Soal dan Pembahasan Tryout Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 / XI SMP Malang

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Soal dan Pembahasan Tryout Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 / XI SMP Malang

Transcript of Soal dan Pembahasan Tryout Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 / XI SMP Malang

Tryout 11 paket I




Petunjuk :

1. Tulis Nama Peserta, Nomor Peserta, dan asal Sekolah

2. Pilih satu jawaban yang paling anda anggap benar dengan mengarsir pada lembar jawaban

3. Gunakan pensil 2B dan karet penghapus yang sesuai

4. Jumlah soal 50 butir harus di jawab semua

CHOOSE EITHER A,B,C OR D FOR THE CORRECT ANSWERRead the text and answer question number 1.

Read the text to answer number 2.

Dear Rinda,I am feeling so blue for missing your birthday.

Happy Birthday

Hope you have great life


Widi2. Widi felt because she could not come to the birthday party.

A. unhappy

B. surprised

C. delighted

D. amazed

Read the following text and answer questions 3 to 5.

3. Where did the writer and his family set up their tent?A. Near the river.

C. At the back of the river.

B. Near the big tree.

D. Far away from other campers.

4. What is the purpose of the text above?

A. To describe a camping site.

B. To give instruction how to set up the tent.

C. To retell the writers past camping experience .

D. To inform people the new camping site.

5. the river had been occupied by The underlined word is similar in meaning to

A. inhabited

B. authorized C. bought

D. grabbed


The following text is for number 6 to 8.

Dear Lia,

I Have a boyfriend. He is my senior at school. He is religious, smart and wise.

Most girls at school like him very much. I feel so lucky that I have him. The problem is that my Mom doesnt like him because he has a dark complexion. I think religion is more important than anything else. Im so confuse. As a good daughter I must obey my mother. But I dont want to loose a good boy like him. What should I do to convince my mother?


Inge6. The Writer has a problem with ......A. Lia B. Her friend C. Her boyfriend D. Her mother

7. Why does the writers mother dislike her boyfriend? Because.........

A. he is a religious boy C. he is a good boy

B. he has a dark complexion D. most girls like him very much

8. The word I in the text above refers to.....

A. Inge B. Lia C. Mother D. Daughter

Read the following text to answer question number 9 and 10.


Dietary Supplement

600 mg 100 Soft gels

Supplement Facts

Serving size : 1 soft gel

Amount per 1 soft gel % Daily Value*Vitamin D 200 IU 50Calcium (from milk) 600 mg 60Zinc 15 mg *

*Daily value has not been established

Other ingredients: Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take one soft gel for adults daily.

Manufactured for: EXP 04 27 10NU-HEALTH PRODUCTS CO. LOT 27 05 61Walnut, CA 91789Made in U.S.A.

9. When would it be best to consume the product?

A. Before April 27th , 2010.

C. During April 4th, 2010.

B. After April 4th, 2010.

D. On April 4th, 2010.

10. Daily value has not been established. (Line 10)

What is the meaning of the word established?

A. Ordered. B. Determined.C. CarriedD. Helped

The text below for question 11 to 13!

11. What is the social function of the text above?

A. To inform an old town, kota BaruC. To describe Kota Baru town

B. To retell Kota baru town

D. To amuse the readers12. Which one is not stated on the text?

A. Kota Baru town is an old townC. There are many buildings in Kota Baru

B. Kota Baru is quite town

D. Many people are in the park on Saturday 13. It is near a bank. The underlined word refers to.

A. A supermarket

C. A big post office

B. A park

D. A restaurant

Read the text below and answer question 14 and 15.

14. The scout meeting is cancelled because of Mr Browns.

A. absence

B. meeting

C. comingD. information

15. Please forward to othersThe underlined word refers to

A. Dona and Riri

C. Mr. Brown and Dona

B. Riry and Mr Brown

D. scout members

Read the text to answer questions 16 and 17.

16. Where should you go if you want to get some meals?

A. At Sun loungers and pavilion terrace.

C. At a tropical oasis.

B. At the Laguna Pool Terrace.

D. At poolside.

17. and pavilion areas create ample space for

The underlined word has same meaning with .

A. big

B. wide

C. large

D. plenty

The following text is for question number 18 to 21.

Once upon a time, there were a king and his queen who lived in the kingdom of Belinyu.They didnt have any child.Until one night, the queen had a dream of a turtle. It said that the queen would have a baby, and she had to give a komala necklace to her baby. The queen woke up and she was holding a komala necklace in her hand. She told the dream to the king, and he was very happy.Shortly, the queen s dream become reality, she delivered a beautiful baby girl. The king named her Komala. She grew up as a pretty girl, however, she had a bad attitude because her parents always spoiled her too much.One day, komala heard her parents were talking about the turtle in her mothers dream. She thought that the turtle was very interesting animal, so she wanted it as her pet. She insisted to find, and the king allowed her to look for the animal.

Accompanied by the kings guards, Komala searched the turtle, and finally, she found it in a beach. She shouted to it. Penyu busuk wait for me, in several times, but the turtle kept swimming. Komala ran after it into the sea, she tried to catch it. Until then she finally drowned and disappeared, and all of her guards could not save her. Now, people call the beach, Penyusuk.18. What does the story tell us about?

A. A bad attitude girl.

B. A kingdom in Belinyu.

C. The legend of Penyu Busuk

D. The legend of Penyusuk beach.

19. Komala had a bad attitude because ....A. She was a princess

B. Her father was a king.

C. She was a beautiful girl.

D. Her parents spoiled her very much.

20. Why did she insist to find the turtle?

A. It was very interesting.B. It kept swimming.

C. It was very boring

D. It was amazing.21. Until then she finally drowned.... (last paragraph). The synonym of the underlined

word is....

A. Dissapeared

B. Floated

C. Swam

D. Sank

Read the following text to answer questions 22 and 23.

22. Who is in charge of the program?

A. Student.

B. Teacher.C. Ms. Retno

D. Student organization.

23. The text is about .

A. Programs to celebrate the National Education Day

B. explaining special programs in January

C. inviting students to come to school in January

D. informing some programs on Jan 4th, 2011

Read the text below to answer questions 24 to 27.

24. Where can we find cacti mostly?A. In the jungle.

C. On the mountain.

B. On the beach.

D. In the arid and hot region.

25. Why do Cacti mostly bloom at night?

A. Because their flowers are large.

B. Since Cacti are unusual and distinctive plants.

C. Since Cacti are pollinated by nocturnal insects.

D. As the afternoon period is used for photosynthetic process.

26. The text is written to .

A. give information about American Cacti C. describe Cacti in general

B. explain physical feature of Cacti

D. tell Cacti s life

27. Cacti are unusual and distinctive plants, which

The synonym of the word distinctive is

A. typical

B. antique

C. unique

D. different

Read the following text to answer questions 28 to 31.

28. Whats the text about?A. The instructions to prepare crisp roast duck. C. The steps to make a delicious food.

B. Whats needed to make some food.

D. How to make crisp roast duck.

29. What do we need to prick the skin of the duck?

A. Salt.B. Black pepper.

C. A sharp fork.

D. Boiling-hot water.

30. What do we do to tighten the skin of the duck?

A. Rinse duck inside and outside.

C. Pour boiling-hot water over duck.

B. Prick skin all over with a sharp fork. D. Cool the duck.

31.Prick skin all over with a sharp fork.

What is the meaning of the underlined word?

A. Make a small hole in something.

C. Put something on the body.

B. Brush something on the surface.

D. Cut something into small pieces.

Read the following text to answer questions 32 and 33.

32. Where will the graduation party be held?

A. At Osis room.

C. At Kalpataru school.

B. On Sudirman street.

D. Gardu Pandang.

33. How long is the graduation party carried out?

A. 2 hours.

B. 3 hours.

C. 9 hours.

D. 11 hoursFor questions 34 to 37 choose the best words to