Pendekatan Juridiksi untuk REDD+

 Jurisdictional Approaches to REDD+: Int er nat i onal t r ends an d t he F CPF Car bo n F u nd Workshop on REDD+ Architecture Design in Indonesia Bogor, Indonesia 18 April, 2013 Werner Kornexl & André Aquino


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Transcript of Pendekatan Juridiksi untuk REDD+

FCPF Carbon Fund
Bogor, Indonesia
to REDD+?
• What is the Jurisdictional Approach? 
• An option to design the national framework (architecture) for REDD+ at the national
• Who leads these activities?
• Reaction to multiplication of stand-alone REDD+ projects + uncertainty about how
these ‘nest’ into the national REDD+ framework environmental integrity
• Basic elements of the jurisdictional approach
• REDD+ activities have a clear boundary: that of a legal jurisdiction (Province / State;
District, etc.)
• MRV and REL should be set at an administrative level
• Incentives / Performance-based also managed at that level
• Multi-sectoral investments to REDD+
REDD+ guidelines
• FCPF Carbon Fund aims to pilot large scale performance-based payments
against verified emissions reductions
• Different scales / levels of action (district, province, national), but
always within the national framework for REDD+
• Five Emissions Programs Programs expected
• Each at around US$60-70 million
• FCPF Methodological framework under construction
• First draft of Methodological framework by June 2013
at a jurisdictional level and typically propose multiple
activities, policies and investments, as a coordinated
• Financial structure
• Reasonable and credible timeline to submit a Readiness Package
Progress towards Readiness
• High-level and cross-sectoral political commitment to the ER Program, and to implementing REDD+Political commitment
• Consistent with the emerging Methodological Framework Methodological
• Generates a large volume of Emission Reductions Scale
• All the sections of the ER-PIN template are adequately addressed
Technical soundness
• Adds diversity and generate learning value for the Carbon Fund
Diversity and learning value