Download - Telepon Satelit Byru R190 dengan Perdana simcard Inmarsat

Page 1: Telepon Satelit Byru R190 dengan Perdana simcard Inmarsat

Telepon Satelit R190

The Ericsson/Aces R190 is the worlds smallest regional satellite & GSM mobile phone. It is the first satellite telephone to

bring true GSM sized handsets and functionality to satellite telephone users.

The ACeS network provides coverage of India, China, Japan and South East Asia (see coverage map). The handset is very

easy to use and provides voice and data 2400bps (satellite), 9600bps (GSM). (Data available shortly).

Handsets and airtime are very competitively priced plus there is a wide range of accessories such as spare batteries,

chargers and antenna options.

Features (general)

Dual mode satellite/GSM 900

Network selection preference

Additional GSM antenna

Icon-driven menu

Smart Dialing:

speed dial, redial and direct dial

Phone book for 99 names and numbers

Phone lock – full or auto lock

Page 2: Telepon Satelit Byru R190 dengan Perdana simcard Inmarsat

Short Message Service (GSM only)

Data/Fax 9600 bps (currently available in GSM only)

Conference calls (GSM only)

Call transfer Networks Satellite GSM 900Ê Features (operator-specific)

One number, one bill (operator dependent)

Call divert

Call barring

Call hold

Call waiting

Sizes 130x50x32

Colors Blue

Spesifikasi Telepon Satelit R190

JARINGAN : ACeS satelite Network & GSM 900 Network

Ukuran : 13 x 5 x 3.2 Cm

Berat : 210 Gram dengan Ultra slim baterai

WArna : Biru

Waktu Bicara : Hingga 2 jam 40 menit (GSM 900 / ACES)

Waktu standby : Hingga 47 jam (GSM 900) 42 jam (ACES)

Antena : GSM dan Satelite

Data / FAx : 600bps (GSM) dan 2400bps (ACES)

ukuran kartu sim : ISO / small plug-in SIM card

tegangan : 4 volt

kualitas suara : FR (full rate) Digital

memory telepon : 99 + sim