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To create the sepia tone, I watched an existing media text to help generate a successful sepia tone. has shown me how to add the different effects/steps to get a successful sepia tone, such as;Turning the image to black and whiteCreating the new layer,Using a cover overlay; which was a certain colour brown, Decreasing the opacity to show the image underneath,Adding a dip to black for the fade transitions.


Changing the sepia tone for our mystery house.Using another layer of colour, and then decreasing the opacity, it allows us to still see the image while having the faded brown colour, to create the sepia tone. This will help the contrast between the past and the present in our trailer through the different colours.The top image is the final sepia tone that is used, this is an establishing shot at a low angle, which gives the house more height, in turn it makes the house creepier and look more suitable for our trailer.