Vicky Agung Wibisono. Perubahan Paradigma Charity => appreciative inquiry Charity => community...

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Transcript of Vicky Agung Wibisono. Perubahan Paradigma Charity => appreciative inquiry Charity => community...

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Vicky Agung Wibisono Slide 2 Perubahan Paradigma Charity => appreciative inquiry Charity => community development =>community organizing=> social policy => global alliance to pressure international community and international framework/convention. Need-based approach => right-based approach dari obyek menjadi aktor dalam pembangunan. Perubahan di tingkat kebijakan lebih jangka panjang dan prosesnya lebih cepat => campaign, lobby, policy advocacy, dan networking. Corporate social responsibility => Corporate social responsiveness => Corporate citizenship Slide 3 What is Appreciative Inquiry? AI is based on the assertion that "problems" are often the result of our own perspectives and perceptions of phenomena, eg, if we look at a certain priority as a "problem," then we tend to constrain our ability to effectively address the priority and to continue to develop in our lives and work. AI is a philosophy so a variety of models, tools and techniques can be derived from that philosophy. For example, one AI-based approach to strategic planning includes identification of our best times during the best situations in the past in an organization, wishing and thinking about what worked best then, visioning what we want in the future, and building from what worked best in order to work toward our vision. The approach has revolutionized many practices, including strategic planning and organization development. Slide 4 Fundamental subjects of ISO 26000 Socially responsible Organizational Governance (good governance) Environment (Lingkungan) Labour Practices (praktik ketenagakerjaan) Human Rights (HAM) Fair Operating Practices (Praktik Operasi yang adil) Consumer issues Social Development Slide 5 Tangga partisipasi (internal communication) Source: adapted from Smythe et al. 1992: 62-4 Slide 6 Project Cycle Situational analysis Planning Implementa tio Monitoring Evaluation Re- planning Slide 7 Timeline Perubahan di Masyarakat NTT 1965 Hard times (people were starving, Indonesia situation were so bad because of 30 September / communist movement, difficult to have money, etc). The thread for traditional textile was made by women themselves from forest resources/ cotton) 1969 Mouse attack destroyed agricultural crops. 1971 Vetor and temukung era has been changed to district leader and village leader. 1972 Village unity 1973 Much thread started to be sold in market and shops. Cotton were getting decreased. Disaster (storm, flood, erosion) for 2 day and 2 nights. 1974 People started to find additional income 1975 Cow fattening 1976 Vegetables planted. PLAN was not accepted at Naunu Village because rumour said that PLAN was part of Communist Party 1982 Elementary schools were opened at village 1986 Joined the district Village Policlinic services competition. Joined the village policlinic services competition 1987 Community didnt accept PLAN because of suspicion of communist party involvement. 1st women group training 1989 Parents chased the village policlinic cadres because of outbreak of diarrhea Slide 8 Timeline: lanjutan 1992 Womens skills competition (topic: agriculture) 1993 Village leader H.E. Thobe was trained. PLAN came to Naunu village and started to enroll children 1994 Home improvement by PLAN and foster families 1995 Health Latrine. Improving the road. PLAN donated tractor, corn mill, coconut mill, and water resources 1995, Some house were burned, Coconut Mill were burn, Training on farming by PLAN, Improvement on water piping by PLAN, Road hardening by PLAN, Grant of Cattle from PLAN (pigs and goats), Build small bridge at sub village I and III, Build lasiroff 'bronjong' (grant from PLAN) 1996 Cooking competition Village policlinic services competition Elementary school things assistance by PLAN (2 school) 1998 School uniform and stationery for FC by PLAN, Cow and pig assistance by PLAN 1999 Foster family grouping in sub villages, Road improvement, Bupati/district chief attended the 1st harvest of rice field at 4th sub village in Naunu Slide 9 GLOBAL NETWORK Level of participation LOCAL NATIONAL REGIONA L INTERNATI ONAL Pemda DPRD NGO S.Holde r Trade Union Business associati on DPR Trade Union Business associati on NGO GOV NGO alliance ASEAN Region Trade Union Business associati on Internation al NGO alliance UNs Internat ional TUs Intl Business alliances WTO WB/ IMF Slide 10 Kemiskinan akibat international Policies Slide 11 EU Policies for developing countries Belgian Minister for development cooperation, Charles Michel, observed that it would have been better to send this milk to developing countries. This is after decades of discussions about the disastrous effects of dumping food stuffs on Southern markets. Everything But Arms (EBA) initiative of the Commission. According to EBA, the Least Developed Countries get duty and quota free access to EU markets for all their products except arms. Leaving aside the question whether the Least Developed Countries have the intention or the capacity of exporting arms to the EU. It proposes that ODA should be used to leverage non-ODA flows and it calls this an ODA-plus concept. A holistic approach may become the enemy of a poverty-focussed approach. Another danger is that the concept of ODA-plus will be used as an excuse for not working towards the 0.7% of GNP Leveraging means diluting Property rights for medicines versus generic medicines Slide 12 Slide 13 Slide 14 Slide 15 Slide 16 Slide 17 Kesimpulan Setiap masyarakat akan mengalami perubahan. Perubahan bisa disebabkan faktor dari dalam, namun juga oleh kebijakan pemerintah atau international. Globalisasi mendorong manusia menjadi manusia global. Semua masyarakat dapat berperan aktif, selama ada kesadaran kritis terhadap kondisi mereka. Fenomena metamofosa kodok Masuk lewat pintu masyarakat, keluar lewat pintu kita. Slide 18 Daftar Pustaka 1. Allen, Center and all (2008), Public Relation Practices, managerial case studies and problems, Pearson International Edication. 2. Gill, Indermit and Hom Kharas, An East Asia Renaissance; Idea for Economic Growth, World Bank, 2007 3. Harrison, Shirley (2000), Public Relation, An Introduction, Second Edition, Business press, Sydney. 4. Solihin, Ismail (2008), Corporate Social Responsibility; from charity to sustainability, Salemba Empat. 5. Drimmelen, Rob van, Introduction Spotlight on Coherence, CONCORD/APRODEV, Brussels, 14 October 2009