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  • 7/31/2019 JulAug12 GW



  • 7/31/2019 JulAug12 GW


  • 7/31/2019 JulAug12 GW




    SEPTEMBER: Articles for thisIssue to be handed in by

    SUNDAY18th August

    Publication: 1st September

    Please e-mail your articles toparishmagstjohns@gmail.com, putthem in the editors pigeon hole inthe south porch, or post them to Mr& Mrs Wilkinson, Rivendell, TheLimes, Felbridge.

    Cover photo:

    A happy French sunflower byMalcolm Francis

    You wouldnt imagine that this squidgy

    little creature with barely visible teeth,could turn me into a ground pounding,dressing-gown-clad, shrieking, stompingfiend, would you? OK, so Imexaggerating a bit. But if you should everbe driving past my house at 6am in themorning, be warned!

    In my attempt to save the song thrushesfrom a cruel death, our vegetable patch islooking rather barren. All the beans,courgettes and broccoli seedlings, whichI carefully nurtured on the kitchenwindowsill have been devoured by amonstrous army of slugs. Having beenacclimatised to outdoor conditions, thelittle seedlings were lovingly planted outin the prepared bed, which had beenpainstakingly weeded. Each night I went

    out to collect the slugs, arming myselfwith thick gardening gloves to protectagainst slime. Get that stuff on yourhands and it doesnt come off! I stoicallyremoved 40 slugs from the surroundingarea, put slug salad out in pots to attractthe greedy creatures away from mybeloved seedlings. I got up early eachmorning at 6am in my pink dressing

    gown and red crocs to embark on slugextraction. Except for once, when Ididnt. I forgot. Or perhaps I just didntcare enough about those little seedlingsto get out of bed one morning. Iabandoned them. Jesus isnt like that: hedoesnt abandon us.

    In your unfailing love you will lead the

    people you have redeemed. In your strength

    you will guide them to your holy dwelling.

    Exodus 15:13


    VICAR: The Rev Stephen Bowen

    (on sick leave)ASSOCIATE MINISTER:Michael Peach

    5 Burns Way, East Grinstead,

    West Sussex RH19 1SA

    Tel: 01342 312406


    Michaels day off: Friday

  • 7/31/2019 JulAug12 GW





    On Fathers Day (17th June) I wasable to get back to church for thefirst time since Mothering Sunday three months previously!

    It has been a long absence, and Ihave missed all of you very much. Iam extremely grateful to all thosewho have borne the brunt of

    leading the church over that time,especially Michael, Anne, Andy andPhil (last year's and this year'swardens) and Don (our Reader).

    It has been wonderful to know thatthings were in such good hands.

    Although I have made goodprogress, there is still a long way to

    go in terms of getting my strengthback and getting my brain workingagain, and I am not going to beable to take up ministry for someconsiderable time. In fact, it islooking increasingly likely that theperiod of sick leave is going to runinto the time I was intending toretire (mid-September).

    There is a further complication inthat when a vicar retires he loseshis home, and therefore I cannottake that step until we have foundsomewhere to live which dependson being fit enough to get to workon the task of looking forsomewhere. The Bishop has verykindly said that there is no pressure

    on me to move quickly, but I think itdoes mean that there is likely to be

    a prolonged period of uncertainty

    about the way things will go at StJohn's.

    It is of the highest importance thatall members of St John's sticktogether and support one another,and carry on reaching out to othersas you have been doing. A changeof vicar ( especially after a longtime!) is bound to bring changes,but it would be very sad if thechurch lost momentum because ofit.

    I will do my best to keep everyoneinformed of developments.

    Keep on praying and trusting inGod's good purposes.

    P.S. A brief explanation of whathas been wrong with me wasdistributed on June 10th and thereare still some copies available in

    church, and there is also a link to itfrom the main church websitepage.

  • 7/31/2019 JulAug12 GW



    Coach trip to Wisley on the 6thJuly, leaving the Village Hall at10am. Contact Sylvia Huggett on

    01342 326617. 10 for coachand entrance.


    Mondays Connections on 2nd July trip to Eastbourne

    Tuesdays WI on 3rd July at 1.30pm in the village Hall

    Wednesdays Watercolour on Wednesdays in the Church Hall at 2pm

    1st Felbridge ( St Johns) Brownies

    Monthly Prayer on Wednesday on 18th July & 15th August at8pm

    Monthly Afternoon Prayer meeting on at the home of Di Giles

    Thursdays WIGS at the Old Pheasantry, Woodcock Hill at 10.30am (home of

    June Clark)

    Girls Bible Study in the Church Hall at 4pm

    Fridays 1st Felbridge (St Johns) Rainbows

    1st Felbridge (St Johns) Guides

    Saturdays Prayer breakfast on 7th July at 8am9am in the church hall

  • 7/31/2019 JulAug12 GW




    1st July 10am Family Service

    6pm Holy Communion

    8th July 8am Holy Communion with Alan Mathers

    10am Mission Gift Sunday with the Asikus

    6pm Mission gift Sunday with Andy & Joan Brown

    15th July 10am Holy Communion with James Clarke

    6pm Raise the Roof

    22nd July 8am Service with Jack Baker

    10am Morning Prayer with Andy Brown

    6pm Evening Prayer with Frank Gough

    29th July 10am with Don Ely

    6pm with Jack Baker

    5th August 10am Family Service with Michael Peach

    6pm Holy Communion with Alan Mathers

    12th August 8am Holy Communion

    10am Morning Prayer with Don Ely

    6pm Evening Prayer with Andy Brown

    19th August 10am Holy Communion with Michael Peach

    6pm Evening Prayer with Neil Milmine

    26th August 8am Morning Prayer with Jack Baker

    10am Morning Prayer with Michael Peach

    6pm Evening Prayer with Frank Gough

  • 7/31/2019 JulAug12 GW



    In our 10am morning services over July and August well be looking at some

    of the foundations of what it means to live as a follower of Jesus Christ.Each week well focus on just one or two Bible verses so we can understandthem really well, and think carefully about what they will mean in practice forour lives. Well cover how we are saved, what faith is all about, how weshould live as Gods people, the Bible, prayer and much more.

    Whether you are just curious about the Christian faith, or have been part ofSt Johns for years, this will be an important, interesting and practical seriesof talks so please do come and join us!

    In our 6pm evening services over the summer months we are focusing on asection of one of the accounts of Jesus life. Each week well look at a pas-sage from chapters 8 and 9 of Matthews Gospel, consider what it means,and how we should live in the light of it.

    Well see Jesus do many amazing things in these chapters. As we think

    about them we will see that they reveal both who he is and also show uswhat sort of Kingdom Jesus is bringing in.

    THE WORSHIP SERVICERaise the Roof is a fun, action-packed

    service, presenting Jesus message through music, danceand drama. The next service is on:

    Sunday 15th July

    Rehearsal 4.15pm Scrummy tea 5.30pm

    Service 6-6.40pm

    If youd like to join in playing an instrument, acting, dancing or singing - young orold, beginner or pro - contact Michael Peach for further info.

  • 7/31/2019 JulAug12 GW



    Felbridge W.I.

    IN SPITE of the very inclement weather we had a very good turnout ofmembers to hear Mr. Bellingham talk about the charity - A Cow for Africa.

    In the 1980s when we had a butter mountain, a farmer was approached byan Ugandan who suggested that as we had more cows than we needed,some could be sent to Uganda. This, in fact, was done. The farmer found 32cows which were in calf and they were flown to Uganda. Each cow wasdistributed to a needy area and all produced calves. The surplus milk wassold, the manure was used for farming and the additional crops were sold.

    Once this was established the next calf the cow produced was then passedon to another group. Today, not only cows but sheep, goats and bees havebeen introduced to various areas. 10 per month would help to continue thisproject. For more information contact Daphne on 322 302.

    Unfortunately, our planned canal trip from Godalming was cancelled due tothe height of the river but hopefully this will be rescheduled later in thesummer.

    A representative (Mrs. Angela Cole) went to the Annual Meeting at the Albert

    Hall and a Motion for Parliament to provide more midwives was passed. TheW.I. campaigns do bear fruit and many of our Motions have been put intopractice.

    Our next meeting on the 3rd July will be a visual visit to Scotland. We meetat 1.30pm in the Village Hall.

    Daphne Ayerst


    Felbridge VillageStore new opening


    Mondays-Saturdays8am to 7:30pm


    8am to 4pm.

    Lunch Club for the retired

    The Lunch Club meets onthe 3rd Thursday of everymonth in the village hallbetween 12-1.30pm.The 2course meal costs 3.00 andchanges every month. Allretirees welcome. For more

    details please contact MaryTaplin on 01342 325548

  • 7/31/2019 JulAug12 GW




    and Relay draw on a history goingback to the ancient Olympic Gamesin Greece.

    The ancient GamesThe Torch and Relay were importantelements of the cultural festivalssurrounding the Olympic Game