SHORT STORY, ANECDOTE, SPOOF, CLAUSES, PARTICIPLES dan unsur kebahasaan teks naratif, lisan dan...

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Transcript of SHORT STORY, ANECDOTE, SPOOF, CLAUSES, PARTICIPLES dan unsur kebahasaan teks naratif, lisan dan...

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    BSE : 3.5/4.5/3/5.5

    A. Identity

    Basic Competence

    3.5 membedakan fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan beberapa teks

    naratif lisan dan tulis dengan memberi dan meminta informasi terkai tcerita pendek,

    sesuai dengan konteks penggunaannya

    4.5. menangkap makna secara kontekstual terkait dengan fungsi sosial, struktur teks,

    dan unsur kebahasaan teks naratif, lisan dan tulis, terkait cerita pendek


    Learning purpose

    In this chapter, you will learn about the difference

    between short stories and anecdote or spoof. Surely, you

    will have to know the proper grammatical structure used

    to understand the whole story. Practicing how to compose

    a short story is needed to enhance your understanding on

    its social function and its text structure.





    Time allocation

    14 X 45 minutes

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    B. Concept mapping

    C. Learning process

    GENERAL INSTRUCTION : You must ensure that you understand the

    material step by step. At the end, there will be an evaluation to test your

    level of understanding on the material. When your level is above the

    passing score, you may continue to the next material. Before you ask for

    the evaluation, please ensure yourself that you have already mastered

    the whole material in this chapter.

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    Do you know my story? Please,

    read my story and you will love


    Activity One

    Ask the teacher a short story, or you can

    find your own. It should be about 15 to 25

    pages. You may have the same title as

    your friend’s .

    Activity Two

    Here are two other narrative stories

    in the form of anecdote and spoof.

    Read them, then compare one from

    the other.

    When you finish reading the story, write some

    conflicts and their solution on a piece of

    paper. You may have a discussion with the

    friend whose story has the same title as

    yours. Then, show your work to the teacher.

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    ANNECDOTE Pandro is the cleverest student in my class, but he likes to utter a dirty word when he feels

    something is going wrong on him. I want my students to have both a good intelligence and

    attitude. I told them that attitude is important in social relationship. They may lose the perfect

    job due to the impropriate manner. Therefore, I remind him many times, but he is always able

    to prove that he never utters such a word.

    “Shit, you must give me the wrong information. Look! There is no schedule for our team.”

    shouted Pandro to his friends when they were doing the task together. I heard it and reminded

    him, “Pandro … your word.” He replied directly, “I said “sheet”, Mam, because I need the

    worksheet. They gave me the wrong sheet.”

    On another day, he looked annoyed to his friends again. “Shit, this one is mine.” I was

    behind him and asked him, “The word again?” He smiled while ensuring me, “No, Mam. I said

    “sit” because I want to sit here. This is my place.” I left him with a deep breath.

    At the following day, I was talking to a student when seeing and hearing Pandro cussing his

    friend, “Shit, you did it to me on purpose, didn’t you?” I tapped him on his shoulder, “I don’t

    know how many times, I have heard the word. Beware with this bad habit.” With a serious

    face, Pandro told me, “Swear, Mam! I just said “sheep”, because we are playing a game of

    mentioning animals.”

    One day, Pandro was joining the tests for getting a scholarship. He passed the first test, even

    he was at the first rank. So, he came to the presentation session. This was his expertise. At the

    first minutes, his speech could amaze the juries. But then again, he uttered the dirty word

    because he lost the next slide that was the most important. The juries looked surprised at what

    he said. On the other hand, he didn’t realize on saying it.

    When the announcement came up at the following week, his name was not on the list. He

    was rejected. I showed him a small piece of paper from one of the juries which was given after

    he finished his presentation. “We regretted to disqualify him because of his bad manner.”

    SPOOF I was so tired as I taught all day long. Even my class who was usually lazy doing tasks kept me

    busy to explain from one group to others. Despite tiresome, I was glad to see their seriousness.

    Was it because I advised them before I began the lesson? Maybe.

    “Hey, you have been holding your glass for some minutes without drinking it. Day dreaming?”

    my friend’s voice startled me. “Oh, yes. I am just tired and want to take a rest for a while.”

    replied I while still holding the drink. “Ok, then. I am going home.” said my friend while leaving

    me alone in the office. I was about to sip the tea when one of my students, Nita was running

    toward me looking frightened and shouted, “Mam, Rocky is fainting, but there is some foamy

    saliva on his mouth. “ I was shocked and put my glass on the table. While running to the class, I

    asked her to take medical oil in the Health Care Unit. Coming into the class, I saw Rocky lying

    on the floor with the pale face and closed eyes. A few friends were only watching and doing

    nothing. I knelt beside him and cleaned the foamy saliva from his mouth with my handkerchief

    calling his name. I touched his forehead, but the temperature seemed to be normal. I opened

    the top button of his shirt and asked Nita to give me the medical oil. When I was about to rub

    the oil to his chest, suddenly he held my hand firmly but still with the closed eyes. I jolted in a

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    big surprise. However, no one helped me. When I looked around, no one was there. Fear

    entered to my brain and my body began to shiver. I tried to get rid of the thought of Rocky’s

    being possessed since this class was known to keep many mysteries inside years ago. With my

    left hand, I stroked his forehead while calling him, “Rocky, wake up please!” But again he

    gripped it too. Now, I couldn’t move at all. I was panic as I knew there was no one I could ask for

    a help. “God… help me. Rocky, please ….wake up!” Then, he suddenly got up and laughed

    loudly while saying, “Happy birthday my beloved teacher.” At the same time, all members of

    my class came into the class bringing a tart with the lighting candles. “OH…MY GOD …!!! IT’S



    1. The princess looked for the plant. It could heal the queen’s rare


    2. Jane Foster was teleported to another world at the certain time.

    Malekith attacked Asgard at that time sickness.

    3. Sasuke doesn’t want to attack Naruto. Everyone is amazed on his

    intelligence and power.

    4. Mr. Dursley gave Harry a small room. He slept there.

    5. Fairy Godmother fulfilled Cinderella a wonderful gown. She wore it

    to the Prince’s party

    6. The snowman becomes alive. Anna and Elsa always play with it.

    When you finish reading them, write

    your comparison here. You may have a

    discussion with the teacher.

    Activity Three

    To understand a story, surely you need to

    learn the grammatical structures. SO, let’s

    learn Clauses and Participles. Please open

    your grammar book to learn about them

    before doing the exercises below!



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    7. The Kings finally died in grief. His daughter was kidnapped.

    8. Po is chosen as the dragon warrior. His father is a crane.

    9. Arlo, the good dinosaur, is weaker and smaller than his brother. He always teases him and

    makes him upset.

    10. King T’Chala fought with the man. His father left him outside Wakanda.

    11. Black Pearl was sinking. Jack Sparrow had been looking for it for some years.

    12. Beast gave Belle his large library. He spent most of his time there.

    13. Mavis finally got married with her fiancé, Johnny. Her father is a Dracula.

    14. A Viking village located on a remote island. Dragons periodically stole livestock there.

    15. The Maleficent’s curse to the baby can be broken. Maleficent gave it during the

    christening of the baby.

    noun clause

    1. The Queen is still confused about whom …

    2. What… made Thor so angry and wanted to kill him.

    3. How… made Naruto disappointed.

    4. Harry Potter was still confused about who …

    5. The step mother didn’t care about what …

    6. Elsa is afraid that …

    7. Rapunzel was imprisoned in where …

    8. Po and his friends are fighting with whose …

    9. That … disappoints Arlo.

    10. Wakanda people believe that …

    11. Where … is known as the mysterious island.