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  • 1. Definition POSSE SSIVE SingularPossessiveADJEC AdjectiveBy:TIVE Plural PossessiveI Putu Mas Satrya Wijaya Adjective(09-3425) Exercise

2. DEFINITION OF POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES Possessive adjectivesadalah kata sifat atauadjektiva yang menyatakan kepemilikan atassuatu benda. Kata yang digunakan adalahmy,your, our, their, his, her, its. Possessive adjectivediletakkan di depan katabenda, misalnya:my book, your friend, ourfamily, their house, his darling, her hair, its tail,etc. Example:-Mybook is new.-Yourfriend is studying now.-Dont worry. Its notyourfault.- You can stay atourhouse. HOME 3. SINGULAR POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVENumber PersonGender Possessive Adjective1st I (Male/female) My2nd You (Male/female)YourSingularHe (Male) His3rd She (Female)HerIt (Neuter) Its HOME 4. SINGULARPOSSESSIVE ADJECTIVEExamples : This is my book. I like your hair style. His name is Jhon. Her name is Mary. The dog is licking its paw. HOME 5. PLURALPOSSESSIVE ADJECTIVENumber Person Gender Possessive Adjective 1stWe (Male/female) OurPlural 2ndYou (Male/female) Your 3rdTheir (Male/female/neuter)Their HOME 6. PLURALPOSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES We have sold our house. Your children are lovely. The student thankedtheir teacher. HOME 7. EXERCISE2 1. I am a teacher. You are .. students.3A. her B. his4 C. their D. My5 HOME 8. 1EXERCISE2. He is playing a guitar. It is .. guitar.3 A. herB. his4 C. yourD. their5HOME 9. 1 EXERCISE3. This is a woman. .. hair is red.2A. herB. his4C. your D. their5 HOME 10. 1EXERCISE4. This is a cat. It is eating .. food.2A. my B. its3C. herD. their5 HOME 11. 1 EXERCISE5. You are a student. I am teacher.2 A. herB. my3 C. your D. their4HOME 12. 1234 GOOD..!!!!!!!!!!!5HOME 13. 1234 HUUUUUUU..YOU AREWRONG!!!!!!!!!5 HOME