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  • Quality adalah Suatu strategi dasar bisnis yang menghasilkan barang dan jasa yang memenuhi kebutuhan dan kepuasan konsumen internal dan eksternal. Produk atau jasa yang berkualitas adalah Bila produk atau jasa tersebut memenuhi atau bahkan melampaui harapan konsumen bukan saja satu kali tetapi berulangkali. Memberikan kepuasan kepada pelanggan Definition of Quality Quality is conformance to requirements(PhilipB. Crosby) Kualitas dari produk atau layanan adalah kemampuannya untuk memenuhi kebutuhan dan harapan dari pelanggan. 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 2
  • ARMAND FEGENBAUN AUTOR : TQM (1961) quality is a customer determination based on the customers actual experience with the product or service, measured against his or her requirements - stated or unstated, conscious or merely sensed, technically operational or entirely subjective - and always representinga moving target in a competitive market. Definition of Quality 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 3
  • Scherkenbach (1991): kualitas ditentukan oleh pelanggan; pelanggan menginginkan produk dan jasa yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan dan harapannya pada suatu tingkat harga tertentu yang menunjukkan nilai produk tersebut 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 4 Definition of Quality Elliot (1993): kualitas adalah sesuatu yang berbeda untuk orang yang berbeda dan tergantung pada waktu dan tempat, atau dikatakan sesuai dengan tujuan
  • 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 5 Definition of Quality Goetch dan Davis (1995): kualitas adalah suatu kondisi dinamis yang berkaitan dengan produk, pelayanan, orang, proses yang memenuhi atau melebihi apa yang diharapkan
  • kualitas adalah keseluruhan ciri dan karakteristik produk atau jasa yang kemampuan- nya dapat memuaskan kebutuhan, baik yang dinyatakan secara tegas maupun tersamar. Istilah kebutuhan diartikan sebagai spesifikasi yang tercantum dalam kontrak maupun kriteria-kriteria yang harus didefinisikan terlebih dahulu Perbendaharaan istilah ISO 8402 dan dari Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI 19-8402-1991) : 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 6
  • Quality The quality of something can be determined by comparing a set of inherent characteristics with a set of requirements. If those inherent characteristics meet all requirements, high or excellent quality is achieved. If those characteristics do not meet all requirements, a low or poor level of quality is achieved. Quality is, therefore, a question of degree. As a result, the central quality question is: How well does this set of inherent characteristics comply with this set of requirements? In short, the quality of something depends on a set of inherent characteristics and a set of requirements and how well the former complies with the latter. According to this definition, quality is a relative concept. By linking quality to requirements, ISO 9000 argues that the quality of something cannot be established in a vacuum. Quality is always relative to a set of requirements. 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 7 Definition of Quality
  • Quality assurance (QA) Quality assurance is a set of activities intended to establish confidence that quality requirements will be met. QA is one part of quality management. Quality characteristic A quality characteristic is tied to a requirement and is an inherent feature or property of a product, process, or system. A requirement is a need, expectation, or obligation. It can be stated or implied by an organization, its customers, or other interested parties. An inherent feature or property exists in something or is a permanent characteristic of something. 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 8 Definition of Quality
  • Quality improvement Quality improvement refers to anything that enhances an organization's ability to meet quality requirements. Quality improvement is one part of quality management. 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 9 Quality control Quality control is a set of activities intended to ensure that quality requirements are actually being met. Quality control is one part of quality management. Definition of Quality
  • Quality management Quality management includes all the activities that organizations use to direct, control, and coordinate quality. These activities include formulating a quality policy and setting quality objectives. They also include quality planning, quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement. 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 10 Definition of Quality
  • Quality management system (QMS) A quality management system is a set of interrelated or interacting elements that organizations use to direct and control how quality policies are implemented and quality objectives are achieved. A process-based QMS uses a process approach to manage and control how its quality policy is implemented and quality objectives are achieved. A process-based QMS is a network of many interrelated and interconnected processes (elements). 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 11 Definitionof Quality Each processuses resources to transform inputs intooutputs. Since theoutputof one process becomes the input of another process, processes interact and are interrelated by means of such input-output relationships. These process interactions createasingleprocess-basedQMS.
  • Quality manual A quality manual documents an organization's quality management system (QMS). It can be a paper manual or an electronic manual. According to ISO 9001 section 4.2.2, your quality manual should: Define the scope of your QMS. Explain reductions in the scope of your QMS. Justify all exclusions (reductions in scope). Describe how your QMS processes interact. Document your quality procedures or refer to them. Notice that an ISO 9001 quality manual does not regurgitate the ISO 9001 standard. While this is a common practice, it not only fails to comply with the standard it also fails to serve any useful function. NOTE: ISO 9004 2009 does not require a quality manual. 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 12 Definition of Quality
  • Quality planning Quality planning involves setting quality objectives and then specifying the operational processes and resources that will be needed to achieve those objectives. Quality planning is one part of quality management. 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 13 Definitionof Quality Quality plan A quality plan is a document that is used to specify the procedures and resources that will be needed to carry out a project, perform a process, realize a product, or manage a contract. Quality plans also specify who will do what and when.
  • Quality policy An organizations quality policy defines top managements commitment to quality. A quality policy statement should describe an organizations general quality orientation and clarify its basic intentions. Quality policies should be used to generate quality objectives and should serve as a general framework for action. Quality policies can be based on the ISO 9000 QUALITY MANAGENT PRINCIPLES and should be consistent with the organizations other policies. Quality objectives A quality objective is a quality oriented goal. A quality objective is something you aim for or try to achieve. Quality objectives are generally based on or derived from an organizations quality policy and must be consistent with it. They are usually formulated at all relevant levels within the organization and for all relevant functions. 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 14 Definition of Quality
  • ASQ (American Society for Quality): quality is a subjective term for which each person has his or her own definition www.asq.org Defining Quality In technical usage, quality can have two meanings: the characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs, and a product or service free of deficiencies 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 15 Definitionof Quality
  • Defining Quality- Different Views Customers view (more subjective) the quality of the design (look, feel, function) product does whats intended and lasts Producers view conformance to requirements (Crosby) costs of quality (prevention, scrap, warranty) increasing conformance raises profits Governments view products should be safe not harmful to environment 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 16 Definition of Quality
  • Walter Shewart In 1920s, developed control charts Introduced the term quality assurance W. Edwards Deming Developed courses during World War II to teach statistical quality-control techniques to engineers and executives of companies that were military suppliers After the war, began teaching statistical quality control to Japanese companies Joseph M. Juran Followed Deming to Japan in 1954 Focused on strategic quality planning 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 17 Definition of Quality
  • Armand V. Feigenbaum In 1951, introduced concepts of total quality control and continuous quality improvement Philip Crosby In 1979, emphasized that costs of poor quality far outweigh the cost of preventing poor quality In 1984, defined absolutes of quality managementconformance to requirements, prevention, and zero defects Kaoru Ishikawa Promoted use of quality circles Developed fishbone diagram Emphasized importance of internal customer 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 18 DefinitionofQuality
  • Quality concepts apply to products and to services Quality has many scales or characteristics Quality should be aimed at the needs of the customer Quality means meeting the product quality characteristics that are important to the customer 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 19 Definition of Quality
  • Product and service quality can be defined as: The total composite product and service characteristics of marketing, engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance through which the product and service in use will meet the expectations of the customer - A. V. Feigenbaum 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 20 DefinitionofQuality
  • Definition of Quality 21 Quality is conformance to requirements - P. Crosby 07/06/2014 Definition of Quality Narrowly interpreted, quality means quality of product Broadly interpreted, quality means quality of work, quality of service, quality of information, quality of process, quality of division, quality of people, including workers, engineers, managers, and executives, quality of system, quality of company, quality of objectives, etc. To control quality in its every manifestation is our basic approach (Ishikawas)
  • Narrowly interpreted, quality means quality of product Broadly interpreted, quality means quality of work, quality of service, quality of information, quality of process, quality of division, quality of people, including workers, engineers, managers, and executives, quality of system, quality of company, quality of objectives, etc. To control quality in its every manifestation is our basic approach (Ishikawas) 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 22 Definition of Quality
  • Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs (ISO) 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 23 Definition of Quality Quality meets requirements Quality is binary Quality focuses on requirements Requirements must be in writing Requirements must be verifiable
  • Tenets of Quality Quality is directed at customer satisfaction Quality means meets requirements Quality applies to every product Quality is a profitable investment Quality requires changing an organizations culture Quality requires top management leadership 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 24
  • Tenets of Quality Cont. Quality is everybodys job Quality equates to good business practice Quality requires a focus on people Quality is achieved through process improvement Quality improvement is forever Quality must be a fundamental long-term goal 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 25
  • 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 26 If a company follows the principle of quality first, its profits will increase in the long-run. If a company pursues the goal of attaining a short-term profits, it will lose competitiveness in the international market, and will lose profit in the long run. - Ishikawa The secret of Japans success is an unrelenting, some might say fanatical adherence to what amounts to a de facto national policy. That policy is quality first. - Dana M. Cound A Call for Leadership Couple of Quotes
  • 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 27 Dari beberapa definisi tentang kualitas ini, maka saya lebih memilih pengertian kualitas sesuai Quality Management System (QMS) terutama sesuai standar ISO yang berlaku, karena untuk negera berkembang seperti di Indonesia sangat perlu penerapan sistem ini. Pada semua level dan apapun jenis pekerjaannya, agar bisa sinergi dengan peta kompetisi yang ada. Disamping itu QMS ini cocok dengan area geografis seperti Indonesia yang memerlukan kesatuan visi kualitas dengan proses yang mutlak untuk menjadikan produk, jasa dalam negeri menjadi lebih kompetitif, mampu menjawab tantangan globalisasi dan era pasar bebas. CONCLUSION
  • 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 28 www.isg.org www.asq.org www.investopedia.com/terms/q/quality-management.asp www.businessdirectory.com/defintion/quality- management.html www.thecqi.org Asq.org/training/topic/quality-management.html www.saiglobal.com Audit and Certify Auditing www.iso.org/iso/home/standards/management- standards/iso_9000.htm http://certificationeurope.com/iso-9001-quality-management- certification/ Referensi :
  • Terima Kasih 07/06/2014DefinitionofQuality 29