at least a container to keep their waste because if they start now, the waste could easily be stolen.

“If anyone is able to help us it would wonderful,” said Mfeka.She thanked everyone who has supported them so far, including

Karen Hullet and the departments of environmental affairs and agri-culture.

Make a difference this Mandela Day!In honour of Mandela Day on Tuesday, July 18, The North Coast Courier Orphan Fund is encouraging local businesses to take part in The Courier’s Mandela Day feature.

By donating R300 or more to the Orphan Fund, you will be

added to our special Mandela Day themed feature which will include your company logo and/or a photo of your Mandela Day activity.

Our aim is to let no vulnerable child go hungry on the Dolphin Coast, as your R300 donation feeds one per-son for as long as a month and a half.

“Your support of the Mandela Day initiative will help the Orphan Fund in providing sus-tenance to the orphaned and vulnerable individ-uals who rely on us to provide for their daily nutritional needs,” said fundraising coordinator June Mdolo.

“We are grateful to everyone who gener-ously contributes to the Fund, helping us to meet our quarterly tar-gets.”

To take advantage of this opportunity, contact June on 032-9460276.

Payment can be made by cash or via EFT directly to the Orphan Fund account.

Account Name: The North Coast Courier Orphan Fund

Bank: ABSAAccount number:

9109572488B r a n c h c o d e :

630229Reference: Company

name + Mandela

Your R300 donation feeds one person for as long as a month and a half.

Phumzile Mzizi, Nombulelo Mabhanti, Ngoneni Nzuza and Thandeka Vilakazi.

R1500 OF



NEWS The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017 11

Doing it for the ladies

Two business women showed they meant business when they emerged as winners at the annual KZN

business women’s association of South Africa’s gala dinner and awards.

Lesa Bradshaw, a partner at Bradshaw LeRoux, and Patricia Schroeder, CEO of Reclite, were

ecstatic to have their hard work acknowledged. Lesa, who specialises in disability integra-tion in the workplace, won the award in the professional category of the competition and Patricia, who founded Reclite, a com-pany that deals with collecting transport-ing and recycling a variety of toxic waste,

won the award in the emerging entrepreneur category.

Held recently in Durban, the event acknowledges top business women in their respective professions.

Both women are also finalists in the Ilembe Chamber, Margaret Hirsch Woman in Business Achiever of the Year Competition.

From left, Lesa Bradshaw a partner at Bradshaw LeRoux, Glenda Thompson PR consultant at Hirsch Group and Patricia Schroeder, CEO of Reclite.

Empowering the future

In an effort to combat youth unemployment, KwaDukuza Municipality (KDM) officially launched a post-school workplace readiness pro-gramme on July 3.

Set to take place in all 29 wards, youth are to get exposure to the working environment and an understanding of the various expectations employ-ers have of them. They will also learn how to complete application forms, compile CV’s, pre-pare for interviews and access the KDM jobs database. Through the programme, youth will also have the opportunity to explore the various depart-ments within the municipality for valuable first-hand experience.

KDM media liaison officer Sipho Mkhize said the KDM population is comprised mainly of youth, many of whom are in the secondary level of education. The programme is open to high school graduates and tertiary students.

“Young people post-matriculation have a myr-iad of options, namely: furthering their education with tertiary institutions in and around Durban, enrolling with local TVET colleges (public and private), or seeking e m p l o y m e n t a n d thereby entering the job market. There is also a contingent that stays at home owing to finan-cial difficulties.”

Kick-starting the pro-gramme, about 150 youths from ward 12, which includes Grout-ville and Thembeni, completed the KDM workplace readiness programme last week.

Youth, Sports and Gender Portfolio Com-mittee chairman Cllr John Phahla motivated the youth to strive to do better and tasked them with the responsibility of shaping their own future.

For more information con tac t Ne l i s iwe Buthelezi at 032 437 5059 or [email protected]

KwaDukuza youth from Ward 12 recently com-pleted KDM’s post-school workplace readiness programme to equip them for the working world, here with some KDM staff.

Human Communications 136067 www.humanjobs.co.za

Mayo Macs Macadamias is one of the leading producers and processors of high quality macadamiasin South Africa, supplying the global market. This people-focused company, driven by a passion toproduce the very best quality product, is looking to expand its Technical Services Division on theKZN South Coast.

Macadamia Technical Advisor (KZN)The successful candidate will be responsible for: • Providing recommendations to growerson appropriate agricultural practices • Providing pest/disease control and nutrition guidelinesto growers and keeping up-to-date of the latest registered chemicals/MRLs • Assisting withrunning of study groups to advise growers on scouting and pest identification, soil nutrition,pruning, drying facilities and other production practices • Assisting with on-farm training forscouting, pest identification and pruning • Maintaining grower orchard tree census, nut qualityand yield database linked to grower’s orchards • Assisting with scientific field research anddemonstration trials, based on the company’s priorities.The ideal candidate should possess: • A minimum of a BSc (Agric) or BTech majoring inHorticulture/Plant Pathology/Entomology/Soil Science • Excellent interpersonal skills to ensureprofessional interaction with growers/clients • Some experience/background in macadamia/subtropical fruits • Good work ethic, with strong problem-solving skills • The ability to work ina dynamic, focused technical team • Good working knowledge of MS Office. Candidates shouldpreferably be bilingual (English and Afrikaans).A competitive Cost to Company package is offered, plus other benefits in accordance with theCompany’s Conditions of Employment.Please forward applications to Andrew Sheard at [email protected] applications will be handled in the strictest of confidence.Enquiries: Andrew Sheard, the Technical Managerat 083 784 3627 or Johan de Kock, the HR Managerat (013) 733-4600.Closing date: 21 July 2017Candidates not contacted by 4 August 2017 shouldconsider their applications unsuccessful.


NEWS 12 The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017

Tribute drive for baby NaomiAmy Jenkins

Members of the Team 44fifty car club in Stanger, a non-profit organisation, came together this weekend to raise funds for a Mandeni family after their daughter passed away from heart failure early last week.

Naomi Harris (15 months) was battling mitral regurgitation and was scheduled to undergo a mitral valve replacement in Durban last week.

After reading about the Harris fami-ly’s appeal for donations towards her

surgery (The Courier, June 30), Team 44fifty wanted to lend a helping hand.

Members of the club collected monetary dona-tions and were scheduled to take part in a charity drive from Stanger to Isithebe Sasol Garage.

Club representative Suran Moodley, who had organised the event, then received the shocking news that Naomi had lost her battle and passed away hours before her scheduled surgery.

Devastated by the news, Moodley decided to go forward with the event in memory of Naomi and donated all funds raised to the Harris fam-ily.

“Each member who donated received a license disc holder to display on their cars during the drive to show their support for baby Naomi,” said Moodley.

“We also handed over an official team certificate in memory of Naomi, as well as a bouquet of flowers to the family.”

“We would like to thank each and every member for their sup-port in making this drive a success, espe-cially Stanger Car Plates and Signs for sponsoring the disc holders and The North Coast Courier for pub-lishing the article.”

“This car club is all about charity work and we will continue to do what we do best.”

Allan Troskie

The Ballito Lions welcomed a new president on Saturday night and he is already chomping at the bit to make a differ-ence.

Jacques Barlow was inducted as the 35th presi-dent of the Ballito Lions Club and has made it his first mission to attract new members to the club.

“The life of a Lion can be very interesting as we go out of our way to help those in need - and

we definitely want to see more young members joining.”

However, it is not just glitzy evenings that have been keeping the Lions busy. They recently held a sport day at the Lions Clubhouse at Townsend Park for disadvan-taged kids in the area that included a braai for all the little athletes.

If you are interested in joining the Ballito Lions Club, contact club presi-dent Jacques Barlow at 061 040 5977.

The Ballito Lions inducted a new president over the weekend, from left, Paul Naidoo, Malcolm Barlow, Ralph Hofmeyer, Ray Kyte, Kim van Wyk (district governor), Jacques Barlow (new president) and Kyle Crichton.

New leader of the pride

The limited edition license disk hold-ers made in support of Naomi Harris who passed away last week.

“We definitely want to see more young menbers joining.

The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017 13

Health & Beauty14 The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017

Beauty Review


I was quite excited to get my skin under some intense therapy this month as I tried the Lamelle range.

Last month I reviewed the benefits of regular facials for those beginning to look after their skin, but this time around, my mission was to find out something ‘next level’.

The question I was asking was “can I reverse ‘permanent damage’ that has occurred on my skin?”

So off I went to KUZA Wellness Lab at Foxhill located in the hip LINC Campus, determined to explore the ‘results orientated approach’ and so, I was not expecting this to be a pleasure. Beauty knows no pain, right?

Adele Cramer is a somatologist and her 10 years of working with skin and body become evident within minutes of meeting her. We spoke through my problem areas and Adele quickly had a solu-tion with before and after pics of her clients that have come to her with the same problems and where they are now. I was very excited and could

not wait to start. We discussed my first area to tar-get: my skin texture and pigmentation, and for that Adele recommended a chemical peel - ‘Retistore’ from Lamelle.

The chemical peel is one of the most honest skincare treatments around. It doesn’t hide behind a fancy name.

It is what it says it is: a chemical solution that harnesses your body’s natural processes of renewal, which can largely be summed up as “dis-card old skin cells to make space for new ones.” In other words it causes the skin to peel so that the new skin can grow in its place.

What’s nice is that these treatments can be done in a jiffy (20 minutes tops, unless you give into the soothing foot massage Adele loves to treat her cli-ents with!)

The process is quite simple - the solution is applied, left for a few minutes and then removed. Then Retinol Serum is applied to enhance the effect of the Lamelle peel.

I had to leave this on my skin for 12 hours in

order to speed up cell turnover - “we want results! we want results! we want results!”

My skin started to peel within two days and I was impressed with the results.

The appearance of my pores and facial scars are visibly improved and the texture of my skin is like silk.

I am wondering if I even need to apply base? I called Adele to find out how often I can have one of these treatments. She advises 4/5 peels in a row, three weeks apart for the best results.

Rating1 = light10 = extreme Discomfort: 6 - the skin is sensitive the day after

the treatment and slightly red.Price: R800 per treatment.Recommended? 10 - Especially in winter,

when the skin needs a bit of a lift - simply because they have proven so very effective in rectifying damage and renewing skin.

Product of the weekProduct: Serra Lipid Recovery Mask (for dry and atopic skin)

A couple of weeks ago I contacted A d e l e f r o m L a m e l l e a n d asked her what she advises to give my skin some relief. The sensation of skin dryness, namely tight, i tching, slightly rough spots on my skin was driving me nuts and made me look (and feel) old.

Adele advised “When the skin barrier is badly deficient, external substances of the environment can penetrate into the skin leading to what is commonly referred to as skin sensitivity [or eczema]. More recently, studies have suggested that Atopic Dermatitis, which refers to the failure of the epidermal bar-rier, is in fact the primary trigger that results in dryness and overall sensitivity. If dealt with accordingly the problem of dryness and associ-ated concerns can be eliminated.”

I was put onto the Serra range from Lamelle and soon became addicted! I’m sure Adele meant for me to use it on my face, but in no time I was using it on the upper part of my husbands back (eczema sufferer) and on my sons legs

behind his knees. The Serra sooth-ing mask (I feel it’s more of a cream as you don’t have to wash it off and you can use it under your normal moisturizer) is now one of my top three items in my bag (purse, lipstick, moisturizer).

After only two days of using this cream my skin was significantly smoother and more supple. No dry patches (especially on my eye lids) and applying make-up was a breeze, not to mentioned the dewy effect it had on my face. Fine lines plumped up too.

Rating: 4/5Price: R430Best part: Relief and anti-

inflammatory effects when the skin is really dry and starting to swell

Recommend? Totally a ‘winter dream cream’.

Ice, ice Baby! Elana Geist

Spending 15 minutes getting in and out of ice cold water might sound like torture, yet it is a hot topic at the moment as some swear by the system shock, while others remain skeptical.

Foxhill based KUZA Wellness’ Gustav Nel said they believe their icy dip is a healthy move.

“ECB Cold Spa is a hydro spa bath that freezes any type of inflammation and helps the body circulate the inflammation with its strong circulating pumping actions. The Epson sa l t s a re absorbed by the body and help ease health problems such as muscle soreness and stress,” said Nel.

The water tempera-ture ranges between six and eight degrees celsius and Nel said when prac-ticed on a regular basis, it can provide long-lasting

changes to your body’s immune, lymphatic, circula-tory and digestive systems that enhance the overall quality of your life.

“Sports related injuries, post op patients and muscle aches are the general problems we target with the Cold Spa. People from various ages can use the ECB Cold Spa, but we do recommend a doctor’s approval for any serious conditions. In general if you

experience joint pain due to any old injuries the bath is recom-mended as often as possible. “

Athletes with serious injuries can use the bath two to three times per week, while he said post op patients can go in

on a daily basis.“People with less serious injuries that

would like to use the bath in preparation for a competition or race can do a

few sessions before hand and again afterwards for a faster

recovery.”Ballito-based physiothera-pist, Stella Schroder said ice baths can be beneficial, depending on what you want to achieve through them.

“Ice baths are fairly controversial at the moment, as what people experience and what sci-ence states do not neces-sarily agree. Patients who

have used ice baths after long runs, for example, do

feel that they help. When looking at the scientific evi-

dence, it seems that it can be ben-eficial in certain circumstances

such as with frequent, high intensity settings for example tennis tournaments,

but can also slow down muscle building,” said Schroder.

While cooling an area would help with swelling and possibly reduce inflammation, she said it will not necessarily fix the prob-lem.

“An injury goes through various stages of healing and the goals in these phases differ. Using only ice baths to treat an injury would be uni-dimensional and, in my opinion, inadequate. How-ever, using it as part of a holistic approach certainly has a place.”

Cold spas are becoming an increasingly popular way to freeze away those aches and pains.

Beauty under R250

The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017 15


Leisure Options16 The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017

Shoot and swish for charityElana Geist

The Ballito Photo Club and North Coast Artists have joined camera lenses and paintbrushes to put together the stunning Through the Eyes of the Artist exhibition for a good cause. This unique exhibition will be running from July 19 to 21 at the John Platter Wine Room and Dragonfly Room at Simbithi Country Club, ending off with a live charity auction on the Friday evening. The auction will be facili-tated by auctioneer Alistair Sharp with the pro-ceeds going to The North Coast Courier Orphan Fund. Ten per cent of every sale (pho-tograph or artwork) will also go towards the Orphan Fund.Graphic designer, photographer and general art lover, who is also the chairperson of the Ballito Photo Club, Bebhinn Spoors said there will be more than 126 images on display and

for sale during the exhibition. “The work of almost 100 artists will be dis-played, spreading over a huge variety of land-scapes, wildlife, still life, portrait and sea-scapes. The original photographic image will be displayed alongside the painted interpreta-tion and the pieces are all framed and mounted in different styles by PrintWild.” Look out for wildlife photographs by Tim Dri-man and seascapes by Jason Naidoo, while Jane Digby and Lori Schappe-Youens will be some of the artists to admire. The venue will be open for viewing and sales from 1pm - 7pm on Wednesday and 8am - 7pm on Thursday and Friday, with the auction starting on Friday evening at 7pm. A photographer and artist will also always be on hand, so feel free to chat to them about the art on display. Whether you are looking for some art for your

home or office, you are sure to find any size and price tag at the exhibition, with a couple of special art-works coming out for the auction only.

Disney on Ice visits Durban!

Jumping for Jesus!

Elana Geist

For the first time, The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice has added Durban to their tour and already an extra show had to be added due to popular demand! Put on your winter warmers and take your children on a magical icy adventure this holiday with their favourite char-acters from Thursday, July 13 to Sunday, July 16. Dory and Nemo from Finding Dory join Frozen’s Anna and Elsa and Disney princesses Rapunzel and Snow White to create their own happily ever after. There’s also Buzz and Woody as well as Simba, Timon and Pumba together with everyone’s old school favourites Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald, Goofy and the gang. With an extraordi-nary lineup of hit songs, memorable scenes and timeless

characters, The World of Disney on Ice has an enchanting story for every generation. Durban families enjoy the added benefit of a R30 discount per ticket across three price categories, valid on R250, R350 and R400 weekday price categories while weekend discounts are available across R300, R400 and R450 tick-ets. Book at Computicket. Kiddies are allowed to bring small cushions to place on the seat, but no car seats are allowed in the auditorium. Babes in arms and children under two years sitting on a parent’s lap must purchase a R50 ‘babes in arms ticket’ and chil-dren two years and older must have a purchased seat ticket.

Three hundred children enjoyed games, songs and puppets, story time and crafts at the North Coast Holiday Bible Club that was held at the All Souls Anglican Church in Umhlali last week.The holiday club has been going since 2013, and this year’s theme was “Cow-a-Bunga Farm”. Prizes and scripture magnets were handed out each day for the kids from grade 00 to grade 4.This year’s program was directed by Mar-yke Viljoen, the youth pastor of Grace Church, and was assisted by over 60 vol-unteers and pastors from local churches.

Teens from local schools also volunteered their time during the holidays to help as group leaders. Bubba, the blue faced funny guy, was there again this year and a surprise party was held for him where parents got a glimpse into what their kids had been up to during the week. Over the past five years, local businesses and residents have shown their dedication and care for North Coast children by assist-ing with donations of food, signage, flyers and prizes.

Jasmine, Aladdin and citizens of Agrabah will offer a stunning celebra-tion of magic and colour on ice. Photo: ©Disney

RIGHT: From left, artist Barbara Becke and photographer Bebhinn Spoors with the artwork titled Marionette.

Bollywood comes to lifeWith a talented cast and jaw-dropping chore-ography, the Mumbai Milkshake dance and drama production is set to take place at the Sibaya iZulu Theatre from July 14 to July 15.The well written theatre production has dia-logue in English and many Bollywood songs that cater for both young and old. Arranged and performed by the Vishwa Shakti Creative group, which includes youths from all over Durban, many productions which include Ram and Sita and Eternal Love Story, We are Superstars, It’s a Mad Pagla World, Pagla World Smart Phone and Avatar have sold out in the past. Vishwa Shakti CEO Kamal Maharaj said a cast of more than 80 talented performers with

a crew of 15 have worked long hours to make sure the audience will be left spellbound. The story line is being kept top secret.“The show will certainly leave one emotionally charged and hysterically laughing. Hence this superbly crafted theatre production has a well rounded story line. To describe the show in a simple way, it is a virtual movie that comes alive on stage. The show kicks off with a spe-cial show for senior citizens on July 14 at 2pm. The general public can catch the show on Friday, July 14 at 8pm and Saturday July 15 at 8pm. Get your tickets from computicket or any Shoprite Checkers store.”

The Vishwa Shakti Creative Group will stage their exciting theatre pro-duction at the Sibaya iZulu theatre.

Olivia Wynne, Esther Kalrnga and Leah Hulin.

Matthew Ivey was all smiles. Emma Cilliers

The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017 17



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420W 4.1CH Home Theatre System

14 Place Silver Steam Dishwasher

8kg Silver Front Load Washing


354L Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer

626L Side by Side Door in Door Fridge


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32” LED TV



+ Home Theatre System 300W

+ DVD Player

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Cape Town:

Hirschs.Homestore HirschHomestore Hirschs_Homestores 0861 HIRSCH (447724) www.hirschs.co.za

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Allan and Richard Hirsch

Best products at the best prices on promotion this weekend IN HOME APPLIANCE


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A wide range of

BEDSnow available

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90cm 5 Burner Gas/Electric Cooker

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LEISURE OPTIONS 18 The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017

CannikinNounA small can or drinking cup.

“Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.” - A. A. Milne



Colour in the picture and send it to Artist’s Corner for a chance to have your art published in the paper!E-mail me at [email protected] or drop off your picture at The North Coast Courier offices at the Ballito Business Park on Ballito Drive.Include your name, age, where you live and a photo of yourself.

Judelle and Donovan Naidoo from Shakaskraal were married May 13, 2017 at the Shakaskraal Com-munity Church.

Nivendree and Leelan Naidoo from Tongaat were married April 8, 2017 at the Shree Emperu-mal Temple in Mount Edgecombe.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs NaidooEnter our Bride of the Month competition - the winner receives a canvas print from Printwild and lux-

ury beauty treatments from Dr Allys - and stand a chance of being a finalist for 2017 Bride of the Year. Send your wedding photo to Nicole at [email protected]. Please provide your

names, date of wedding and venue as well as residential address and contact numbers.

Star of the Week

Megan Oldreive (9) from Prince’s Grant.

Surf’s up at Tiffany’sSboniso Dlamini

While the Ballito Pro was in full swing at the beach shoppers were treated to a stoke-filled surfing themed family fun day at Tiffany’s Shopping Centre on Saturday.While the kids were enjoying candy floss and fun activities and chasing the stiltwalker who was making awesome balloon animals for shoppers, the adults got to enjoy live music from Durban North musician, Cliff Horn.

Win a radio controlled airplane!Allan Troskie

Join in sky high fun with the Ballito Radio Control Club (BRCC) at their open day this weekend.The open day will be held on Sunday, June 16 from 7am till 12pm and promises to deliver plenty of high flying fun as members pilot their planes in daring barrel rolls and gravity defying loops.“One of our members has donated a ‘ready to fly model airplane’ which we are going to raffle on the day to raise funds for the club, 50% of which we will donate to

the North Coast Courier Orphan Fund,” said BRCC chairman Ken Mann.“It has JR servos and an OS 46 AX engine. It is radio ready, the airframe is brand new and the engine has been run in.”So make sure you do not miss any of the fun, join the BRCC for some aerial hijinks on Sunday. Coffee and bacon rolls will be available for the peckish.The open day will be held at the BRCC air-field just outside Ballito. For directions to the airfield or for more info about the BRCC, visit their website at www.brcc.co.za.

Join the BRCC this weekend and you could win this remote control airplane.

Nonhlanhla Mchunu.

Gabriella Maaren and Rochelle Groenewald.

Katie Maaren.

Clive Honiball, known as Cliff Horn, doing what he does best at Tiffany’s Shopping Centre.

The cool dude, Tarik Muric.


13 July - SAPS Umhlali Community Policing Forum(CPF) annual gen-eral meeting at Shakaskraal Pri-

mary School Hall at 6pm.

13 July - Hirsch’s in partnership with the Ilembe Chamber will be hold-ing their monthly Ladies Net-

working morning at Ezulwini Guest House in Ballito at 8.30 for 9am. Cost R100. Guest speaker: Jaime Ernst owner of Villa Jaime and Margaret Hirsch Illembe Chamber Woman in Business Achiever. RSVP at [email protected] or 032 9467400.

13 - 14 July - Tinley Manor Baptist Church invites you to a Kids Club from 2pm to 4pm at the Tinley

Manor Beach 1st Carpark. Contact Pastor Valerie Reddy on 078 176 4389.

15 July - Self-defense class for women and youths at the Belve-dere community hall from 9am

to 11am.

15 July - Car boot sale on the Ballito Bay Mall roof from 9am to 3pm. You can look forward to music,

food stalls, traders with art, crafts and coffee shops and kids entertainment. Call 083 780 1953 or [email protected].

5-16 July - Creative arts, dance and drama camp hosted by Vishwa Shakti at the Sunfield Homes. The youth will

be trained in the performing arts by experi-enced instructors, including Bollywood and Hollywood dance styles, movement, stage acting and body interpretation. The camp will conclude with the highly acclaimed dance drama production “Mumbai Milkshake” at the Sibaya Izulu threatre on Friday, July 14 and Saturday July 15.

16 July - The Ballito Radio Control Club (BRCC) are hosting their open day from 7am -12pm. The

event will take place at the BRCC airfield just outside Ballito and will include a raffle for a ‘ready to fly’ model airplane. Visit www.brcc.co.za.

19 August - Wow family festival to raise money for local charities at the Wow Office Park, Gourly

Road, Ballito from 10am- 4pm. Visit www.wow.cutting.co.za, www.kwamama.co.za, www.facebook.com/Sables-creatures or www.vision153.co.za. If you would like to set up a stall or would like to donate prizes for the raffles or auction to raise funds call Jen at 073 155 3723.

19 -21 July - Ballito Photo Club and North Coast Artists to host ‘Through the Eye of the Artist’

exhibition at the Simbithi Country Club.

20 July - Hirsch’s monthly domestic workers course at Hirsch’s, 1 Wimble Cl Ballito at 9.30am.

RSVP at [email protected] or 032-9467400.

21 July- The Shree Veeraboga Empe-rumal Temple Annual Mariam-man Prayer. Flag Hoisting on Fri-

day. Gargam and Paal Kodum on Sunday, July 23. Devotees interested in Carrying Paal Kodum and Gargam contact Mervyn at 084 557 5533 or call 032 945 1496.

22 July - Addiction seminar for coun-sellors, health care professionals and families, run by a team from

21 Harmony Retreat drug and alcohol reha-bilitation centre at Destiny Life Church, 10 Sarah Cresent in Ballito. R150 and booking must be done by July 18. Contact Ann at 082 974 9241 or [email protected]

23 July - The Shakaskraal Shree Emperumal Temple annual mari-ammen prayer at 10.30am. Flag

hoisting will be on Friday, July 21 at 2pm. Contact Shakilla Bakool at 084 594 7193 or 032-9471993.

27 July - Patricia Glyn speaking on ‘David’s Return’: The North Coast Courier Orphan Fund fundraiser

at the All Souls Anglican Church, Salt Rock starting at 6pm for 6:30pm. Ticket prices are R180 and includes light snacks and a bever-age.

27 July- Hirsch’s Ballito to host busi-ness networking morning at Hirsch’s Ballito, 1 Wimble CI. It

will start at 9 for 9.30am. Guest speaker Natalie Wocke, Natalie Wocke and Associ-ates and the topic will be Housekeeping for self-employed people. RSVP at [email protected] or 032 946 7400.

28 July- The Litchi Orchard night market at 5pm to 9pm. You can look forward for local food, drink,

live music and festivities. R30 entry fee and bring chairs, blankets and the whole family to support the local traders. Kiddies under 12 pay R20 and under five get in for free.

The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017 19

What’s happening on the social scene along the coast? Phone Sboniso on 032-9460276 or email [email protected] to give him your news for this column. Deadline: 12 noon on Monday. Items will run twice only - free of charge!

A comprehensive events calendar is available on our website: www.northcoastcourier.co.za

6 3 9 8 9 7 4 1 5 9 2 1 4 6 3 8 1 2 6 7 2 3 1 2 5 4 6 7 9 2 8 3 4

Sudoku is a number-place-ment puzzle, 9 squares by 9, fur-ther divided into 9 boxes or regions, each square mea-suring 3 squares by 3. To complete the puzzle the player must insert the missing num-bers so that each row, each col-umn, and each region contains the numbers 1 to 9 once only, with-out repeats.


Beverley Hills Bridge Club Results from 07 July 2017

North/South Ranks1. Bev Noble & Jan Kaljee 2. Beryl Busby & Jamie Ernst 3. Sally Leask & Marie Franz

East/ West Ranks1. Dan Roth & Heather Lynn 2. Charlotte Murphy & Angela Pedlar

3. Thelma Lathe & Thora Yeoman

Beverley Hills Bridge Club Results from 10 July 2017

1. Robert Wentzel 151 & Joan Wentzel 2. Sally Leask & Carol Cumming 3. Thora Yeoman & Thelma Lathe

All Souls Bridge Club Results from 10 July 2017

Red Section

1. Bev Noble & Jan Kaljee2. Melanie Hynd & Joanne Kitto3. Joyce Mott & Charmaine Le Vieux

Yellow Section1. Roy & Susan Perry2. Miranda Airey & Pauline Mackie3. Dorothy Wynne & Judy Blaauw

Blue Section1. Deana Taylor & Paul Wilks2. Rose Heenan & Netta Southwood3. Audrey Botton & Barbara LudwigBR



20 The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017

Life on the good side

Ballito Hills offers modern living in a beautifully landscaped environment

The Dolphin Coast is about to be home to a new estate developed with the environment in mind and centered about modern coastal living.

LEFT: Balwin Properties recently launched their app to make life even more convenient for their residents, as you can now pay your prepaid utilites, contact your estate manager, view your gym training schedule, book your spa treatments and even order in from the Amici Pizzeria!

Elana Geist

The Dolphin Coast is about to be home to a new estate developed with the environment in mind and centered about modern coastal living - Ballito Hills.

Set in the valley behind the Ballito Junction, this secure estate is developed by Balwin Prop-erties, a listed JSE company with more than two decades experi-ence in SA. Balwin has been designing, building, marketing and selling secure, affordable, high-quality, envi-ronmentally-friendly sec-tional title residential apartments since 1996 and have made their mark all over the country with over 70 developments, Ballito Hills being their first KZN footprint.

Ballito Hills’ apart-ments are intelligently designed for maximum space and privacy so that you can enjoy your space without feeling the need to close curtains or buy tall pot plants to block out the neighbours. The apartments are all WiFi enabled and include quality finishes, prepaid utility meters and modern-fitted kitchens with eco-friendly appliances to help you reduce your carbon footprint from the comfort of your home.

The apartments range from a one bathroom apart-ment starting from R909 900, two bed, two bath from R 1 499 900 to a three bed, two bath from R 1 799 900. There are no transfer costs.

You will not have to worry about being cooped up indoors all day either, as the Ballito Hills’ on-site Lifestyle Centre offers residents access to a swim-ming pool, wellness spa, Amici Restaurant, gym, squash court, mini sports field, laundromat, con-cierge, lounge with free Wi-Fi, kiddies playground,

games room and cinema room. Balwin Properties also

recently launched their app to make life even more

convenient for their residents, as you

can now pay your prepaid utilites, con-

tact your estate man-ager, view your gym

training schedule,

book your spa treat-

ments and even order in

from the Amici Pizze-

ria! Parents moving

into Ballito Hills will have a choice of

local schools and pre-schools including Ashton

International College and Curro Mount Richmore for bilingual children.

Shopping is also made easy, as you are spoiled for choice with the new Ballito Junction Regional Mall and the currently upgrading Lifestyle Centre. You can enjoy a stroll outdoors and buy organic veggies and homemade bread at the Litchi Orchard Farmers Market.

Your families’ medical needs will also be taken care of at The Well medical centre and Netcare Alberlito Hospital.

homesFor Property that is hyperlocal visit homes.northcoastcourier.co.za

The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017 21HOMES- ADVERTISING FEATURE

Elite office park launchesForget stiff, mundane corporate offices and think elegant finishes, premium office suites with a unique boardroom off set from the exclusive business center. This one of a kind office park is surrounded by lush greenery and manicured grounds where you can break away for lunch on a large wooden deck next to the calming, reflection pool. The former renowned Hotel iZulu is cur-rently being transformed into an elite busi-ness center, aptly called iZulu Office Park. Developer Pat Burgess said the idyllic set-ting of the office park offers affordable access to sophisticated business suites in a serene work environment tailored for suc-cessful professionals, entrepreneurs and SME’s.“Ballito needs five star offices. This prop-erty was ideal to be developed into a lux-ury office park because of its unique set-ting and the practical location in the heart of Ballito, yet close to the M4 and N2 for easy access,” said Burgess, who was also involved in the development of Simbithi

Office Park and various developments in Umhlanga Ridge.Work started on the soon-to-be launched iZulu Office Park in December last year and the first tenants will be moving in at the

end of July. “So far, we have a medical wing, law firms and a top class spa complete with indoor and outdoor treatment rooms, nail bar and tanning spray room. We

should be fully operational by the end of August this year.”iZulu Office Park offers a variety of work spaces with 19 generous offices in the cha-lets fully equipped with a communal kitchen, outdoor seating area and bath-rooms and a further 16 offices of varying sizes based in the main building with a reception. Ample parking is available for visitors and tenants.

The open, green spaces between the buildings at iZulu Offfice Park create an airy feel. Photo: Sam Basson

The large trees offer shade and create a calm-ing atmosphere around the offices. Photo: Sam Bas-son

The offices come in different sizes. Photo: Sam Bas-son

iZulu Office Park is ready to welcome you to a new way of working. Photo: Sam Basson

iZulu Office Park offers a luxurious work environment and will make your clients feel relaxed and at home. INSERT: The offices are spacious, light and elegantly finished. Photo: Sam Basson

22 The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017

Under South African law, a landlord is entitled to put their property up for sale at any time.

However, tenant rights and obligations are not automatically forfeited.

The South African legal principle of ‘Huur gaat voort koop’ is utilised to protect a tenant’s interests, as a lease agreement is given precedence over an agreement of sale. This effectively entitles tenants to retain occupation until such time as the lease agreement expires.

However this principle only comes into play when a property is sold under ‘normal’ circum-stances on the open market. There are certain exceptions:

1. If a landlord includes a sales provision in the lease in order to give both the landlord and the ten-ant more flexibility in the event of a sale, these terms would allow the tenant or landlord to cancel the lease early, according to the prescribed agreed

notice period, if the property is placed on the mar-ket.

2. If there is no sales provision in a lease, cancel-ling a lease contract early can be tricky for a tenant. A tenant is able to cancel the lease if the contract falls under the CPA, which is only applicable if the agreement is between two or more natural persons, or natural persons and a juristic person (a company, trust, body corporate, partnership or association). Any agreement between two or more juristic per-sons is not covered by the CPA. However even though a lease can legally be cancelled early, there are normally penalty fees and a tenant must decide whether the cost is worthwhile.

3. With distressed sales, where banks and sheriffs are involved, ‘Huur gaat voort koop’ does not apply. If a property is being put on auction by the bank that holds the bond, and the bond was regis-tered prior to the conclusion of the lease, the bank and sheriff must still attempt to sell the property subject to the lease if they are aware of its existence. If, however, the bids received are not sufficient to cover the bank’s claim, the obligation to honour the lease falls away. Often the bank and sheriff are unaware of the lease. If a tenant with a valid lease comes forward after the auction has taken place, and the bid was sufficient to cover the outstanding amount to the bank, the lease must be honoured. If the bid was insufficient, the lease will be cancelled

as required. It is important for both

tenants and landlords to clearly communicate and write their intentions when a sale of the prop-erty is intended in order to provide clarity for all parties. It is also impera-tive if you are purchas-ing a property that is cur-rently let, to ask your agent for a copy of the lease agreement to determine the situation before finalising your offer.

Tim JohnsonSeeff Dolphin Coast

Property Report

Each Office Independently Owned and Operated


Ken Clarke082 777 0789 | 032 946 0881

[email protected]



Light Bright and Beautiful…5 bedroom, 4 bathrooms, open plan living areas and gourmet style kitchen with all the best appliances. Super entertaining area with deck overlook-ing pool and level garden.

On the Beachfront.Trendy fully furnished apartment with own access to the beach. Double level with open living spaces to balcony, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, laundry and safe access from garage, fully alarmed and security fenced….. a real gem.

Across the road to the beach…Prime property is safe sought after complex – end unit with private garden and braai patio. Open plan living areas and classy granite kitch-en. 3 large bedrooms, 2 designer bathrooms. LUG + SQ

Hello young lover’s wherever you are…Trendy duplex in secure estate with pool + braai and fishing pond. Open plan living areas onto sunny patio. 2 bedrooms, full bathroom, levy and rates only R750. Excellent value.

BALLITO R3 950 000

CHAKA’S ROCK R2 150 000


BALLITO R1 190 000

B.R.Sandwith Inc. Attorney & Conveyancer 031-7652030 | 0828733054

[email protected]


AUTODEALER The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017 23

Your weekly motoring guide with attitude


CAXTON local media North

14 July 2017

By Gavin Foster

Earlier this year Volk-swagen South Africa gave their upmarket

Amarok pickup range a nip and tuck, and while they were at it, introduced a 165kW six-cylinder three-litre V6 diesel version that now sells along-side the 103 and 132kW four-cylinder two-litre turbodiesels. The pickup's model range is relatively small - there's no petrol engine derivative, and VW recently abandoned the single cab derivatives to focus on the lucrative luxury double cab market.

The Amarok's external styl-ing has bene ted from a revised grille and bumper as well as new alloy wheels, fog-lights and a third rear brake-light. It's more handsome than before, but I wouldn't rush to trade in my low mileage '15 or '16 model - if I had one - for that reason alone.

The heftily revamped inte-rior would possibly nudge me towards temptation though, with a new dash incorporating VW's modular entertainment system with touchscreen radio, App-Connect, Bluetooth and a USB interface compatible with Apple devices.

The most eagerly awaited fea-ture of the '17 Amarok is how-ever much more substantial than a facelift, and it's hidden beneath the bonnet in the form of a new three-litre V6 TDI diesel engine - the only six-cylinder diesel in the segment.

Its 165kW of power at be-tween 3,000 and 4,000rpm and 550Nm of torque from 1,400 to

1,750rpm make it truly appeal-ing. We were scheduled to have the three-litre for evaluation this month but the press car was, sad-ly, involved in an accident and thus not available for the week we had it scheduled.

We were instead sent the still impressive 132kW/420kW Am-arok 2.0 BiTDI 4Motion Auto Highline model that retails for R590,600. That's R75,000 cheap-er than the same spec V6 version, and a whopping R160,000 less than the top of the range Amarok 3.0 TDI V6 165kW 4MOTION Auto Extreme.

The Amarok is a big bakkie and offers more interior space than most of its rivals.

The test vehicle had no side step and it takes quite a clam-ber to get aboard, but once there you're confronted with a very classy interior.

The test car was laden with around R50,000 worth of op-tional extras like leather seats, a satellite navigation system, and park distance control with a rear view camera, while Bi-Xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights and metallic paint were options on the outside.

While not the most powerful in its class, the two-litre engine delivers very decent perfor-mance and the eight-speed auto transmission has enough cogs that it's never out of its depth.

The bakkie has a gravelly die-sel sound at idle and low speed but once you're on the roll every-thing quietens down nicely.

Although the VW has four-wheel-drive there's no low range transfer box because the torquey engine and VW's excellent eight-speed transmission collaborate to have buckets of torque on hand at idling speed, while on the road at 120km/h the rev counter indi-cates just north of 2,000rpm.

The pickup is still the most re- ned double-cab bakkie around

in terms of ride quality and roadholding - although the new Mitsubishi Triton runs it quite close - and its straight line per-formance of 10.1 seconds from zero to 100km/h and top speed of 179km/h would keep most of us happy enough on those big wheels and chunky 18" tyres. It's also economical - my leaden foot managed to coax 100km from around 10.5 litres of diesel with-out any effort.

So there you have it. The Volkswagen Amarok is a very classy vehicle, but I can't say whether I think the new V6 ver-sion is worth the extra money.

What I can tell you is that the two-litre 132kW 4Motion Auto Highline version is a well-built, competent and lively enough double-cab bakkie, and the two-litre engine will probably remain popular because it gets the job done well at a better price than that of the V6.

‘The pickup is still the most refined double-cab bakkie around in terms of ride quality and roadholding’

All prices Ex Delivery, On The Road Costs & Optional Delivery. Valid until 30.07.2017 or while current stocks last. Financed through FordCredit

Ford Ranger 2.2 Double Cab

R279 900Only



4yr/120 000km Warranty

2.2 Super Cab VersionOnly

R259 900

AUTODEALER24 The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017

Mastercars Sales Consultants: Ranjith: 083 786 2630

Jaya: 073 571 5306 • Taryn: 082 550 6099 Zubair: 079 786 2211 • Claude: 082 352 8195

Barry: 062 863 1539




orThe advised prices exclude the 2 year Mastercars Warranty. The Mastercars Warranty is available as an option and is a contract between the customer, an insurer and administrator. This extended Warranty is not available for all Amarok and Light Commercial Vehicle models. Terms and conditions apply. While stocks last.

e&oe311 Solomon Mahlangu Drive (Edwin Swales Drive), Bluff, Durban.

Tel: 031 940 3548 | www.baronsvw.co.za

Barons on Edwin Swales Drive

Buy an Amarok Double Cab 2.0 BiTDI 132kW 4Motion Highline and receive up to R81,000* trade assistance or discount.

Buy a Caravelle and receive up to R101,000* trade assistance or discount.

New Sales Consultants: Samirah Chetty: 083 419 2099 • Keith Naidoo: 083 657 9808

Riaaz Cassim: 063 085 2579 • Debbie Mathebula: 074 440 1885 Vinesh Gumdeen: 078 670 2172 • Sabelo Nxele: 071 793 4922

Visit us on www.baronsvw.co.zaAn optional cost will be charged for metallic paint. *Terms and conditions apply. Offers may not be used in conjunction with any other special service or offering. Advertised offer only available as a finance deal through Volkswagen Financial Services South Africa Proprietary Limited (trading as Volkswagen Financial Services), an Authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider. NCRCP6635. Offer valid until 31 July 2017 or while stocks last. E&OE.

Visit us on www.baronsvw.co.zaAn optional cost will be charged for metallic paint. *Terms and conditions apply. Offers may not be used in conjunction with any other special service or offering. Advertised offer only available as a finance deal through Volkswagen Financial Services South Africa Proprietary Limited (trading as Volkswagen Financial Services), an Authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider. NCRCP6635. Offer valid until 31 July 2017 or while stocks last. E&OE.

Polo Vivo 2012 Polo Vivo 1.4 Trendline White R117 990 89 000 km2014 Polo Vivo 1.6 Trendline Red R142 990 78 000 km2015 Polo Vivo GP 1.4 Trendline Red R144 990 26 500 km2015 Polo Vivo GP 1.4 Trendline Tiptronic Silver R159 990 42 000 km2016 Polo Vivo GP 1.4 Conceptline White R159 990 11 000 km2016 Polo Vivo GP 1.6 Comfortline Red R178 990 17 000 km2017 Polo Vivo GP 1.4 Trendline Beige R162 990 17 000 kmPolo 2013 Polo 1.6 TDI Comfortline White R169 990 82 000 km2014 Polo Sedan 1.6 Tiptronic White R182 990 92 000 km2014 Polo 1.4 Comfortline Silver R157 990 76 000 km2015 Polo GP TSI Trendline Black R167 990 59 000 km2016 Polo GP 1.2 TSI Trendline Silver R184 990 28 000 km2017 Polo GTI 1.8 TSI DSG White R369 990 6 600 km2017 Polo GP 1.2 TSI Comfortline White R239 990 14 000 kmGOLF 2014 Golf 7 R 2.0 TSI DSG Blue R459 990 30 000 km2016 Golf 7 GTI DSG Grey R388 990 22 000 km2017 Golf 7 GTI DSG Grey R449 990 17 000 kmJETTA 2014 Jetta 6 1.6 TDI Comfortline White R217 990 55 000 kmTiguan 2012 Tiguan 1.4 TSI Trend & Fun 4Motion Silver R195 000 155 000 km2016 Tiguan 1.4 TSI Trend & Fun BlueMotion Silver R299 990 25 000 kmTouran 2012 Touran TSI Highline White R189 990 105 500 km2013 Touran 2.0 TDI Trendline Grey R209 990 94 000 kmAmarok 2013 Amarok 2.0 BiTDI Highline 4Motion 132kW White R349 990 91 000 km2016 Amarok 2.0 BiTDI Ultimate 4Motion 132kW Blue R469 990 65 000 km2016 Amarok 2.0 BiTDI Highline 4Motion White R499 990 24 000 kmCaddy 2016 Caddy Panel Van 1.6 White R224 990 14 000 km2016 Caddy 4 Crewbus 1.6 White R229 990 35 000 km2017 Caddy 4 Maxi Crewbus 2.0 TDI Silver R329 990 17 000 kmScirocco 2012 Scirocco R 2.0 TSI Silver R279 990 78 522 kmT6 2017 T6 Crewbus 2.0 TDI LWB White R449 990 17 000 kmVolkswagen up! 2015 Move up! 3 Door Silver R129 990 38 000 km2016 Take up! 5 Door Blue R152 990 7 500 km

Purchase a Polo TSI 66kW Comfortline from less than R3,699* p.m.

Visit us on www.baronsvw.co.zaAn optional cost will be charged for metallic paint. *Terms and conditions apply. Offers may not be used in conjunction with any other special service or offering. Advertised offer only available as a finance deal through Volkswagen Financial Services South Africa Proprietary Limited (trading as Volkswagen Financial Services), an Authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider. NCRCP6635. Offer valid until 31 July 2017 or while stocks last. E&OE.

The Polo TSI 66kW Comfortline standard features include:- Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)- Dual front and side airbags- Electric windows, front and rear

- Leather multi-function steering wheel- Front fog lights- Multi-function display

The Amarok Double Cab 2.0 BiTDI 132Kw 4Motion Highline standard features include:- Shiftable 4Motion with low range gears- 18" Manaus alloy wheels with anti-theft wheel bolts- ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) incl. off-road ABS- ESC (Electronic Stabilisation Control) with brake assistant and Hill - Start/Hill Descent Assist- Driver and front passenger airbag- Height adjustable front seats

The Caravelle standard features include:- Hill hold control- Height adjustment for driver and front passenger seats- 'Nappa' leather* seat trim covers- Driver and front passenger airbags (incl. front passenger deactivation)- 'Composition Media' radio with touchscreen- Climatronic air-conditioning system

AUTODEALER The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017 25

The eighth char-ity Scottburgh Classic Car Show will be held

this Sunday at the Scott-burgh High School and hun-dreds of pre-1975 cars and bikes will be on show.

There will be lots to eat and drink including refreshments at the renowned Ilala Tea Gar-den. As well as the usual car and bike parades, there will be

laughter and glamour in the "Fun and Fashion Parade".

Lucky entrance ticket priz-es will be given out during the day including a ight in a Microlight and aTigermoth aircraft - the latter on the day, weather permitting.

Gates open at 7.30am for classics and 9am for general public and the event nishes at 3pm. Admission is only R30

adults and R10 pensioners and scholars, children under 12 free.

Follow the pointers from the N2 highway for free pub-lic parking. The show is spon-sored by the Rising Sun com-munity newspaper.

So come and enjoy a day lled with fun and nostal-

gia. For more information 0399761995.

One of the models, Niksha Sevnaran, at last year's show.

Alvin 071 305 5890 Andre 073 446 3520 Anusha 079 622 4576 Asif 073 573 2131Lance 082 406 0216 Musa 076 294 3567 Preshalin 073 518 5652


Every Approved Jaguar includes a minimum 24 month/60 000km Approved warranty*

Jaguar Hillcrest

2016 JAGUAR F-PACE2.0 i4D R-Sport AWD7994km R815 990

2015 JAGUAR F-TYPE5.0 R V8 Coupe27100km R1 149 990

37 Old Main Road, Hillcrest, 3610031 941 9479


2015 JAGUAR XE2.0 Prestige Auto20550km

R409 990

2017 JAGUAR XE2.0D R-Sport Auto22000km R495 990

2015 JAGUAR XE2.0D Portfolio Auto10000km R649 990

2017 JAGUAR F-PACE2.0 i4D R-Sport AWD6660km R869 990

Wre-Owned Manager 083 647 7776

AUTODEALER26 The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017

Hot on the heels of the Coupé launched in March, Audi South

Africa has bolstered its A5 range with the addition of the drophead cabriolet, includ-ing the performance S5.

Mirroring its closed top sib-ling stylistically, but measuring 47mm longer in overall length with a 14mm wheelbase exten-sion versus the previous cab-riolet, the new A5 also sees a 40kg drop in weight with the cloth roof able to open in 15 seconds, and close in 18 sec-onds at speeds up to 50km/h.

As well as a 26mm gain in

Audi A5 + S5 Cabriolet

shoulder room and 18mm in rear knee room, boot space now measures 320-litres with the roof down, or 380-litres with the top up. Torsion rigidity has also gone up by 40 percent which Audi claims makes the A5 the stiffest in its class.

Available with a full set of driver assistance systems, both standard and optional, new tech on the cabriolet includes Adap-tive Cruise Control with start/stop and Traf c Jam Assist, Pre-Sense City which automat-ically brakes when another ve-hicle or pedestrian is detected, the 12.3-inch Virtual Cockpit

Display, MMI Plus incorpo-rating Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, satellite navigation and Wi-Fi, and wireless smart-phone charging.

Model-wise, the cabriolet will be initially be offered only with a 2.0-litre TFSI petrol en-gine or a 3.0-litre TFSI V6 in the case of the S5, with a 2.0-li-tre TDI expected to arrive at a later stage.

Serving up 140kW and 320Nm of torque, the base front-wheel drive cabriolet fea-

Continued on page 5• Continued on page 27

AUTODEALER The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017 27

17-inch ve-spoke alloy wheels, Xenon Plus headlights with separate daytime running LEDs, aluminium door sills, cruise control, tyre pressure monitor, MMI Plus and Audi Drive Select as standard, while the second-tier Sport adds sport front seats, S-Line bump-ers and grille and 18-inch alloy wheels.

Featuring the same engine and seven-speed S tronic gear-box, the next step up quattro does however deliver 185kW and 370Nm of torque, and comes tted with electric front seats and rear parking sensors as standard.

Sitting at the top of the range, the S5 retains its 2,995cc

displacement, but drops the supercharger for a turbo with power going up from 245kW to 260kW, and torque from 440Nm to 500Nm.

Audi claims a 0-100km/h sprint of 5.1 seconds and top speed limited to 250km/h.

Standard spec on the S5 in-

cludes 19-inch alloy wheels, Nappa leather seats, S sport front seats with lumbar sup-port and massaging function, S sport suspension, at-bot-tomed sport three-spoke leath-er trimmed steering wheel, LED rear lights with dynamic indicators and Pre-Sense.


From R499 000



081 640 9024116 Monty Naicker Rd 155 Old Main Road

T&Cs Apply | Errors in will be corrected and posted online | Subject to Nissan FinanceVaild - 30.07.2017 or while stocks last. Delivery, licence and Reg costs apply, Parts Exclude Vat and Labour

NAVARA 2.3 SE DIESELTWIN TURBO MANUAL 4x4140kW and 450Nm5-link Coil Rear Spring SuspensionUtili-Track Tie Down System


R10 000

Only R179 900Nissan Almera 1.5 Acenta M/T


• Continued from page 26

AUTODEALER28 The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017

The Right to Repair campaign is going social and rallying up support from industry stake-

holders and the public. "The Right to Repair campaign di-

rectly affects consumers who are be-ing denied the right to have their ve-hicle repaired at a workshop of their choice. We believe now is the time to give consumers a voice and our social media channels are active and ready to start the conversation," says

Richard Clarke, chairman of Right to Repair South Africa, a not-for-pro t, Section 21 company formed to cham-pion the Right to Repair cause.

He is encouraging all vehicle own-ers to Like the Facebook page and fol-low Right to Repair on Twitter so they can be kept abreast of the campaign's progress.

"Our objective is to raise awareness and ultimately bring about legislative change."

Along with ensuring consumers are given the right to choose where their vehicles are serviced at competitive prices, this will also give aftermarket workshops access to information es-

sential to servicing vehicles. "Denying workshops the chance to

repair vehicles because of warranties and access to information has allowed Original Equipment Manufacturers to monopolise the automotive industry.

"If there is no change, workshops will no longer be able to service new vehicles sold in ve years' time," says Clarke.

To join the conversation and to nd out more about the campaign go to:


And on Twitter follow @Right2 RepairSA

The website also provides more in-sight into the campaign and its objec-tives: http://www.right2repair.org.za

"We want to see change. We want equality and sustainability in our in-dustry. Right to Repair plans to make these things a reality," concludes Clarke.

‘We want equality and sustainability in our industry’

Daryl - 082 563 3122 • Jithen - 076 828 6125 • Sthembiso - 072 743 8636 • Prinolin - 061 435 9980



Barloworld Ford Pinetown


es d


ed m

ay v

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WE PAY for clean, low mileage bakkies!


1.4 Ambiente2017 FORD FIESTA

Under 100km

R184 950* Te r m s a n d c o n d i t i o n s a p p l y . A l l v e h i c l e s a r e Fo r d a p p r o v e d w i t h 1 6 0 p o i n t c h e c k . Wh i l e s t o c k s l a s t .

1.5 Ambiente 2017 FORD ECOSPORT

Under 100km

R214 950



Start Your Journey Extraordinary.The new Ford EVEREST range is here.


AUTODEALER The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017 29

By Gavin Foster

Way back in 2003 I at-tended the launch of a classy Korean

4x4 wagon with genuine off-road capability, thanks to its thoughtful design, decent construction and on-the- y electronically switchable four-wheel-drive system that includ-ed a low-range transfer box.

The Kia Sorento came with ei-ther a 2.5-litre turbodiesel engine delivering 104kW and 320Nm via a ve- speed manual trans-mission, or a 3.5-litre V-6 petrol motor churning out 143kW and 301Nm through a four-speed auto transmission. Pricing was R319,995 and R339,995 respec-tively, and in reviewing the car I wrote that the Korean manufac-turer had reached the stage that it could compete with its European, American and Japanese rivals on equal terms.

Kia Sorento 2.2 CRDi LS

"Their only handicap is that of image - many buyers view Ko-rean cars as cheap and nasty," I said. "The Sorento should go a long way towards proving the sceptics wrong."

And so it has. While I was to-day reviewing my notes on the newest addition to the Sorento range, up popped an e-mail boast-ing that Kia had just topped the American JD Power Initial Qual-ity nameplate ranking for the sec-ond year in a row, with buyers re-porting fewer issues in the rst 90 days with their new vehicles than for any other car or truck brand in the USA. Five individual mod-els - including the Sorento - won their classes. That's one box prop-

erly ticked then. The Sorento, now in its third

generation, is a very different beast to the rst model, having evolved into a luxury wagon rather than a serious off-roader since the second generation in 2009 dispensed with the bakkie-based ladder chassis and ditched the low range transmission of the 4x4 models. The newest de-rivative - and the second most af-fordable in the six-car range - is the front-wheel-drive 2.2 CRDi LS Auto 5-seater that retails at R489,995, just behind the entry level 127kW / 225Nm 2.4-litre petrol version that comes with the same LS spec and a six-speed manual transmission at

R457,995. The new model, like the rest

of the range, uses the 2.2-litre diesel burner and six-speed auto transmission combination. It's in-teresting to take a look back over the years to see how far engine technology has come, because the four-cylinder oil-burner's 147kW of power and 440Nm of torque makes even the original 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine look silly, and its fuel consumption of around 8l/100km is a huge improvement on that of the origi-nals.

The current Sorento, launched here in 2015, is a big, spacious, good-looking and well-built vehicle, and all models are

well equipped. The new LS, at R240,000 less than the price of the range-topping SXL is a pretty good buy for those who don't need 4x4, a third row of seats and niceties like heated side mirrors, a rear view camera, an electroni-cally-operated rear hatch and an upmarket sound system.

All the essentials are there, though, and the car's a joy to drive. It'll scamper to 100km/h in around 9.5 seconds and top out at a shade over 200km/h, which is pretty good for two tonnes of metal and plastic. The Kia is re ned, the ride-quality and handling are superb, and there's loads of space for people and luggage. It goes against the grain for me to say that at R489,995 it delivers value for money, but in today's expensive marketplace it actually does. It comes with a ve-year/100,000 km mainte-nance plan and a ve- ear/unlim-ited distance warranty.

‘It'll scamper to 100km/h in around 9.5 seconds and top out at a shade over 200km/h’

Tailor-made Volvo Versatility Finance

It ’s a forward-thinking way to finance and

future-proof your dream Volvo. And when you reach

the end of your finance period, you can renew, return

or retain your Volvo. It ’s all up to you.

Volvo Versatility Finance, for a personalised deal

and guaranteed future value.*

Flexibility today. Certainty tomorrow.





*E&OE. Terms and conditions apply. Models may differ to those shown and the offer applies to the Volvo XC60 D4 Geartronic Momentum.

The Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) offer will be structured over 36 months and subject to 20 000 km p.a. mileage restrictions. Interest rates are linked to

the prime interest rate (currently 10.5%) and accordingly are subject to change if the prime interest rate changes. Monthly instalments will be determined

based on your personal credit rating. Monthly instalments exclude the monthly service fee of R68.40 and total cost of credit includes Bank Initiation fee of

R1 197 incl. VAT. Offer applies while stocks last. Finance offers subject to approval from Volvo Car Financial Services, a product of WesBank, a division of

FirstRand Bank Ltd, an authorised financial services and credit provider, NCRCP20.

Volvo XC60 D4 Geartronic Momentum

Retail price incl. VAT + incl. CO2

Instalment Deposit – % Deposit – R Term – Months Interest Rate GFV – % GFV – R Total Cost to Customer

R635 700 R7 999 pm 13.11% R83 340 36 9.75% 65.41% R415 811 R695 782

AUTODEALER30 The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017

You can expect tight racing on Saturday when the SuperGP SA motorcycle championship takes place at Dezzi Raceway. Pictured is Clinton Seller leading Lance Isaacs in the premir 1000cc class.

By Gavin Foster

This Saturday sees the best of South African motorcycle racing talent descend upon the KZN south coast

for the 2017 DEOD SuperGP SA mo-torcycle championship meeting at Dezzi Raceway near Port Shepstone.

Clinton Seller on the MiWay Yamaha Racing R1 just has to be a rm favourite in the premier 1000cc SuperGP title chase, having won seven of the eight races so far this season, with a rm second place in the eighth showing that he's not letting much slip through his ngers.

Greg Gildenhuys (Autohaus Towing /Transport.co.za Kawasaki ZX-10R) is the only other rider to have taken a win this year, and he clearly isn't content with the second place he currently holds in the cham-pionship, 56 points adrift. Michael White

(Consortium Shipping Yamaha R1), with a second and two third places so far is also hungry for podiums and there's likely to be some hard scrapping at the front of the eld.

Lance Isaacs and David McFadden, both on Sandton Motorrad BMW S1000RRs are just six points apart and within ten points of White for third place in the championship they've both won before. The Super600 class is likely to be just as exciting as the litre-class machines, because the tight Dezzi Raceway allows the smaller, nimbler bikes to lap in virtually the same times as the 1000cc SuperGP machines.

Hayden Jonas (MiWay Yamaha R6) leads the championship with 125 points, but reigning FIM CEV European Moto2 champion Steven Odendaal (Petra Yamaha R6) is only ve points adrift after missing out on the third round due to overseas com-mitments.

In third spot is our own Westville favour-ite Blaze Baker with 97 points on his Uncle Andy Racing Suzuki GSXR600. He already has a win and a second under his belt this year and will be hoping for a pair of wins at his home circuit this weekend. He'll have to keep an eye on his long-time rival, Malcolm Rudman, who will also be looking to score podiums in front of his home crowd on the Montclair Motorcycles Kawasaki ZX-6R. Rudman currently lies sixth in the national championship with 67 points.

Friday will be taken up with practice and qualifying, and Saturday morning between 8am and 10am will see the racers doing their morning warm-up. Racing kicks off at 10am sharp and nishes at about 3.30pm

Entry costs R100 per person but bikers who arrive on two wheels before 10am on Saturday get in for free if they donate a tin of food for charity at the gate.


ClassifiedsThe North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017 31

DYNAMIC Studying CourseGrades 4-7 at Ashton College19th and 20th July, 8:30-12 onboth mornings. Phone AngelaMcCall 082-3791429 [email protected]


S P R C O N S T R U C T I O Nspecialising in maintenance,boundary walls, roofs, newbuildings, concrete works.NHBRC registered. Phone083-2082865/082-9005480.



BRUCE`S DRIVING SCHOOLProfessional driving tuition atreasonable costs . Weguarantee our teaching. 072-1145508/032-5525501.



BALLITO DRIVING SCHOOLWe offer professional training ofthe K53 module. Experiencedinstructors. Expert tutors on theNorth Coast. Office 032-5521623 Rushidha 073-5475617.



•Jumping castles •Water slides•Kiddies ride on •Completeparty set up •Bubble machine•Helium balloons and so muchmore. www.kiddyzone.co.za /083- 5878687.


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ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!AHMED`S STUDENT DRIVER(Est. 1966) ProfessionalInstructors with a proven trackrecord. The driving school thathas stood the test of time andtoo old to be competed. Wehave done a driving license forsomeone you know! CoveringBallito to Durban North.Cont rac ted to Ash tonInternational College! 032-5521623 (office) Cell 083-7605615/073-5475617. [email protected]


D O N N O V A N T r a n s p o r tServices. Small/medium loads.John 072-1806645. Ownerdriver.


MF PROJECTS EST 2004•Roof repairs •Cleaning •Interior/exterior Painting •Paving•Retaining Walls. All repairsdone! Phone Gert 072-3510540/032-9463070.


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Age 1-6 years. Professionaleducation based pre school.Established 8 years. Open 7amto 5.30pm and all schoolholidays. Follow us on Face-book. Fees from R1`700pm.082-4116201/032-5254693.


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ALL electrical installations,repairs and maintenance callMark the Spark 078-2801162 orJax 078-2801238 PromarkElectrical.


0360 Removals & Storage

MATHS TUITIONMaster Maths. Grade 4-12.Phone 032-9460912.



ARE YOU wanting a generalhandyman for repairs andmaintenance? Phone Mike072-5839739 for prompt andefficient service.





AMRO MAINTENANCESpecialising in plumbing, tiling,building, basic carpentry,painting, roof cleaning andwaterproofing. Rouwesh 078-8882809/032-9444988.



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Tel: Ken Mann(Dip.Horticulture)082 775 7765

GreenMann“Quality service and

care for your gardens”� Driveway Gates � Gate & Garage Door Automation

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Specialised in: sanding, fixing,paint technique, riempieschairs. Staining to all colour:imbuia, mahogany, teak,ebony, clear varnish. Pick upand deliver. Phone Michael073-2259065 or Gregory 073-1776520.





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0327 Plumbing

ANTIQUE Specialist. Expertrestoration to old and antiquefu rn i tu re . Workmansh ipguaranteed. Phone Paddy 032-9415134 or [email protected]


PAVING, retaining walls andcap stones. R65 per squaremeter. Phone Modisa 073-6700744/082-6737107.


AIRPORT SHUTTLESDrop offs and pickups. Phone/sms Brian 071-1079234(Pensioner). 12 to 24 hoursnotice. R190 includes toll fees.


AIRPORT JOHNLocal. R200. Phone John 072-3732562/032-9431277.






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& Upholstery* Free Quotations

& Home Consultations

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0328PAVING &


GARAGE doors. Need toreplace/service your automatedgarage door? Phone HandyTech Maintenance 082-9218754.



(Est 1998) A loving, nurturingenvironment for your child. 8months to Gr00. Open schoolholidays except 4 weeks overChristmas. Meals and snacksincluded. 032-9460107/082-5793911.


PIPEWORX PLUMBINGFast and friendly service for allyour plumbing requirements:Blocked drains, burst geysers,leaking toilets and pipes, JoJotanks etc. Maintenance andcontract plumbing. IOPSAapproved. John McDowell071-8767342. Card paymentsaccepted (VISA & Mastercard).


You and your family are cordially invited to the 13th Day Prayer at9am on 12 July 2017Venue: 28 Millview Road, Shakaskraal

Please accept this as a personal invite.

In loving memory ofHANUMAN RAJ


Sadly missed by your mum, children, sisters,brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, nieces, nephews

and a host of family and friends.

You always took time to think of other people's needs, you touched so many hearts with gentle

words & thoughtful deeds.

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GERT 082 258 2075



MY PLUMBERSGeyser expert and all plumbingand maintenance needs. PIRBregistered. Reasonable rates.076-6629101/073-5967406.







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0321 Home Maintenance


032 586 33142 A Silverstone Way, Douglas Crowe Ave,

Ballito Business Park

Top End Decor Fabrics

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32 The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017

M F A N A F U T H I w a n t shousekeeper position. SpeaksEnglish. 071-5794926.


LA BALLITO: Near main beach,sea view, 1½ bedroom, bath/shower. R7`500. Phone 063-7405126/082-9205064.


W E S T B R O O K : R 2 . 3 m .Beautiful 5 bedroom home, allen-suite. Open plan kitchen,lounge/dining. DLUG. Fullyfenced, secure. 3 mins fromBallito and airport. Not seafacing! No agents! Phone 032-9431186/082-9394304.


LUNGILE wants caregiverposition. Speaks English.Ma t r i c and H IV /A IDScertificates. 073- 5555645.




27 Kyalami Park, Ballito�Tel: 032-9460341Fax: 032-9460351�A/H: 082-6978892/082-3144031

JEREMIA wants plastering/skimming position. SpeaksEnglish. Reference. 076-7555319.


SIMBITHI splendour R6.89m.Granny flat, level, entertainersparadise. Johnny Mutton Re/Max 082- 4525524.


GROUND floor apartment. Setin an established secure estatewith landscaped gardensboasting 3 beds, 2 bath, singlegarage. The kitchen will bedone out in granite and stovereplaced and with a final lick ofpaint you are good to go.Conveniently situated toshopping centres with easyaccess to the N2. This propertyis available 1 July 2017 onlyqualified tenants need apply.Phone Andrew 083-6444166.



ALFRED wants driver position.Speaks English. Code 10licence + PDP. Matric andcomputers certificates. 079-5483843.



OFFICE space to let, AutoZoneBuilding. Phone Samantha032-9462668/064-7519226 orKathy 060-3561971.


DUNKIRK ESTATEGranny Flat: 2 bedrooms, 2bathrooms. Open plan loungeand kitchen, beautiful sun roomopening onto a deck and poolwith sea views. Fully furnished.Includes DSTV. R14`000 permonth. Lauren 032-5254404.


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BUSINESS PREMISESFactory/warehouse to let. 240sq. meters. R10`800pm excl.VAT. Premises are set in asecure gated Estate in StangerIndustrial Area. Includesparking. Shaun 083-4490939.


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C A S U A R I N A B e a c h ,Woodbrook: 2 bedrooms,lounge, kitchen, toilet, bath andgarage. Newly renovated, fullytiled, kitchen and bedroomunits, additional toilet. Directaccess to beach,10 min fromBallito, airport, Umdloti,Gateway and N2. R6`000 excl.utilities. Immediate occupation.Phone 082-4696626/082-5737921.


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SA Canopy: Canopy suppliers for light commercial, leisure and lifestyle vehicles

We also specialise in car valets, fi tment of Securi-lids and contractors racks

For more information contact Autovest 032-9471393/5 or email Elaine :[email protected] for a quote

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To Let: Stanger (Old KFCdrive-thru), crn.King Shaka andGizenga Street: Ground floorshop 225m. Shops/Offices,Durban CBD, Dr PixleyKaseme (West) Street: Officesfrom 10m up to 414m. Phone084- 5786774 or 039-6854130.


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Focusing on personal eye care.

Ballito Junction

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CliniCare Medical Centre

Book an appointment032 9461826/1579

27 Jacqueline Drive, Ballito



•Wound Care Specialist•Home Care Nursing

Services•lmmunisations •Blood Pressures

•Diabetic Foot Care •Cholesterols •Blood Glucose •lnjections

•Ear Syringing



We can help you. We offer aprofessional service employinga success fu l , p rovenmethodology. Contact us on083-2542068 or [email protected]


ALL BAKKIES AND CARSUsed, rusted and damagedvehicles, canopies and usedtyres wanted for cash. Phone082-4550107/082-6230986.


TONGAAT, Chettys Hill: 1Room in main house. Nearmain road, station and village.Single sober male. Depositrequired. 076-4428989.


A1 SATELLITE Connection.Sales, maintenance, upgrades,installations, DSTV, OVHD.Mounting of flat screen TV`s;Connection home theatre.Quick service. 079-5081102/076-2590388.




SHAKASKRAAL: Rooms to let.R1`000 incl. water. Communaltoilet & shower. 072-3429623.



A1 & A ½ A TONAll bakkies and all cars anycondition wanted for cash. Willbeat any price. 082-2588724.


PONTA do Ouro Mocambique:holiday let. 5 bedroom house,all en-suite. Swimming pool.Near beach and shops. Also 2bedroom thatch cottage.072-4242877 or visit www.Pontastay.co.za




15M² R695.00PER MONTH

082 573 7548082 573 7548


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BALLITO Beachfront. 2bedrooms, 6 sleeper. Fullyfurnished, fully serviced,self-catering. Close to beachand all amenities. Phone 083-7015477/www.simbalina.co.za









Internet Cafe, Photographicand ID photo`s, SecretarialServices, Graphic Design forPosters, Business CardsInvitations etc, Wide Formatprinting, Domestic andInternational Courier service,Post Box Rental, Photocopy,Laminate, Binding. Scan andEmail service. T`Shirt printing,Canvas printing. 3@1 Tel: 032-9460064. ballit[email protected]/www.3at1ballito.co.za Ballito Junction Mall.


BRAND new Sandner CelloR5`995 plus bag. Germandesign. John 082-0798109.


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CHAKAS Rock: R1`500000.137sqm. Popular complex. 2bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, openplan kitchen, dining room andlounge. Large under-roofverandah with beautiful seaview. Includes lock up singlegarage. Short walk to popularThompsons beach. Phone Rob083-3809043/Val 083-6463085.



K&M POOL SERVICESSpecialise in pool lining, newpools, filtration. For all yourswimming pool needs contact073-8168114.






8am-5:30pmSat 9:30-11:30am


& 4-5:30pmSat 9:30-11:30am

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Emergencies onlySun 10-10:30am

Grooming services available.



SALT Rock: Open plan grannyflat. Perfect for 1 person.Available immediately, R5`500per month incl. L&W. Privateand walking distance from thebeach. Phone 072-7192630.


MCCHLOE AUTO TRADERS63 Laundry Lane Umhlali. Cashpaid for cars. Runners ornon-runners. Up to R100`000.Phone Kenny 083-6617752/032-9471414 (b/h).






B O O K K E E P I N G a n daccounting services offered.Affordable and reliable.References available. Phone083-2658023 for more details.




SALT Rock: 2 bedrooms, 1bathroom, garden f lat.R7`500pm incl. L&W. No petsallowed. Phone 082-5613360.



The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017 33







The reputed father of

Lisanda Anita Khumalo

(03/02/2009). The biologi-

cal mother of the said child;

Nompumelelo Pretty Khu-

malo is deceased. It was

reported that the family is

originally from Magwaveni,

Tongaat The reputed fa-

ther of Thembeka Mkhize

(D.O.B. 16/03/2001). The

biological mother Zandile

Thokozile Mkhize is de-

ceased. It was reported

that the family is originally

from Burbreeze, Tongaat.

Brenton Chetty, the bio-

logical father of Christiano

Chetty (DOB- 14/05/2012)

and Bronwyn Caitlyn Chet-

ty (DOB- 23/10/2005). The

biological mother is known

as Charlene Naidoo. The

children concerned are

currently in the care of their

maternal grandmother, Nir-

mala Govender. Anyone

with any information may

contact our offi ces on 032-








Inkunzi Foundry (Pty) Ltd.

has applied for a transfer of

their current provisional at-

mospheric emission licence

in terms of Section 21 and

44 of the National Environ-

mental Management: Air

Quality Act (Act No. 39 of

2004) read with GNR 893

of November 2013 as a

listed activity according to

Category 4 (Metallurgical

Industry), Sub- Category

4.10 (Foundries). Inkunzi

Foundry (Pty) Ltd. is sit-

uated at, 9 Yellow Street,

Isithebe, KwaZulu-Natal, 3

Third Avenue, 4490. The

site falls within the jurisdic-

tion of the iLembe District

Municipality. General Coor-

dinates of the plant: North

south: 29.091067° East

west: 31.408067° Appli-

cant: Inkunzi Foundry (Pty)

Ltd. Environmental Con-

sultants: Rayten Engineer-

ing Solutions info@rayten.

co.za 011 792 0880 A copy

of the AEL Transfer Ap-

plication can be obtained

from Rayten Engineering

Solutions (Details provid-

ed above). Submission of

written representations on

or objections to the appli-

cation must be hand-de-

livered within 30 days of

publication of this notice to:

Air Quality Offi cer: Ravind

Lawton, ILembe District

Municipality, P.O. Box

1788, Durban, KwaZulu

Natal, 4450 For any further

information please contact:

Ravind Lawton ravind@il-

embe.gov.za 032-4379440.










Notice is hereby given in

terms of the EIA Regula-

tions 2014 (as amended)

in terms of Chapter 5 of

the National Environmental

Management Act (Act No

107 of 1998) of the initiative

by Springvale Country Es-

tate (PTY) Ltd, to develop

the proposed low density

residential estate in Umhla-

li, KwaDukuza Municipality,


Project Outline: An Envi-

ronmental Authorisation

(DC29/0022/08) was is-

sued on the 20 May 2010

for the proposed Inkwazi

Estate Residential De-

velopment; however, due

to funding implications,

the development did not

proceed. The land was

purchased by a new devel-

oper, and several amend-

ments to the initial scope

are proposed. The pro-

posed amended develop-

ment will entail construction

of a low density residential

estate and upgrades to in-

ternal road infrastructure.

The extent of the entire site

is approximately 57 Ha.

Bulk services (water and

electricity) will be linked

with the existing municipal

infrastructure, and sewer

will be treated via septic


Location: The proposed

site is situated on Rem of

Portion 19, 13, 39, 15 and

Rem of Portion 20, 15, 109

of the Farm Lot 69, No.917

Flagstaff Farm in Umhlali.

The site is located approx-

imately 2 km east of the

Town of Shakaskraal and

approximately 3 km north

east of the Town of Um-

hlali in the Ilembe District

Municipality at the co-ordi-

nates 29° 27’ 24.41” S and

31° 14’ 27.28” E.




Triplo4 Sustainable Solu-

tions has been appointed

as an Independent En-

vironmental Assessment

Practitioner (EAP) to un-

dertake the Amendment

process and the associ-

ated public participation

process for the proposed


* Triplo4 Sustainable Solu-

tions offi ce and website

(www.triplo4.com) * Salt

Rock Public Library. I&APs

are invited to register by

submitting their name,

contact information and

interest to the project to

the EIA consultants below

before 26 July 2017.

Chen Read

Triplo4 Sustainable

Solutions, PO Box 6595,

Zimbali, 4418

Tel: 032 946 3213

Fax: 032 946 0826

[email protected]

12 July 2017




Application in terms of

Section 53 of the KDM

SPLUM By-law, No. 1630

(March 2016)

Notice is hereby given that

an application has been

made to the Municipality, in

terms of the Spatial Plan-

ning and Land Use Man-

agement Act, 2013 (Act

No. 16 of 2013) read with

the KwaDukuza Munici-

pality Spatial Planning and

Land Use Management By-

law No. 1630 (March 2016)

(KDM SPLUM By-law) for:

Property Description: Pro-

posed Portion 1 of Erf 132

Simbithi and Remainder of

Erf 73 Simbithi

Street Address: No. 25

Beverley Lane, Simbithi

Scope of Application:

Application in terms of the

Spatial Planning and Land

Use Management Act

2013, (Act No. 16 of 2013)

read with the KwaDukuza

Municipality Spatial Plan-

ning and Land Use Man-

agement By-law No. 1630

(March 2016): for the pro-


• Subdivision of Erf 132

Simbithi, to create Pro-

posed Portion 1 and the

Remainder, both of Erf 132


• Amendment of the

KwaDukuza Municipality

Town Planning Scheme,

by the Rezoning or Pro-

posed Portion 1 of Erf

132 Simbithi from “Private

Road” to “Dwelling House”

Purposes in terms of the

Special Zone: Simbithi Eco


• Subsequent Consolida-

tion of Proposed Portion

1 of Erf 132 Simbithi, with

the Remainder of Erf 73

Simbithi – to be used for

Residential Purposes to

create Erf 1462 Simbithi.

Located within the area

of jurisdiction of the

KwaDukuza Municipality:

Registration Division – FU:

Province of KwaZulu-Natal.

A copy of the application

and its accompanying

documents will be open

for inspection by interest-

ed members of the public

between the offi ce hours

of 08h00 to 13h00 and

13h30 to 15h30 Mondays

to Fridays (excluding public

holidays) at:

• The front desk: Devel-

opment Planning Section,

No. 1 Basil Hulett Drive,

KwaDukuza Municipal Of-

fi ces, Salt Rock.

The application will lie for

inspection from 14 July


Any person having suffi -

cient interest in the propos-

al is invited to lodge written

comments by hand and ad-

dressed to the KwaDuku-

za Municipality Municipal

Manager at 14 Chief Albert

Luthuli Street, or by regis-

tered post and addressed

to the Municipal Manager

to P. O. Box 72, KwaDuku-

za Municipality, 4450, or

by e-mail to MunicipalM@

kwadukuza.gov.za by no

later than 15 August 2017

A person who fails to lodge

or forward comments by

the said date, in response

to this notice, will be dis-

qualifi ed from further par-

ticipation in the process.


Municipal Manager

KwaDukuza Municipality

Municipal Offi ces

14 Chief Albert Luthuli


P. O. Box 72

KwaDukuza, 4450


Lisa Jane Hudson

& Simbithi Eco Estate



AF Planning Town

& Regional Planners

Tel: 032-9465922

Fax: 0867714104

[email protected]

P O Box 234, Ballito, 4420

DATE: 14 July 2017



Isicelo ngokweSigaba 53

soMthetho kaMasipala

i-KDM SPLUM, uNo. 1630

(wangoNdasa wezi-2016)

Lapha kukhishwa isaziso

sokuthi sekufakwe isicelo

kuMasipala, ngokoMthetho

Wezokuhlelwa. Kwendawo

kanye Nokulawulwa Kok-

usetshenziswa Komhlaba,

wezi-2013 (uMthetho uNo.

16 wezi- 2013) ufundwa

neMithetho kaMasipala

waKwaDukuza Yezoku-

hlelwa Kwendawo kanye

Nokulawulwa Kokuset-

shenziswa Komhlaba uNo.

1630 (wangoNdasa wezi-

2016) (KDM SPLUM By-

law) maqondana nalokhu:

Incazelo yomhlaba: In-

gxenye 1 ephakanyisiwe

yeSiza uNombolo 132

esiseSimbithi kanye neN-

salela yeSiza uNombolo 73


Ikheli lomgwaqo: UNo. 25

Beverley Lane, eSimbithi

Imininingwane yesicelo:

Isicelo ngokoMthetho We-

zokuhlelwa Kwendawo

kanye Nokulawulwa Kok-

usetshenziswa Komhlaba,

wezi-2013 (uMthetho uNo.

16 wezi- 2013) ufundwa

neMithetho kaMasipala

waKwadukuza Yezoku-

hlelwa Kwendawo kanye

Nokulawulwa Kokuset-

shenziswa Komhlaba

uNo.1630 (wangoNdasa

wezi-2016): maqondana


• Sokuhlukaniswa izingx-

enyana kweSiza uNom-

bolo 132 esiseSimbithi

ukuze kube yiNgxenye 1

ephakanyisiwe kanye neN-

salela, kokubili kweSiza

uNombolo 132 esiseS-


• Sokuchitshiyelwa koHlelo

Lokuhlelwa Kwedolobha

likaMasipala waKwaDuku-

za, ngokuba kuklanywe

kabusha noma iNgxenye 1

ephakanyisiwe yeSiza uN-

ombolo 132 esiseSimbithi

ukuba kusuke ekubeni

“ngumgwaqo owenga-

nyelwe umuntu othile

kumbe inkampani ethile”

kube “yindawo enezindlu

zokuhlala abantu” ngok-

weNdawo Ekhethekile:

i-Simbithi Eco Estate.

•Sokuhlanganiswa kwe-

Ngxenye 1 yeSiza uNom-

bolo 132 esiseSimbithi

kanye neNsalela yeSiza

uNombolo 73 esiseSimbithi

–ukuze kube yindawo

yokuhlala abantu okuzoku-

ba yiSiza uNombolo 1462


Okungumhlaba onga-

phansi kukaMasipala

waKwaDukuza: isigaba

sokubhaliswa ngu-FU: eS-

ifundazweni saKwaZulu-


Ikhophi yesicelo kanye

nemiqulu ehambisana

naso kuzovuleleka ukuthi

kuhlolwe yilawo malungu

omphakathi anentshiseke-

lo ngezikhathi ezijwayele-

kile zokusebenza kusukela

ngo-08h00 kuya ku-13h00

kanye nango-13h30 kuya

ku- 15h30 njalo ngoMsom-

buluko kuya kuLwesihlanu

(ngaphandle kwamaholide)

• Endaweni yokwamuke-

la izivakashi: uPhiko

Lwezokuhlela Intuthuko,

kuNo. 1 Basil Hulett Drive,

emahhovisi kaMasipala

KwaDukuza, e-Salt Rock.

Isicelo sizobekwa ukuze si-

hlolwe kusukela mhla ziyi-

14 kuNtulikazi wezi-2017.

Nanoma ngubani onentsh-

isekelo kulesi siphakamiso

uyamenywa ukuba abhale

imibono yakhe ngesand-

la ayithumele kuMenenja

kaMasipala waKwaDukuza

ku- 14 Chief Albert Luthu-

li Street, noma ngeposi

elirejistiwe ayiqondise

kuMenenja kaMasipala

kuleli kheli, P.O. Box 72,

KwaDukuza Municipality,

4450 noma nge-imeyili ku:-


gov.za, ungakedluli umhla

zingama-15 kuNcwaba

wezi 2017.

Umuntu ozokwehluleka

ukufaka noma ukuthumela

imibono yakhe maqondana

nalesi saziso ngosuku ol-

ubekiwe, uzophunyukwa

yithuba lokubamba iqhaza

ekuqhubekeni kwalolu hle-



IMenenja kaMasipala

Emahhovisi kaMasipala


14 Chief Albert Luthuli


P. O. Box 72

KwaDukuza, 4450



Lisa Jane Hudson

& Simbithi Eco Estate



AF Planning Town &

Regional Planners

Ucingo: 032-9465922

IFeksi: 0867714104

[email protected]

P O Box 234,

Ballito, 4420

USUKU: 14 kuNtulikazi







Email CV (max 2 pages) to: [email protected]


* Effective time management* Own cell phone and transport* Advertising sales experience with a proven track record essential* Excellent commission based earning potential* Experience in digital media sales an advantage.

The successful applicant will have:

JOIN OUR DYNAMIC TEAM!With the expansion of our business and

the new exci� ng LIFESTYLE SHOWROOM, Union Tiles have the


Requirements:�Matric qualifi ca� on �At least 3 years experience in the � ling/construc� on industry �Knowledge and ex-perience of � les, natural stone, cladding, sanware and brassware will be benefi cial �Sales representa� ves to have their own vehicles.

Benefi ts: Union Tiles off ers market related salaries and benefi ts associated with the posts.

Applicants are required to send a 2 page CV to: ballito.jobs@union� les.co.za

Closing date for applica� ons 28 July 2017 Applicants not contacted by end-August

are unsuccessful.


· Must be PC literate· Motor industry experience advantageous.

Please email CV’s to :[email protected]

MAUREEN wants nurse/care- giver position. Speaks English. Reference. Home base care cer-tifi cate. Phone 084-7211689/071-2207608.


MLANDELI wants housekeeper/gardener position. Speaks English. 063-1343449.


MONICA wants safety offi cer position. Speaks English. Code 10 licence. Matric, Samtrac and computer certifi cates. 076-6457361.


PAINTER: I have an excellent painter who has painted my home. Phone Yvonne 032-9461506 or Xolani 061-7731595.


RAJAB wants housekeeper/gardener position. Speaks English. 063-3489972.


ROBERT wants housekeeper/gardener position. SpeaksEnglish. 061-1547711.


WILLARD wants housekeeper/gardener position. SpeaksEnglish. 073-2909392.


DATA capturer required. EmailCV to : careers@harvey holidays.co.za


JUNIOR ADMIN ASSISTANTWell presented individual, fl uent in English and Zulu. Marketing/Call centre experience preferred. Must be computer literate. Based in Ballito, near Hirsch. Email your CV to: [email protected]



Qualifi ed delicatessen supervisor & delicatessen counter assistant required. Experience and trace-able references are essential. CV`s to be hand delivered to the admin manager at Pick `n PayBallito. Applications close 23 July 2017.


RECEPTIONIST for medical practice required in Ballito. A busy, 2 man, general practice is looking for a receptionist with previous working experience for permanent position. Enthusias-tic, diligent, hard-working, multi-tasking, team worker. Salary neg. No chancers. Email CV to [email protected]



We require a qualifi ed beauty therapist. Applicants must be well spoken, immaculately groomed and hard working. If you are a professional, reliable, honest and a team player, please submit your CV to join this dynamic team. Email [email protected] or call Michelle 032-8150606.



Ballito Branch

Earn extra CASH

We are looking for


Part time or full time

Commission Basis only

Plus Incentives

Please send CV to

[email protected]

or fax to 086 4591397

situations vacant



Send CV to: Nadine Tojeira




Allan Troskie

The global parkrun craze is gripping the North Coast, which saw the launch of its second parkrun event this past weekend.

The Tinley Manor parkrun drew more than 300 people on its first ever day and saw the athletes gathering in the early morning at Numz Adventure Island oppo-site Trinity High School.

The 5km trail they fol-low leads underneath the N2 and up onto the farm of former Miss World Penny Rey.

Running legend Bruce Fordyce tested out the course on Saturday and gave it his nod of approval.

“I loved the turnout for the launch and thought it was a slightly tougher course by parkrun standards - but that is part of its charm.”

Fordyce said that parkrun was so popular glob-

ally because it is not about the running (or walking) but about fostering a sense of community.

“I have run 270 parkruns and can look up all my stats from each of these events with nothing more than my barcode, so its a lot more involved than people think.”

He said even on a cold winter’s day in South Africa there would be up to 30 000 athletes taking part in parkruns across the country.

“In a sense the parkrun is bigger than the Com-rades or the Two Oceans because we have 52 events every year - not just one.”

At present there are more than 641 000 South Africans registered for parkruns all over the coun-try.

If you are interested in joining the Tinley Manor parkrun, visit www.parkrun.co.za, look for the parkrun closest to you and register online.

Allan Troskie

Umhlali Country Club (UCC) has proudly announced that their resident pro, Derrick Reinke, has won the PGA KZN Club Manager of the Year award.

Last year Reinke also walked away with the PGA Club Professional KZN award.

He told The Courier that he was surprised to have won.

“It is a great feeling - it makes you feel like all the hard work you put in is really worthwhile.”

The man who looks after everything golf related at UCC said while a third award next year would be fantastic, he is going to take things one step at a time.

“Now I am hoping to win the national PGA Club Manager award against the winners from the other

provinces.”Reinke is also in the running for the PGA Profes-

sional of the Year, which is awarded to one of the recipients of the other PGA awards.

The annual PGA awards serve to identify, acknowledge and recognise leading PGA profes-sionals for their work and contribution to the game.

The awards highlight the input of PGA members and encourage and drive excellence amongst the PGA fraternity.

Reincke expressed his heartfelt thanks to every-one at UCC and, in particular, general manager John Boyce.

“I want to thank him for all his support and encouragement and just for the freedom to manage the golf to the best of my abilities.”

The launch of the Jump Star t Pro-gramme earlier this month was a great success. It is so excit-ing to see people tak-ing the first step towards their goal. We are now in the second full week of training and I hope that every-one is feeling moti-vated and enthusias-tic. It is going to get tougher so always

have your goal in the front of your mind.Clever training involves working hard on the

“hard” training days and running easy on others. Also remember your rest days are important. So this week, your “hard” training is on Wednesday, you should put the most amount of effort into this training session. A session like this will bring your running on in leaps and bounds. I really encourage the Jump Starters to try and attend the evening time trial on Wednesday night at the Salt Rock Country Club, we are going to warm up from 5.15pm on the field and then do the 3.5km time trial route starting at 5.30pm.

The first thing to understand about the time trial is that it’s not a race. It is an opportunity to measure your current level of performance against the clock. Your time is YOUR bench-mark. You then go away, do more training and try again and can easily see how much you’ve improved. Suddenly you’re not just plodding; you’re progressing, and the evidence is right in front of you.

Remember:1. There will always be someone that is faster,

stronger or a better runner than you. No one cares if you are at in the middle or back. We are really proud that you made the commitment to working towards your goal. Give it YOUR best!

2. Own your goal. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing.

3. It does get tougher. As you start to get fitter you will start to see the results but it also means that you will also start to train harder. No one said it would be easy, but remember when you cross that finish line it will be worth it.

4. Everyone else is also finding this hard. You are not alone.Sarah

Umhlali Country ClubSaturday, July 8 - HomeZone betterball stableford1st A Wiggill, B McKerchar 44 pts c/o, 2nd M Harrison, M Macey 44 pts c/o , 3rd H adendorff, Z De Wet 43 pts c/o, 4th N Moynihan, H Whyte 43 pts c/o and 5th G Birnie, A Boje 43 pts c/o.Nearest the pin: A Els (18th) and B Badenhorst (8th).Friday, July 7 - Meat competition

1st on the first nine, G Birnie 20 pts and 2nd on the first nine, S Birnie 19 pts c/o.1st on the second nine, E Kriel 20 pts and 2nd on the second nine, B Birnie 19 pts.Nearest The pin: R Ogle (18th).Thursday, July 6 - Ladies LGU medalSilver division: 1st M Dold 68 nett.Best gross: M Dold 80.Bronze division: 1st C Speirs 68 nett and 2nd S Ellis 74 nett.Best gross: C Speirs 89.Two clubs: C Chamberlain.Putter of the month: M Horn 28 putts.Individual stableford: 1st P Westcott 30 pts.

Monday, July 3 - POBTeam: 1st G Krugel, G Hepburn, K Rieseberg, H Rawdon 92 pts c/o and 2nd W Haupt, M Macey, R Hardstone 92 pts c/o.Individual: 1st G Krugel 41 pts, 2nd D Coughlan 39 pts, 3rd L Schoeman 38 pts, 4th R Peinke 37 pts c/o, 5th W Haupts 37 pts c/o and 6th M Macey 37 pts c/o.Two clubs: M Macey (18th).Nearest the pins, sponsored by Pick ‘n Pay: M Macey (18th) and H Soekoe (6th).

Mandini Sports ClubFriday, July 7 - Renckens meat competition (indi-vidual stableford)1st Patrick Mc Carthy 19 pts, 2nd Rafique Khalid 17 pts and 3rd Eustace Mhlongo 17 pts.

Simbithi Country ClubFriday, July 7 - PG Glass meat competition1st Louis De Colbert 38 pts c/o, 2nd Hester Malan 38 pts c/o and 3rd Patty Thompson 38 pts c/o.Saturday, July 8 - BMW Autohaus monthly medalA division: Brad Caulfield 59 nett.B division: Bruce Armstrong 56 nett c/o.C division: Carlos Duarte 36 pts.Overall best gross: Wayne Denissen 66 gross.

Zimbali Country ClubFriday, July 7 - Meat competition, individual stabl-eford - sponsored by Re/Max

1st Malcolm Fick 20 pts, 2nd Poobendren Pillay 19 pts c/o, 3rd Mike du Toit 19 pts c/o, 4th Johan Hattingh 19 pts c/o and 5th Gesi Graham 19 pts c/o.Nearest to pin: Graeme Winterbach.Saturday, July 8 - Individual stableford, founders trophy1st Craig Edwards 43pts, 2nd Glorianne Le Roux 42pts, 3rd Ian Jarvie 41pts, 4th Bobby Graham 38 pts c/o, 5th Peter Wilson 38 pts c/o and 6th Eric Huang 38 pts c/o.Founders day champion: Ian Jarvie.

Nearest to the pins: Blake Wuth (men) and Marie Louise Steyn (ladies).Two clubs: Nivesh Sewlall (5th), Brian Govender (5th), Bryan Carter-Brown (11th) and Brian Ayling (11th).

Prince’s Grant Golf ClubWednesday, July 5 - Meat competition, individual stableford:1st Rajen Sewgolum 40 pts c/o, 2nd Martin Peterson 40 pts and 3rd Marianna Gdanis 39 pts.

34 The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017

UCC ladies LGU medal winners C Speirs, M Dold, M Horn and S Ellis.

Zimbali: Founders trophy competition winner Ian Jarvie with Malcolm Fick.

Simbithi meat competition winners Hester Malan, Louis De Colbert and Patty Thompson.

Simbithi monthly medal winners Carlos Duarte, Bruce Armstrong, Brad Caulfield and Wayne Denissen.

UCC HomeZone betterball winners A Wiggill, C Tabb (sponsor) and B McKerchar.

Hole in One

On the Road

UCC’s Derrick Reinke has now won two PGA KZN awards.

Reinke bags another top PGA award

Fordyce opens Tinley’s parkrun

Eager athletes jumping for joy at the first ever Tinley Manor parkrun on Saturday.


Allan Troskie

The Great Railroad Brewing Company Dolphins managed to avoid the dreaded relegation hammer on Saturday, beating the PMB Collegians 34-25 at Sugar Rush Park

The Dolphins drew first blood - scoring two tries in the first 15 minutes - and managed to stay ahead for the duration of the match, so scoreboard pres-sure was always on the visitors.

“Both sides had everything to play for,” said Dol-phins chairman Kevin Murphy.

“It must have been the most physical game I have ever seen at Sugar Rush Park.”

Try scorers were Paul Moll, Mike Neysschens Anthony Fivaz, Kirston Block (2) and Joey Mpy-ana while captain Kenny Graney was back on song with the boot and slotted two conversions from the sideline which proved crucial.

“The guys stuck to the game plan, which was very important. We did not get sucked into playing the other team’s game.”

Murphy said that overall it had been a slightly disappointing season but that they were glad to remain in the first division and

would soon start planning for how to improve next year.

“When you consider that almost our entire back-line was poached last season and we had to rebuild almost from scratch, the hope is that next year will go better.”

When the final whistle sounded, both teams seemed absolutely broken - having put their bodies on the line for the win that would keep them from the relegation spot. Unfortunately for the Colle-gians, the Dolphins were the better team on the day and Ballito’s boys in yellow and blue will keep their spot in the first division next season.

The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017 35

The weather and sea conditions were near perfect for the first half of last week. A bit cold at first light but nice and sunny during the day.

After looking at beau-tiful sea conditions with clean water on Tuesday morning, I was sur-prised to see the sea unsettled and a mushy looking surf during the low tide period on Wednesday morning.

There was just one angler fishing from the beach and all he had caught was one small mullet. I watched the angler for a while but save for small fish taking the bait off his hook, I never saw another fish caught. As I was about to leave West-brook beach, a fellow angler arrived and he told me of an incident that had happened at the beach the previous morning. A few vehicles were parked close to the lifesavers building. A red Toyota Corolla arrived with two male occupants and one climbed out and began looking into the parked

cars. When he was confronted he produced a large knife. The pair nearly ran over the people who attempted to prevent them from leaving. This is a bit of a heads up not only for anglers, but all beach users and it proves just how desperate and brazen these criminals have become.

A friend told me that during the week the odd small shad had been caught along the Durban North beaches so he thought that he would try on Saturday with a spoon. At first light he arrived at Virginia beach only to find that there was no park-ing and anglers were parking their vehicles as far away as the road to the airport entrance. So he decided to travel to Glenashley where it was quiet and he walked down the beach towards Virginia spinning all the way. When he arrived at Virginia he saw that there was a big mob fishing but there was nothing happening. There was another angler also spooning from Glenashley who told him he had been trying every morning that week but had only managed to catch two small shad. This angler said he had been keeping an eye on Virginia beach but there had been no action, so it seems as if someone had spread tall tales that caused the crowds to converge.

Another friend just spent a week down the South

Coast and said that during the first weekend the fishing was great with plenty of shad being caught but as the week progressed, fish became hard to come by. He was able to catch two small garrick and a couple of nice shad on his trusty old Les Buckle spoon. Apparently anglers fishing at night among the rocks caught a few small fish but noth-ing of any great size. The popular South Coast beaches are also crowded during the early morning periods.

Sand banks have built up along the coast and these banks are situated just beyond casting dis-tance, so as the tide drops there is very little water. Anglers will have to look and see where there are channels and these would be the areas that would probably produce a few fish. Sealice

Send a photo of your catch to [email protected] and share your success with all the ardent fishermen on the North Coast. Include the angler’s name and surname, species, weight (estimated or actual), where and when it was caught and what bait was used. Who knows, you could win a R200 voucher from our sponsor for “Catch of the week”.

Kirston Block dives over for the first of his two tries on Saturday. Photo: Schroder Sports Photography.

Dolphins avoid relega-tion with win

The Wimbledon tennis tournament is in its sec-ond week with all play-ers dressed in the tradi-tional white tennis outfits. What a great show of respect for the oldest grand slam tour-nament in the world. The tradition of Wim-bledon creates the envi-ronment where you expect behaviour that fits this great sporting event and the players

conform, except maybe Fabio Fognini, but even he dressed in white.

Some players however, do not need to be in such an environment to exude confidence and respect. They manage that in ordinary circumstances within the Umlali Country Club tennis section. You know they are strong players, a lot better than

yourself, but somehow you really like to play against them, even if you seldom win. Coming off such a loss strangely still makes you feel confident and more ready for the next match.

Gill Birch is such a player. Everybody at the club knows that she represented KZN in Tennis - she carries the KZN Veterans Tennis bag. A younger Jill regularly played all the big SA tournaments and a couple of years after her kids left home, she was ranked 2nd in SA. She also accumulated tour-nament points during International Tennis Federa-tion (ITF) sanctioned tournaments and managed to climb to no 52 in the world in her age group.

In spite of these achievements, Gill remains a humble and committed UCC club tennis player and is a regular at Saturday social tennis. She chaired the UCC tennis club through good and tough times. Gill fights hard in every league match and has been a valuable member of the triumphant mixed league teams. Come and test your tennis skills against players like Gill, Liz Ferrandi and Lucy Holmes every Saturday at social tennis from

1pm.Our committed tennis coaches from Ferrandi’s

Tennis Academy will be running the Dolphin Coast Spar Junior tournament this week (12 - 15 July) at UCC tennis club. Good luck to all of our local boys and girls.Stephan

UCC tennis ladies Gill Birch, Liz Ferrandi and Lucy Holmes.

Allan Troskie

The Oasis Water Dolphins Juniors have been run-ning in the tries and closed off a very successful season.

Dolphins’ club chairman Kevin Murphy told The Courier that they were very proud of the effort the young guns had put into their season.

“Four years ago there were no junior sides, in that time we have grown in leaps and bounds,” said Murphy.

Several players, including ‘Giraffe’ Dlamini - who now plays for the Griffins - have come up through the ranks as junior or colt players before joining the big boys.

The Ballito Dolphins juniors consist of teams from U6 to U12 while the colts are the boys between U13 and U18 level.

“We are always on the lookout for new players and to expand our talent pool, we especially need more high school age players for the colts,” said Murphy.

Coached by Gerhard Breedt, Mike Cummings and Brent Bekker - with the help of several senior Dolphins - the junior and colt teams are in the best of hands.

“Oasis Water have been fantastic, without this

kind of support it would not be possible for us to facilitate rugby for the youngsters. They have sponsored shirts, equipment, water bottles and more and they do not just help the junior teams - they also provide water for the seniors when they play!”

If you are interested in joining the Oasis Water Dolphins juniors, contact Mike Cummings on 079 392 4216 or email [email protected].

“It has been an absolute pleasure and very grati-fying to see the children spending time playing rugby and interacting with their peers and thanks to the organisers and coaches who make the tour-naments possible,” said the owner of Ballito Oasis Water, Colin MacDonald.

The Dolphins juniors show off the kit sponsored by Oasis Water.

Dolphins juniors are an oasis of talent

Fish Eagle

At the Net

Gordon Kidson caught this 3kg garrick and 30cm stumpnose at Tugela Beach




36 The North Coast Courier, July 14, 2017

Sport032 946 2388|Ba l l i to L i fes ty le Cent re


Beira AltaKing Prawn Special

with a side order for only R99.

T’s and C’s apply


HIGH TIDE LOW TIDE∙ Neap Tide: 01 / 16/30 ∙ Spring Tide: 09 / 23 | First Quarter: 01/30 ∙ Full Moon: 09 ∙ Last Quarter: 23 ∙ New Moon: 23

12 0651 1713 0523 1.84 1748 1.87 1133 0.30 2352 0.41 2020 085413 0651 1713 0558 1.80 1823 1.83 1206 0.35 ---- ---- 2117 093314 0651 1714 0635 1.74 1902 1.77 0029 0.47 1242 0.41 2214 101015 0650 1714 0717 1.65 1949 1.69 0111 0.55 1322 0.50 2313 1047 16 0650 1714 0807 1.55 2048 1.62 0201 0.63 1411 0.61 ---- 112517 0650 1715 0914 1.46 2207 1.57 0305 0.71 1518 0.70 0013 120418 0649 1715 1045 1.42 2337 1.59 0431 0.74 1653 0.74 0115 1247


Immortalising surfing legends Immortalising surfing legends

Elana Geist

Here is the man in the water who captured the moment Jordy Smith powered into his legendary aerial manoever clinching the near perfect 9.73 score, securing the 2017 Ballito Pro title.

‘Looking through a window, pushing a button’ is the slogan of the World Surf League photogra-pher Kelly Cestari, who captured those split sec-onds of the wave wizards’ magic during the Bal-

lito Pro presented by Billabong this last week. The South African born photographer spends

about six months of the year traveling around the world on the championship tour and has worked in some of the most exotic waters. The nomad, who was born in South Africa with his home base in Australia, said he is always looking for a new angle and a different shot.

“I never get tired of the ocean, but I do not like

cold water,” said Cestari, who got his first water-housing in 2007.”

As if getting that perfect shot on land is not dif-ficult enough, Cestari chose the ever-moving, deep blue as his playground.

“There are a lot less people shooting in the water than on land and it is closer to the action which makes me feel connected to it.”

The 37-year-old is cool as a cucumber and

despite a rather nasty shark scare during the 2015 J-Bay Open, he said he has always been aware of what lives in the ocean.

“I had been free diving with sharks a few times before then and I still enjoy diving with them.”

When he is not shooting, he enjoys fishing and diving or relaxing with his two Cocker Spaniels, Harley and Leila.ABOVE: Kelly Cestari in his happy place. Photo: Ryan Miller

Ballito Pro 2017 champion Jordy Smith at Willard Beach captured by Kelly Cestari.