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Transcript of SOAL UH B INGGRIS X

  1. 1. SMK NEGERI 1 BADEGAN PONOROGO Jl. Suyudono No.1 Badegan Telp/Fax. : (0352) 751034 e-mail : Format : 04.04 Halaman 1 dari 2 Revisi : 00 / 28 - 11 - 2011 UJI KOMPETENSI KLAS X Mata Ujian : Bahasa Inggris Nama : . Nilai Tanda Tangan Orang Tua (..) Kelas/Smt : X / 1 Kelas : . Tanggal : No Absen : . Kompetensi yang diujikan : Expressing intention Choose the correct answer by choosing a, b, c, d, or e! This dialogue is for numbers 1 and 2. Lily : I haven't told you a good news, right? Nia : Yes, tell me! Lily : My boss offered me d promotion, and I took it. Nia : Are you serious? Lily : Yes, I'm really excited. Nia : That's great. Congratulations! Lily : I appreciate that. 1. What are they talking about? A. Lily's news. B. Lily's promotion. C. Lily's job. D. Lily's boss E. Nia's boss. "..., and I took it" 2. The underlined word refers to . . . A. a good news B. the order C. the appreciation D. the offer E. the money 3. What is the woman carrying? Woman : Oh, you're here. Man : Of course. This is for you. Well done, Sinta. Your performance is really great. Woman : Thanks. Wow, the flowers are so beautiful. 4. What is the man give to the woman? 5. What is the appropriate response to say next? A. I don't think so. B. That's a good idea. C. That's good. Congratulations. D. I want you to be happy. E. I'm sad to hear that news. 6. What is the most suitable response to say next? A. Thanks anyway. B. Yes. I can meet him sometimes. C. Well, congratulations! D. I'm afraid you can't do it. E. Thanks. Let's go to my house. Man : Wow, is that your trophy? Woman : Yes. I got it from the singing competition few hours ago. Man : Congratulations. I admit that your voice is beautiful. Woman : I've heard that you have a new brother. Man : Yes. He was born yesterday. I'm really happy that I have a cute brother. Woman : ...
  2. 2. SMK NEGERI 1 BADEGAN PONOROGO Jl. Suyudono No.1 Badegan Telp/Fax. : (0352) 751034 e-mail : Format : 04.04 Halaman 2 dari 2 Revisi : 00 / 28 - 11 - 2011 This card is for numbers 7 and 8. 7. What can we learn from the card above? A. Nadya failed her exam. B. Anton passed his exam. C. Nadya congratulated Anton for his exam. D. Anton congratulated Nadya for her winning. E. Nadya passed her exam. 8. The word "passing your exam" has the similar meaning with.... A. fail the exam B. success in the exam C. doing an exam D. trying an exam E. preparing an exam This text is for numbers 9 to 11. 9. A. smart B. diligent C. new D. good E. hard 10. A. I'm afraid B. Congratulations C. Welldone D. You did it E. Great success 11. A. situation B. opportunity C. effort D. hope E. work This letter is for numbers 12 to 15. 12. What did Luna congratulate Anita for? A. Winning an award. D. Building a town. B. Hard working. E. Professional job. C. Getting a job. 13. "Your hard work immense service." The underlined word means . . . . A. very little B. the best C. very big D. very detailed E. complicated 14. How did Luna know the news? A. Someone told her. B. Someone called her by phone. C. She asked Anita. D. She read it in the newspaper. E. She was the committee. 15. What is Anita's ambition? A. A governor. D. An architect. B A building planner. E. An engineer. C. A meeting planner. B. Answer the following questions based on the instructions! 16. What do you know about greeting cards? ____________________________________________ 17. How is the structure of a greeting card? ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ 18. When do people usually congratulate someone? ____________________________________________ 19. Translate the expressions below! When do people say it? a. Happy Teacher's Day. We love you and thank you, Sir. ____________________________________________ b. Congratulations on your success. Finally you did it. You are a very great actor. We are proud of you. ____________________________________________ 20. Make a dialogue with expressions of congratulating someone! ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Surabaya, December 21, 2014 Dear Anita, I have read with great delight your name in today's morning newspaper. You have won the Town Planner Award. Your hard work and immense service to your town have won you this honor. My sincerest wishes are with you. Please accept my congratulations. I'm sure many people are happy for you too. I hope one day you will be more successful. Your ambition is being the best building planner, right? Well, keep up the good work. Send my regards to your parents. Sincerely yours, Luna