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Created by :Ahmad Beltian Winner 1106023751Hasal Al-Haris 1106847022



A. IntroductionPTM and Heavy Equipment are engineering works created through the moving or processing of parts of the earths surface involving quantities of soil and how to managing the equipment needed on the certain project. This Report contained about one of the subject studies from Tanjung Priok Toll Road that placed in Tanjung Priok, Nort Jakarta. In this Construction project has various method of work, from earthwork it self such as road improving, piling, and ramp. In this report students intended to managing all eathwork and heavy equipment that going to be used. All the formulas and standard are following construction planning, equipment, and methods, eighth edition internation edition 2011 by Mc Graw Hill.B. General Information

C. Site Plan

D. Scope and BoundaryThis studies Scope and Boundary as follows : a. The observed area only covers Land improving and NS Ramp Sectionb. All formulas based on the McGrawHill book international edition, 8th edition.c. All Standard based on the McGrawHill book international edition, 8th edition.

E. Heavy Equipment Calculation1. NS-Direct Ramp WorkProject Step Land ClearingEquipment used : Bulldozers with productivity 24.93 (acre/hr)Work Detail:Length: 2240 mWidth : 10 mDepth : 0.3 mTotal Volume: 6720 m3Total Unit Needed : 2 unitTime Required: 1 hr Cut and FillSoil will be used to fill the Ramp section. Cut section is soil under the main fly over and around the NS Ramp

Equipment used: Excavator, hauling truckLength : 2240 m Width: 10 mDepth : 0.5 mTotal Volume: 11200 m3 in cy = 13440 m3 in lcyExcavator productivity for CUT = Caterpillar 349FHeap bucket capacity (q)5productivity (lcy/hr)unittime

bucket fill factor (f)0.95567.7245.91841

AS:D angle of swing 1.1

cycle time (second)

load bucket7

swing with load6

dump load4

return swing5



volume correction0.8

swelling %25

Total Unit needed : 4Required time: 6 hoursTruck ProductivityTruck Capacity: 11 cyBalanced number of bucket load : Estimated Haul+Dump+return = 6 minutesTruck cycle time : Load+haul+Dump+return = (22 secondx4) + 6 minutes = 8 minutesTruck Pay load: 2.5 cy x 4bucket x 0.95 fill factor = 9.5 cyTruck production: Unit: 20 truckTotal truck production: 20 x 59.73 = 1194.6 lcy/hrTime needed : 11.25 hours

Soil CompactionEquipment used : Roller,graderROLLER CALCULATIONWork Detail:Length: 2200 mWidth : 10 mDepth : 0.2 mTotal Volume: 2200 m3/layer by 20 cm thicknessRoller specificationcompacted width/roller pass7 in

compacted speed3 mph

compacted lift thickness6 in


Productivity = Total Unit: 6 unit Total Productivity: 6x426.16= 2556.96 ccy/hrTime required : 30.12 hoursGRADER CALCULATIONGrader Specification speed3.5mph

effective width/grader pass9 in

Grader efficiency factor0.6

Productivity = Time required = Paving EquipmentEquipment Needed : Ready mix truckCapacity truck : 9 cyPaving area: 2200 m x 10 m x 0.2 m =4400m2Total Truck Needed: 4400/9 (capacity) = 489 Mixer Truck

F. Time SchedulingBased on the area observed, data, and the calculation this work can be schedule by managing the time required, holiday and any other time. So the first thing need to do is land clearing for road improvement. In general to do the land clearing done by manual (worker hand) or by using equipment such as bulldozer. The bulldozer capability was 24.93 while total volume that needed to be clear was 2200 m cubic/ layer by 20 cm thickness, so this work can be done in just 1 hour and one truck, but since therere two sided road and needed to be more efficient in time, so we decided to use two trucks.

After all the land clearing done, next step is Cut and fill, based on the observed data the heavy equipment were using Excavator and Truck Hauling, which is excavator used to cut and lift the soil to the truck, and the truck hauling will move on the line and fill the land that neeeded to fill. The main volume in this project that needed to be cut and fill are 11200m3 . Excavator Classified by it type of Heap bucket for the capacity that could be lifted at once, and the machine such as speed and e.t.c. This work can be done in 11.25 hours by using 4 unit. After the Cut and fill done, next step is Compacting and paving equipment, this job is the main work from the project and usually took so long time, in our calculation mentioned in (E) chapter for compacting needed 30.12 by 6 unit while paving needed 489 mixer truck and required 2 hours. In the paving equipment, we are using ready mix truck which is the truck that ready to paving the road. So the time scheduling in this studies areG. S curved and CostH. Result and ConclutionThis project, Tanjung priok toll road based on the calculation and time scheduling above, we can assume that this project can be done less than one month. Generally in the project, this kind of work can be done in few month maybe more than 4 months because usually the real site plant in the field may different or changes with some error field observation that may requires to re observe the field test, and because the re observe it requires more cost which the contractor needed to report this problem to the owner for more cost for additional work, and this work usually took so long by the despute between two parties.So , From all the observation data and calculation, we can conclude that : a. Tanjung Priok Toll Road classified as Road Construction project.b. The contractor in this project are Tobishima and Wijaya karya.c. This project consist of 2 ramp where each ramp length is 1,1 Kmd. This project (based on scope) can be done in less than one month.

I. Referencea. Construction Planning Equipment and Methods, 8th edition, Robert L. Peurifoy, Clifford J. Schexnayder, Aviad Shapira, Robert L. Schmitt. McGrawHill international edition.b. Work Classification NS direct Ramp by Tanjung Priok Toll Road Project real Data.