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Herqutanto DhanasariIndah SuciTujuan sesi ini : mahasiswa mampuMemahami dan menjelaskan faktor faktoryang mempengaruhi kesehatan dengan member i contohMenjelaskan hubungan konsep terjadinya penyakit (riwayat alamiah) dengantingkat pencegahan dengan memberi contoh! Memahami dan menjelaskan proses perubahan perilaku indi"idu dengan perjalanan penyakitMemahamiprogram kesehatan dalam aspek pencegahan#H$ constitutionHealth is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely absence of disease or infirmityphysicalmental socialHealth & well being#ell%beingthe condition of being contented, healthy, or successful; welfare.UURI, No.23 tahun 1992 tentang kesehatan

&esehatan adalah sejahtera dari badan' jiwa dan sosial yang memungkinkan setiap orang hidup produktif secara sosial dan ekonomis#hat is health(A dynamic stateA given person functioning in a given physical & social environmentPhysical & mental state fairly free of discomfort and painPermits the person to function effectively (optimum level function, as long as possible!mphasi"ed an ability to live an economically productive life!nable a person to en#oy all the opportunities that life may presentIllness)wellness continuumawareness education growthWellness modeldisability symptoms signsTreatment modelNEUTRAL P!NTNo discernible illness or wellnessPremature deathHigh level wellnesDimensions of healthPositive Health - associated with the capacity to en#oy life and to withstand challenges; it is not merely the absence of disease. Physical Health - absence of disease and disability; energy to accomplish daily tas$s and active leisure without undue fatigue. Dimensions of health (*)Mental Health- absence of mental disorders; ability to meet daily challenges and social interactions without undue mental, emotional, or behavioral problems. Social Health - Ability to interact effectively with other people and the social environment, en#oying satisfying personal relationships. Personalbeha"iorPsycho#socio#EconomicEn"ironmentHuman biologyPhysicalen"ironmentThe $andala o% HealthA model o% human ecosystemculturecommunityli%estylewor&'ic&caresystemHuman#$ade En"ironmentbiospherespiritbody mind%amilyHealth statusen"ironmentbeha"ior geneticsHealth ser"ices%he concept of &lumAGENTS:-physics-chemistry-biologic-physiologic-psychologicENVIRONMENTHOST DISEASE'ordon & (e )ichtH$S+ ,-haracteristic , .ge'/ender' 0eha"ior123I4$2M12+ ,5amily' $ccupation' Housing' Sanitation' etc./12+ ,6ipid' /lucose' 0acterial' etcTRIAD EPIDEMIOLOGYHealth Belief ModelIndi"idual7erceptions7ercei"ed susceptibility)Se"erity of disease-ues to action ,1ducation'Symptom' illnessMedia Information7ercei"ed threatof' gender' ethnicity'7ersonality'Socioeconomics'&nowledgeModifying 5actors6ikelihood of0eha"ior change7ercei"ed bene8tsMinus percei"ed0arriers to beha"iorchange6ikelihood$f .ctionHealth 0eha"ior and Health 1ducation' /lan9 et al' :;; days! Doctor asked whether any other problem that she would like to share! +he women started to cry andtell how tired she was as breadwinner after her husband had post stroke paraly9ed!Her husband always complain about the food and the children didn?t help!Any problem with %amily relationship8 Any problem with marital relationship8 Any problem with social support8 +he family?s in=uence on health95amily?s dynamic , structure' life cycle' function95amily as a resource for health promotion95amily as care gi"er and partner in chronic diseases95amily stress 9Impact of di"orce on the family*:Perilaku sehatGaya HidupSehatLingkungansehatAkses yankesBermutu &MerataStatuskesehatanoptimalA:RUL A:WAR