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  • 8/9/2019 paket 2 soal2 pra UN untuk B. Inggris...


    PAKET 2

    16 What is the text about ?a. information about tender production sharing contractor for Indonesiab. explanation about exploration drilling program for Jakartac. providing of welltesting tool and services for pangkahd. Information about equipment for pangkahe. Providing welltesting for pangkah

    Tender Announcement

    Hess (Indonesia pangkah) limited, a production sharingcontractor of BPMIGAS , hereby invites service providers toparticipate on the following tender :

    Work Title : Provision of welltestingequipment and services forpangkah 2008/2009exploration drilling program .

    Ref. No : BID-08-0416

    Scope of work :

    The work to be performed by CONTRACTOR is to providesurface and downhole welltesting equipment , personnel ,and services on call off basis arrangement

    Requirements for registration :

    Indonesian Company (exist under the law ofindonesia) with non small qualification

    Having min 7 years experience in providing similarservice in oil & gas

    Copy of SIUP, MIGAS , & KADIN Certificate

    Copy of NPWP , PKP

    Copy of tax payment receipt PPH 25/ 21 of the latest3 months

    Company Biodata

    Schedule of Registration :Date : 21-23 may 2008Time : 09.00 15.00Place : Hess (Indonesia pangkah )

    limited sentral senayan 1, 5thfloor, Jl. Asia Afrika No.8 , Jakarta 120273

  • 8/9/2019 paket 2 soal2 pra UN untuk B. Inggris...


    17. This announcement is mostly addressed to ?a. job vacancy b. employerc. contractord. sighseers

    e. service providers

    18. A participant should have a. a network in the target BPMIGASb. seven years experiencec. copy of tax paymentd. copy of NPWPe. indonesian Company

    19. The schedule of registration will last for . Days

    a. 5b. 4c. 3d. 2e. 1

    20. ... By contractor is to provide surface ..a. buy b. sellc. rentd. supplye. build

  • 8/9/2019 paket 2 soal2 pra UN untuk B. Inggris...


    21. What kind of letter is above?Love letterApplication letterInvitation letterBusiness letter

    Private letter

    22. in what position does the writer apply for ?Personal manager of United Travel ServiceThe manager of international companySales manager of United Travel ServiceAdvertising managerPublic Relation officer

    23. What is not mentioned as the writers particulars in the letter?A Advanced Diploma Certificate

    B A letter of reference from his previous employerC A recent photographD Academic recordE Curriculum Vitae

    24. How old was the writer when he was graduated from UCLA?A Twenty years oldB Twenty two years oldC Twenty five years oldD Twenty seven years oldE Thirty five years old

    25. I look forward to hearing from you. (The last sentence of letter)What is the synonym of the underlined phrase?

    A HopeB InterviewC Watch outD Look outE Look around

  • 8/9/2019 paket 2 soal2 pra UN untuk B. Inggris...


    26. The advertisement promotes .a. a golf resortb. a new hotelc. a beautiful country-sided. the beauty of Balie. the beauty of nature

    27. The cheapest room is per night.a. US$ 30.00b. US$ 52.00c. US$ 72.00d. US$ 102.00e. US$ 152.00

    28. reservation@sunnygolf.comThe underlined word is closed in meaning to .a. piece of landb. possessingc. bookingd. resorte. club

    The Beauty of Nature .. The Heritage of





    Jln. Raya Jawa-Bali, Surabaya 12345East Java, Indonesia

    Telepon (031) 654321 (hunting)/ Fax (031)

  • 8/9/2019 paket 2 soal2 pra UN untuk B. Inggris...


    The Hen with the Silver Eggs

    One day, in an Arabian city, a woman went to the market and bought a beautifulhen.

    A few days later to her surprise the hen she bought laid a silver egg. If the hencould only be persuaded to lay more than one egg each day, the woman was sure she

    would never have to work again.So the woman decided to make the hen eat more, so that it could lay more eggs.But the only result was that the hen died of indigestion and did not lay more eggs at all..29. Paragraph 3 mostly discuses about

    a. the hens eggsb. what the woman did to her henc. what the hen did for the womand. what the hen eats to lay more eggs.e. why the woman wanted to get more eggs.

    30. The hen died because it.a. ate nothingb. ate too muchc. laid more eggsd. was badly injurede. was forced to lay eggs

    31. From the text we may conclude that the woman wasa. activeb. miseryc. greedyd. furiouse. dangerous

    32. If the hen could only be persuaded.(par. 3)The underlined words meana. commanded b. influencedc. dangerousd. broughte. told

    Manila: The Philippines has the most number of endemic bird species which are indanger by extinction, according to a nation wildlife report obtained here yesterday.

    The Philippine Red Data Book written by the wildlife conservation society of thePhilippines, noted that the country has 40 endangered bird species, more than any othercountry.

    This include the Cebu flower-pecker of which only four are known to be stillalive, making it the most endanger bird in the world, the Red Data Book said.

  • 8/9/2019 paket 2 soal2 pra UN untuk B. Inggris...


    An endanger species is defined as one of that has a 20 percent chance ofbecoming extinct in 20 years.

    The Data Book said the threat of extinction was due to the growing destruction ofthe forest which is the habitat of the birds and other wild animals, many of which aresimilarly endangered.

    33. The text is about . . . .a. the Philippine Red Data Book on

    animalsb. the wild conservation society in the

    Philippinesc. the number of endemic bird species

    still availabled. the endangered habitat of birds in

    Philippinese. a report about the extinction of the

    most endangered species

    34. The Data Book said the threat extinction wasdue to the growing____ (paragraph 5)The word threat means . . . .

    a. noticeb. warningc. dangerd. statemente. announcement

    Picasso was one of the most outstanding and important artists of the 1900s. He isbest known for his paintings. Almost every style in modern art is represented inPicassos works. Picasso was born in 1881 in Malaga, Spain as the son of an artteacher. He studied painting from his father and several art schools. However, henever finished his college-level course of study at the academy of Arts in Madrid.

    From about 1895-1901, he painted realistic works in a traditional style.Then he entered what was called the Blue Period. During this time he only usedshades of blue in his painting to show poverty he saw in Barcelona.

    After 1908, he entered into the style of cubism. Among his well-knowncubist paintings are Three Musicians and Man with a Guitar. Picasso died inMougins, France in 1973.

    35. The text above mainly discusses about.a. Picasso..b. Important artistsc. An art teacherd. The most outstanding artiste. The style of cubism

  • 8/9/2019 paket 2 soal2 pra UN untuk B. Inggris...


    36. Which of the following statements is true?a. Picasso was the only outstanding and important artist of 1900sb. Picasso was a modern artist who passed away in France in 1973..c. Man with a Guitar was Picassos first paintingd. Picasso studied painting together with his father

    e. Since Picasso was young, he only used shades of blue in his paintings

    37. The type of the text above is a/an.a. reportb. anecdotec. recountd. narrativee. spoof

    Women Workers

    Most societies today expect that women will play their major role by caring for a home

    and family. The differences between men and women in a society are taught very early inchildhood, and boys and girls grow up to be what men and women in that society areexpected to be .

    But the present economic system forces women and girls to try to find jobs outside thehome. They try to earn their living to support the family. In rural areas, agriculture is soimportant that usually men and boys in a family help by planting and taking care ofcrops, or by preparing food and so do women and girls.

    In urban areas, most production comes from manufacturing, such as making clothing,assembling electronics devices, packaging drugs, packaging cigarettes, etc. Most ofworkers in a shoe industry, chemical industry, textile industry are women workers.

    More and more women workers are trying to find jobs in foreign countries. They areusually sent by non-governmental organizations. Thay work in Saudi Arabia andMalaysia. They work as housekeepers, housemaids, cooks, babysitter and nurses. Beforebeing sent abroad they are trained in Jakarta for several weeks.

    38. What is the major role expected by most societies for the women?a. To become men and women are expected by the societies.b. To teach children very early since childhood.c. To grow up the girls and the boys.d. To care for a home and familye. To care for the family

    39. The idea that the women and girls have to work to help the family is found inparagraph a. one b. twoc. threed. foure. one and two

  • 8/9/2019 paket 2 soal2 pra UN untuk B. Inggris...


    40. Why are many women workers trying to find jobs in foreign countries ?a. They are good cooks and good housekeepers.b. They want to go to Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.c. They want to earn their living better.d. A non-governmental organization sent them.

    e. They are trained to be housemaids and nurses.

    41. In rural areas, agricul