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  • The fountain of love

    Prem ni parab

  • Prem ni parab was brought about becausechildren who were attending school werepassed although they did not have basicnumeracy or literacy skills. The idea behind the project is to educate the children lovingly & without fear to ensure that: - - the children received a good education- that it was tailor made for them- to make use of resources- to increase the number of children attending school

  • A display about currency in a school involved in this project

  • This was all about showing the children where different animals live, enabling the discussion about why some need water and others need land.

  • Everyone is special!Through this birthdays are remembered and celebrated. Also, the children learn to read information in a table format.

  • Such a vibrant display about numeracy

  • The project has been SO successful!

    The government have requested for the Prem ni Parab project to include other schools and help reform them.

    Chandrakant Vyas who leads the project reassuringly said that the schools previously involved in the project will not stand alone.

    They will always be supportedby the project.