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Nutrisi Breast Cancer

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Nutrisi Pada Kanker Payudara

Nutrisi Kanker PayudaraGood nutrition may reduce the incidence of breast cancer and the risk of breast cancer progression or recurrence.

Kanker PayudaraObesitasGenetikJenis KelaminPajanan RadiasiUsia

Mengurangi makanan yang mengandung lemak tinggi.

Mengkonsumsi makanan yang mengandung banyak serat. vit C,zat antioksidan, fitokimia.

Mengkonsumsi kedelai flavonoid dan genestein. mengandung estrogen nabati menghambat estrogen asli menempel pada reseptor sel epitel kel. Mamae.mengkonsumsi buah-buahan dan sayuran

Vitamin D3may also be protective and as it is formed from the action of sunlight on the skin. A good womens formula to protect from osteoporosis should also contain this important vitamin. Oily fish is a good dietary source and we recommend eating oily fish (salmon, trout, tuna, halibut, herring, etc.) at least three times each week. Fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acidsthat are also beneficial to breast cancer patients as they are anti-inflammatory and supportive to a healthy immune system.

Coenzyme Q10is an important part of the release of energy within each cell. This can be lowered as a result of extreme stress such as surgery, chemotherapy or a diagnosis of cancer itself. Supplements of 60-120 milligrams per day of Coenzyme Q10 can be beneficial to breast cancer patients undergoing treatment and is safe at these dosages.

Seleniumis a trace element (one required at quantities of less than one milligram per day) that is important in the regulation of detoxification enzyme activity in the liver and other cells of the body. Supplements of 50-200 micrograms per day can prevent any potential deficiencies that may occur with certain chemotherapy agents.

Sulfur amino acidsare important in the detoxification process necessary for the liver to remove any chemotherapy agents. We recommend taking an additional antioxidant formula during this time that contains N-acetyl cysteine, the active form of the detoxifying enzyme system known as the cytochrome P450 system. Supplement with 150 milligrams daily.