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  • Android Persistance Datausing SQLite Database

  • How I am

    Name : Arif Akbarul HudaJob : Lecture | Programmer | Book Writer | ResearcherOffice : qiscus , AMIKOM, homeSocmed : @omayib ,

  • My contribution...

  • Qiscus [kis-kas] (noun). Perusahaan teknologi yang menyediakan layanan pesan instan dan komunikasi untuk tempat kerja. Perusahaan ini didirikan di Singapura pada tahun 2013 dan memiliki pusat riset dan pengembangan teknologi di Yogyakarta, Indonesia.[1]


  • Lets begin

  • How they manage the data?

  • Saving data SharedPreference




  • what kind of storage we need?It is depend on your data type and structure

  • SQLite Database[se-kyu-lait]

  • TodoList Application

    Source :

  • What is SQLite?

    Opensource db For limited memory devices Support SQL syntax dan transaction.

  • SQLite database file location


  • SQLite Data Type

    NULL Integer Real Text Bloob

  • SQLite Component




    - insert()- update()- delete()- execSQL()


    - getCount()- getInt()- getString()

    A helper class to manage database creation and version management

    has methods to create, delete, execute SQL commands,

    and perform other common database management tasks

    the result set returned by a database query

  • Simple and clean architecture

  • Design your code like a puzzle

  • Todolist Application Architechture


    Model domain repository

    SQlite Cloud..

  • Todolist Application Architechture

  • LocalDatabaseConfiguration configDb = new LocalDatabaseConfiguration(this, databaseName.db, null, 1);

    #1. Make a configuration for our SQLite database

    #2. Initiate the repository

    TodoRepository repo = new TodoRepository(configDb);

    Database Creation

  • #4. insert an item

    Todo newTodo = new Todo(randomId,beli makan!);repo.insert(newTodo);

    #5. update an item

    Todo itemTobUpdated = new Todo(randomId,beli makan!);repo.update(itemTobUpdated);

    #6. update an item

    Todo itemTobeDeleted = new Todo(randomId,beli makan!);repo.delete(itemTobeDeleted);

    #3. get all todo items

    List todos = repo.findAll()

    Database Querying

  • Show me the code!

  • Performance

  • E/Database(234): Leak foundE/Database(234): Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: SQL iteDatabase created and never closed

  • Open the database but forgot to close it

    Possible Solution :- make SQLiteDataBaseOpenHelper as Single Instance- initiate inside Application

  • public class DatabaseHelper extends SQLiteOpenHelper {

    private static DatabaseHelper sInstance;

    private static final String DATABASE_NAME = "database_name"; private static final String DATABASE_TABLE = "table_name"; private static final int DATABASE_VERSION = 1;

    public static synchronized DatabaseHelper getInstance(Context context) {

    if (sInstance == null) { sInstance = new DatabaseHelper(context.getApplicationContext()); } return sInstance; }

    private DatabaseHelper(Context context) { super(context, DATABASE_NAME, null, DATABASE_VERSION); }}

  • public class TodoApplication extends Application {

    private TodoRepository repository;

    @Override public void onCreate() { super.onCreate();

    LocalDatabaseConfiguration localDatabaseConfiguration =new LocalDatabaseConfiguration(this, LocalDatabaseConfiguration.DATABASE_NAME, null, LocalDatabaseConfiguration.DATABSE_VERSION); repository =new TodoRepository(localDatabaseConfiguration); }

    public TodoRepository getRepository() { return repository; }}

  • ACID (atomic, consistent, isolated, durable)

  • Handling multiple transaction and large data

  • db.beginTransaction();



  • end

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