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  • DEFINISIProses transfer informasi antara 2 orang atau lebih Bridge between and among peopleTerminologi : berasal dari bahasa Latin communis

  • Pengendalian (controlling)Motivasi Pengungkapan emosiInformasi

    (Robbins, 2003)

  • ContinuePhysical needs : kebutuhan individu, mempengaruhi kesehatanIdentity needs : membentuk kepribadian individu (hasil respon)Social needs : afeksi, inklusi, relaksasiPractical needs : menjelaskan prosedur, membuat orang lain paham

    Adler & Rodman, 2007

  • Learning or teachingInfluence someones behaviorExpress feelingExplain or clarify

    Relate with othersUntangle a problemAccomplish a goalReduce tensionStimulate interest

  • InterpersonalIntrapersonal Group

    Small grouporganizational

  • Information/Message

    SENDER EncodingBRIDGE/MediaRECEIVERDecodingActs / feedback

  • Vertikal


  • Communication Networks in Groups and Teams

  • VerbalNonverbalTertulis One wayTwo way

  • Komunikasi VerbalTerjadi secara formal atau informalIndividu atau kelompokDisampaikan secara asertif

  • AssertiveNon assertiveNurse-nurseI know we all lose track of time occasionally but Im finding it harder to cover for you when you take extra 30 minutes everyday for you to come back from lunch. Can we talk about it?Huh? No. I didnt really mind. Luckily i wasnt too busy today, so i can back you up for your task todayNurse-physicianI know we talked about Mr. Es pain mdication before but Ive collected some new data. Even with the change in dosage, hes only getting 1-11/2 hours of relief. I believe a different analgetic agent might work betterUm.. Yes i know you already changed the dosage. Its just that i thought it still wasnt working . Maybe I didnt give it enough time. Thanks for listening to me anyway. Im sorry to bother you with this

  • body languangeMeliputi komponen emosiHarus diperjelas dengan komunikasi verbal

  • continueKunci keberhasilan komunikasi non verbal: lingkungan penampilan kontak mata gesture ekspresi wajah suara (intonasi, volume) sentuhan terapeutik

  • Mengetahui apa yang ingin disampaikanMenggunakan kata aktifMenggunakan kata yang sederhana, familiar, spesifik, jelasPesan jelas dan fokusKonsisten dalam penggunaan istilahPerhatikan penggunaan huruf kapital dan simbolIf it is handwritting, please make sure it is readable


  • continue

  • HAMBATAN KOMUNIKASIPenyaringan : senderPersepsi selektif : receiverInformasi berlebih EmosiBahasa Kegelisahan komunikasi

  • Timbang terimaInterview/ anamnesisSentuhan terapeutikDokumentasiKomunikasi rahasia klienPerawat dan tim kesehatan lainPerawat dengan pasien

  • KOMUNIKASI DOKTER-PERAWATAspek kolaborasi4 komponen komunikasi dokter-perawat

    OpennessAccuracyTimelinessUnderstanding (Manojlovich dkk, 2007)

  • Hambatan Komunikasi Dokter-PerawatPeran yang terlalu dominan dari dokterKebingungan peran dari perawatSenior-yunior

  • Question You are the charge nurse for the evening shift. During rounds you hear the patient care technician yelling loudly to a patient regarding his transfer from the bed to chair. When entering the room your best response is :You need to speak to the patient quietly. You ae disturbing the patientLet me help you with your transfer techniqueWhen you are finished, be sure to apologize for your rough demeanorWhen your patient is safe and comfortable, meet me at the desk

  • The nurse enters the patients room and examines the patients IV fluids and cardiac monitor. The patient states Well, I havent seen you before. Who are you?. The nurse best response :Im just the IV therapist checking your IVIve been transferred to this division and will be caring for youIm sorry, my name is Heni. Im responsible for your IVMy name is Heni. Ill be caring for you until 2 pm.

  • The public health nurse is leaving the home of a young mother who has special needs baby. The neighbour states, How is she doing, since the babys father is no help?. The nurse s best response to the neighbour is :New mother needs supportThe lack of father is difficultHow are you todayIts a very sad situation

  • Daftar PustakaAdler, Ronald B&George Rodman. 2006. Understanding Human Communication.Rigolosi, Elaine La Monica. 2005. Management and Leadership in Nursing and Healthcare. An Experential Approach.Robbins, SP 2003, Perilaku Organisasi.Taylor, 2008. Fundamentals of Nursing. The Art and Science of Nursing Care.