Ners ayo kuliah ke jepang, 5 langkah mudah

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Transcript of Ners ayo kuliah ke jepang, 5 langkah mudah

  • 1. Ners Ayo Kuliah Ke Jepang 5 Langkah Mudah Saldy Yusuf, MHS.,ETN PhD Student Chronic Wound Department, Kanazawa University, Japan Baruga Assamalewuang Majene, 24 November 2013
  • 4. TAHAPAN KULIAH KE JEPANG 1 Mencari Professor. 2 Email Korespondensi. 3 Menyiapkan CV dan proposal. 4 Ujian Masuk. 5 Aplikasi Beasiswa.
  • 5. 1 MENCARI PROFESSOR Tentukan minat. Pelajari latar Professor target. IKUT SEMINAR/KONGRES RISET BERSAMA
  • 6. 1 MENCARI PROFESSOR TIPS: Buka website resmi universitas, temukan daftar professor
  • 7. 2 KORESPONDENSI EMAIL To: [email protected] Dear Mr. Saldy, Thank you very much for your email and also your interest to our lab. I already read your research plan and found it interesting and also recommendation form from Mr. Suriadi. However at this time we do not have any plan to introduce maggot therapy in our lab. About your intention, basically at this time we already had 5 international student so that I need to think about your intention whether I can accept you or not and I also think another option. Thank you very much TIPS: Jangan menyerah, terus melobi, tunjukkan bahwa anda serius
  • 8. 2 KORESPONDENSI EMAIL Dear Saldy Yusuf I heard of you from Prof. xxxx. Please send me your curriculum vitae. Do you want to get Mster Degree at Kanazawa University like Mr.Suriadi? Sincerely yours
  • 9. 2 KORESPONDENSI EMAIL Dear Saldy Yusuf I received your e-mail attached your curriculum vita. Our university master course starts from April. If you want to enter our Kanazawa university master course, you have to wait until April in 2010. Next April, I can accept your request. We have one Indonesia student recommended by Suriadi in this semester. So you can get more information from him. Sincerely yours
  • 10. 3 MENYIAPKAN CV & PROPOSAL Curriculum Vitae (CV): Biodata. Latar belakang pendidikan. Pengalaman Riset. Pengalaman Publikasi. Organisasi Profesi. TIPS: Penting mempunyai identitas yang jelas: [email protected] [email protected]
  • 11. 3 MENYIAPKAN CV & PROPOSAL Proposal Penelitian: Title (Judul). Introduction (Latar belakang). Objectives (Tujuan). Methods (Metode). References (Referensi). TIPS: Kutip publikasi calon professor anda dalam proposal
  • 12. 3 MENYIAPKAN CV & PROPOSAL Proposal Penelitian: INTRODUCTION THE EFFECTIVENESS OF MAGGOTS AS BIOSURGICAL DEBRIDEMENT TO CONTROL BACTERIAL LOAD ON PRESSURE ULCER INTRODUCTION Pressure ulcer happens on clients who are hospitalized for a long period and could happen due to a complication of certain illness. The study was carried out in Indonesia where the incidence of pressure ulcer has been reported to be as high as 33,3% (Suriadi et al.,2006; Suriadi et al.,2008).1 Debridement is the removal of all devascularised or infected tissue or foreign material from, or adjacent to a wound with the aim of exposing healthy tissue (Wound care manual:Keryln Carville). It can be accomplished by several different methods: sharp, chemical, mechanical and autolytic: less frequent is the use of biodebridement.1 According to Thomas (2001) Using maggots for debridement is particularly useful, as they have been found to ingest and destroy bacteria, including MRSA (The care of wounds, a guide for nurses: Carol dealay). This technique has also been referred to as biologic debridement or biosurgery, but because its mechanism of action is chemical in nature so it also as a means of chemical debridement.2 Consequently, debridement of necrotic tissue is an essential objective of topical therapy and a critical component of optimal wound management (AHCPR, 1994; Goode and Thomas, 1997; Robson, 1997; Stotts and Hunt, 1997; WOCN society, 2003). Debridement is an integral component of wound bed preparation, along with bacterial balance and moisture balance (Falanga, 2002; Sibbald et al, 2000).2 TIPS: Inti Bab I (Latar Belakang): 1. Apa yang sudah diketahui. 2. Apa yang belum diketahui. 3. Kenapa mau diteliti.
  • 13. 3 MENYIAPKAN CV & PROPOSAL Proposal Penelitian: Objectives (TUJUAN) This research will investigate the effectiveness of maggots as biosurgical debridement to control bacterial load on pressure ulcer. TIPS: Tujuan penelitian berorientasi pada judul.
  • 14. 3 MENYIAPKAN CV & PROPOSAL Proposal Penelitian: Methods (METODE) METHOD This research is an experiment. They bacterial load will be observed microscopically. MATERIALS AND PLACE RESEARCH Maggots are inserted into the grade 3-4 pressure ulcer, The samples of this research are patients with pressure ulcer with inform consent. DATA COLLECTING TECHNIQUE Wound are observed in 3rd, 6th,9th,12th, and 15th day after inserting maggots into the wound. Wound observed macroscopically and microscopically, presentation of necrotic, slough, granulation and epithelisation are documented and then swabbing the wound to culture the bacterial load. DATA ANALYZE Descriptive data were analyzed and the significance of difference between intervention group and control group examined using the chi-square test and independent-sample t-test. TIPS: Pelajari metode umum riset calon professor
  • 15. 4 UJIAN MASUK Ada dua metode: 1. Datang ke Jepang ujian. 2. Ujian online: 1. Email. 2. Yahoo Messenger. 3. Skype. TIPS: Pelajari proposal riset karena merupakan materi ujian.
  • 16. 5 APLIKASI BEASISWA Tahukan ANDA, ada 2 Jenis Beasiswa: 1. Beasiswa sebelum tiba di Jepang. 2. Beasiswa setelah tiba di Jepang. FAKTA: Mahasiswa INDONESIA cenderung memilih opsi 1 Mahasiswa CINA dan KOREA cenderung memilih opsi 2
  • 17. 5 APLIKASI BEASISWA Tahukan ANDA, data 2010: Ada 2000 jatah beasiswa Hanya 700 pelamar Lulus berkas 500 kandidat FAKTA: APBN 20 % untuk Pendidikan
  • 18. 5 BEASISWA JEPANG Beasiswa Pemerintah: Monbusho Beasiswa Pemda : Hokuriku, Ishikawa Beasiswa Perusahaan: Hitachi, Panasonic Beasiswa LSM:JASSO Beasiswa Universitas: Kanazawa University FAKTA: APBN 20 % untuk Pendidikan
  • 20. Yang tidak kalah penting SIAPKAN CALO Klik
  • 21. saldy yusuf [email protected] TERIMA KASIH