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Answer the questions carefully!

1. What information do you have from the board?You should:A. care to the material

B. avoid from the material

C. be careful from the material

D. throw away the material

2. What information can you get from the card?

A. the dedication has paid offB. the desire is caught

C. the hard work has appeared

D. the hard work has achieved

3. Why do the insects attract to be closer to the pitcher plant?

A. they like to have the fluid in the pitcher leaves B. the pitcher leaves have nice smellC. because of nectarD. slippery hairs pointing downwards are good for them

4. you are prohibited to:

A. smoke

B. not to smoke

C. put cigarette off

D. let cigarette off5. What will people do, if they want to smoke?A. go away from the paceB. find out a smoking areaC. smoking is strictly forbidden

D. they can be in unused rooms

6. What is the purpose of the text?A. request anyone not smoking

B. it is expected anyone not smoking

C. it is prohibited to have smoking

D. to announce public not to be at the smoking area

7. What is the purpose of the invitation?A. to discuss the experiment resultB. to discuss the experiment result and sharing experienceC. to have excellent opportunity to meet the members D. to get new experience from discussion 8. The discussion aims about the result of the recent experiment. The underlined word means..

A. productB. outcome

C. output

D. note

9. What advantage of joining the class discussion?

A. to have good dishes and drinkB. to present the experiment result C. to support the class to be more active and have more challenging activityD. to have opportunity to meet and exchange experiencesRead the text carefully!

10. Biopsy exam is

A. to see cancerous cells

B. to detect somebodys healthC. to see the patient health

D. to see internal body11. Somebody is judged suffering from lung cancer if he or she is identified that:A. there is nodule at the lung

B. there are a tumor and cancerous cells

C. he / she has been examined by biopsy exam

D. he / she has severe shortness of breath12. If you are experiencing the following symptoms then you will want to tell your doctor right away and get in for a CT scan.( paragraph 1).The underlined word means:..

A. to get an image of a part of somebodys bodyB. to look at part of somebodys body in a short time

C. to trace something carefully D. to read in a short time

For number 13-16

13. Why is the summer daylight longer than winter daylight?

A. because of the closer distance of the earth and the sun in summer

B. because of the closer distance of the earth and the sun in winter

C. because the sun is above the horizon

D. because of the tilt of the earth14. What is the topic of the last paragraph?

A. earthB. sunC. horizonD. daylight15. As the earth get closer to the sun but the amount of daylight we get decrease, this is because:

A. tilt of the earth

B. orbit

C. speed of rotation

D. the cloud16. It seems strange that as the earth get closer to the sun during its orbit then (Paragraph 3)The underlined word refers to...

A. the sun

B. the earth

C. winter

D. summerFor number 17- 20

What is a tornado?Tornadoes are known as one of the most damaging disasters. What is the description of tornadoes? A tornado is a very powerful column of winds which spirals around a center of low atmospheric pressure. A tornado will look like a large black funnel which hangs down from a storm cloud.

The name "tornado" derives from the Latin "tonare". It means "to thunder." While the Spanish developed the word into "tornear" which means "to turn or twist". This is why a tornado is sometimes called twister or cyclone.

The winds inside a twister can spin around at speeds up to 500 miles an hour, but it usually travels at roughly 300 miles an hour. This speed twisting makes a tornado the most dangerous storm.

The average tornado has a diameter of about 200 to 300 yards. The smaller tornadoes are known as satellite tornadoes. These small off spring, about 50 yards across, can be very fierce and do lots of damage.The forming of a tornado can be very quick. Sometimes it can form in a minute or less. A tornado can travel across the ground at high speeds, then it can suddenly vanish. Most tornadoes last less than twenty minutes and travel less than 15 miles. However, the super storms sometimes travel over 100 miles before they are exhausted.Adapted from What is the topic of the last paragraph?

A. twisterB. tornadoC. stormD. super storm18. When does the tornado happen?A. It Happens At Any Time

B. When The Wind Comes GentlyC. When It Forms A FunnelD. When The Cloud Appears Dense19. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?A. the derivation of the word tornado

B. the description of tornado

C. the sequence of tornado

D. the change of tornado20.Which sentence is true based on the information from the text?A. Tornado travels in high speed and last very fastB. Tornadoes are known as the most damaging disastersC. A Tornado is a column of winds which spirals around a center of high atmospheric pressure.D. A Tornado will look like a large black funnel which hangs down from the skyFor number 21-24

21. What is the topic of the first paragraph?

A. robberB. bankC. rifle

D. money22. What is the main idea of paragraph 4.

A. a security guard was covered with scotch tape

B. the staff members were gathered and covered with scotch tapeC. the staff members and a security guard were gathered and covered with scotch tape

D. the staff members and a security guard were shot by the robbers. 23.Who was asked to take the cash?

A. the securityB. the branch headC. the staff members D. the member of the robber24. Where was the money located?

A. in the banks safety deposit

B. on the bank desk

C. at the staff membersD. at the bank tellerFor number 25-28

25. The main idea of paragraph 1A. the tourism is beneficial for local peopleB. the tourism contributes much money for local peopleC. the tourism supports the local industriesD. the tourism gives opportunity for people to work 26.The hotels may not give benefit for local people whenA. the hotels dont advertise it to public

B. the hotels don't care about the surrounding nature

C. the hotels exploit the environment

D. the hotel force surrounding people to work there27. What policies that the government take to make the tourism beneficial?

A. to make sure that the tourism will not harm for surrounding peopleB. to guarantee that the local people can work at the hotelC. to announce that there will be built hotels

D. to built some stalls selling handicraft in that area28 Tourism is now a huge contributor to the economies of most countries(paragraph 1)

The underlined word means:

A. highB. bigC. largeD. perfectFor Number 29-31

29. The following sentences are true, except:

A. Somebody who takes the syrup, Natar Bio relief can get relief from coughs due to colds and the fluB. The Syrup, Natar Bio can be provided for everybody who suffer from congestion and irritated throatC. The Five Year old children is best suggested taking the medicine, Natar BioD. Take the syrup, Natar Bio if you suffer from a sore throat30.The syrup, Natar Bio can cure A. bronchial cough, irritated throats, and fever

B. fever, congestion and sore throat

C. flue, sore nose, and bronchial cough

D. a cold or flu , cough and sore throat

31. When you come down with a cold or flu and suffer from a sore throat, all you want is relief. Get that relief from Natra Bio's Cough Syrup Expectorant Plus, designed for ages 12 and up. The underlined words mean

A. lowerB. affectedC. unusualD. weakFor number 32-35

Marie Curie was born Marya Salomee Sklodowska in Poland when that part of the country was under Russian rule. She was the youngest of five children. She had a brother and three older sisters.

Her father was a professor. Sometimes the family would rent out rooms to students to help pay the bills. At one time they had ten boys living in the apartment with the family, and Marya had to sleep on a couch in the dining room.

Her mother was very ill with tuberculosis* and died of the disease when Marya was ten years old.

When she graduated from high school she won a gold medal because she had been such a good student. Her father knew she had worked very hard, and as a reward, she was permitted to spend a whole year in the country with relatives. She enjoyed a marvelous year with her cousins.

She wanted to study when she returned to Warsaw, but there was no money to send her away to college. She and her sister did private tutoring to earn money. Marya told her sister she would work to send her to school, then when Bronya became a doctor, she could return the favor. That's what they did.

Her sister invited her to come to Paris to live and begin her studies. Marya changed her name to a French name, Marie. At the Sorbonne, the university, she chose to study mathematics and physics. While studying there she lived in a cold apartment and survived on very little food, but when she graduated she had the highest grades in the class. She had a master's degree in physics. Then she was awarded a scholarhip and wa