Dampak App Economy terhadap Jobs Creation dan Creativity

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    Ringkasan Materi

  • a gradual restructuring of the mobile value chain a steady shift in value from the traditional pillars of the

    mobile economy, telco services and mobile handsets into app ecosystems

    App Economy has brought

    the emerging component of the value chain represents the fastest growing area in the mobile value

    chain today will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

    Mobile App Economy is..

  • In 2012, the global app economy accounted for 18% of the combined app services & handset market

    n By 2016 the contribution of app economy will rise to 33%

    n Equivalent to half of the handset market ~ source: VisionMobile

  • $143 billion: Estimated total market size for mobile apps by 2016

    Market Size and Forecasts

    25: Percentage of enterprise IT budgets invested in mobile app development by 2017

    400: Percentage growth in number of enterprise software applications that will be mobile-optimized by 2016

    Enterprise Growth and Impact

    Growing percentage of the jobs creations for the iOS and Android developers

    Hiring and Career Trends

  • 2012 Was worth US

    $53 Billions in 2012

    2016 Will be US$

    143 Billions in 2016

  • GO-JEK Apps to find bike to ride UBER

    Apps to find car to ride

    GRAB-TAXI Apps to find Taxi nearby

    WHATSAPP Apps to chat in real time with anyone, anywhere

  • Indonesias revenue growth was 1.8x increase

    Index of Downloads doubled in Indonesia (1.7x)

  • Innovation creates Jobs The resulting explosion of creation and entrepreneurship has produced a wide

    variety of new products, revenues, businesses and jobs the need to create, market, and maintain apps has become an entirely new source of


    Cooperation matters could not accomplish without contributions of a wide variety of other players innovation and job growth requires the cooperative contributions of a team, even if all

    the players don't have the identical interests

    Light-touch regulation is important Government agencies should restrict themselves to 'light-touch' regulation of the App

    Economy unless there's real problems in the market