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Nesha MutiaraX MIA 4

Guru : Ibu Purnama Sihombing S.Pd


2.)Expressing Simpathy

3.)Filling Form

4.)The Use of Must

5.)The Use of Have /Has to

6.)The Use of Should Have + Verb 3

7.)Tsunami ( text, translation, questions, vocabs )

8.)Student Brawls ( test, translation, questions, vocabs )

9.)20 Vocabs that Might We Found

Invitation Invitation is the way to invite someone to take part in an activity or event by oral or even by written.

1.)Making an invitation

Example :Can you come over on Saturday night?Would you like to come to my party?Would you like to come along?

Do you want to go to a football game on Saturday night?Would you like to go to a football game on Saturday night?Would you mind coming over on Saturday night?How about coming tomy party?Would you care of coming along?Do you feel like going to a football game on Saturday night?What about going to a football game on Saturday night?

2.)Accepting an invitation

Example :With pleasure.Sure.Id love to very much.Okay.Why not.Im pleased to do that.Im honoured to do that.Yes, that would be useful.

Yes, that would be interesting.Yes, that would be nice.Yes, that would be very kind of you.Thats a terrific idea.Thats a great idea.

3.) Refusing an invitation

Example :Im afraid I cant. I have to go to the airport.Im sorry I cant. I have to go to the airport.Thanks but Im afraid I cant. I have an exam to study for.Oh, Id love to,but Ihave to work.That would be nice, but I dont have time.

Expressing Simpathy The purpose of giving simpathy is to show to the object that we care of him / her.

Example ( cheerful simpathy ):Congratulations on his joy.Im glad to hear about that.Im happy to hear such news.What a good news.Wonderful!Marvelous!

Congartulations on good work.Well done.Good for you.Im happy for your good deed.Great!What a good news.

Example ( sad simpathy ):Im sorry to hear that.Oh, thats too bad. Im sorry to hear that.What a shame.Oh, no.Thats a shame. How awful!How terrible!How horrible!

Filling Form ( Giving Instructions ) In filling form, there are some instructions that mustbe obeyed in order to fill the correct data into the correct column. Also, the person who wants to fill in the form, it will be better if they ask first until they know exactly and breafly.

Example ( giving instructions ):Write your name!See the word cash !Put a check in box, ( please) !Skip down to the last row of blanks!Take the deposit slip and cash to the bank teller!Sign it!

Example ( responding the instructions ):All right.Okay.Sure.Yes.I will.

Example ( asking less directly ) :I want to sign here.Why dont you go to the bank and withdraw some money?Would you write the amount you want in words, please?Could you write the amount you want in words, please?Will you write the amount you want in words, please?Could you write the amount you want in words, please?

Example ( conversation ) :

1.)A : How do I deposit some money?B : *Well, you need to obtain an official bank with drawal slip at your bank branch. *Well, first you must obtain an official bank with drawal slip at your bank branch.A : *What do I do now? *What do I do next? *What do I do to fill out the form?

B : *Print your name in the space provided. *Next, fill in the date. *Then, write the amount ofmoney you want in words. *Then, sign the slip.

A : *What do I need to do with this form? *Where shall I put this form? *What shall I do with this form? *Do you want me to do something?

B : *Please fill it out! *Put it on the shelves! *Mail it immediately! *Yes, type this letter right away.

The Use of Must Must is one of some modal auxiliaries. Must means something that has be done in order to accomplish something. There are three uses of must :

1.)As an obligation

Example:You must stop here.You must return the book on time.You must greet her.You must take part in this event.You must stay here until the rain stops.

2.)As a prohibition

Example :You must not let the animals out.You must not open the door at this moment.You must not get rid of it.You must not turn off the light now.You must not go home before it finishes.

3.)As a certainty

Example :The sky is dark, today must be rain.The cat is thin, it must be hasnt eaten for days.Her score is bad, she must be lazy.They know me well, they must be have been friends with my best friend.The front door is locked, it must be done by my mother.

The Use of Have / Has toHave ( for subject : I, you, we , they ).Has ( for subject : she, he, it ).

It is used to express :

1.)Something that must be done

Pattern : Subject + have / has + to + verb 1 + adverb of

Example :I have to go now.You have to call me soon as possible.She has to jump over it.It has to run fast to get rid of them.We have to stay up late every day to do this.

2.)Something that should not be done

Pattern :Subject + do / does + not + have / has + to + verb 1 + adverb of

Example:I dont have to do this now.We dont have to wait for a long time to get this.They dont have to spend much nowdays.She doesnt have to wear that dress for the party.He doesnt have to look like that.

The Use of Should Have + Verb 3It is used to express something that should be done or shouldnt be done in the past, that might be connects with something in the present.

In this section, should must be followed by have ( no matter the subject is ) and verb 3, because it tells something that happens in the past but might be relates with the present.

1.)Something that should not be done

Pattern :Subject + should + not + have + verb 3 + adverb of

Example:Arda refuses me to know him further. Im disappointed = I shouldnt have tried to know more about Arda.

Faiz said that he loves me, and I refuses him. Now hes still chasing me = I shouldnt have refused Faiz.

Ibriza smiled at me when I was on my way to the library, and I was speechless. Now Im so sorry for it. = I shouldnt have be speechless when he smiled at me.

2.)Something that should be done.

Pattern :Subject + should + have + verb 3 + adverb of

Example :I didnt study flute. As the result, I had to have my remedial tests over and over.= I should have studied flute.

I didnt feed my dog for hours. As the result, my dog is a bit weak now. = I should have fed my dog.

I didnt do my chemistry homework. As the result, the teacher get angry at me. = I should have done my chemistry homework.

Tsunami A tsunami is a massive wave of water whichrolls into the shore area. The word tsunami is a Japanese word, represented by two characters : tsu whichmeans harbor , and nami which means wave. A tsunami is not a normal wave but much bigger. It looks more like an endlesslyonrushing tide that forces it way around the obstacle.

Tsunami can be generated when the sea floor abruptly deforms andvertically displaces the overlying water. Tectonic earthquakes are a particular kind of earthquake that are associated with the Earths crustal deformations ; when these earthquakes occur beneath the sea, the water above the deformed area is displaced from its equilibrium position. More specifically, a tsunami can be generated when thrust faults associated with convergent or destructive plate boundaries move abruptly, resulting in water displacement,owing to the verticsl component of movement involved. Movement on normsl faults will also cause displacement of the seabed, but the size of the largest of such events is normally too small to give rise to a significant tsunami.

Tsunamis are often incorrectly interchangedwith the term tidal waves.Tidal waves are caused by the forces of the moon, sun, and planets upon the tides, as well as the wind as it moves over the water. Tsunamis, on the other hand, can be caused by a few differentmeans : 1.)thedown drop or upthurst of the Earths crust which results in a earthquake ; 2.) a large scale undersea landslide ; 3.) a submarine volcanic eruption of a certain degree ; or potentially, 4.)a large meteor impact at sea. An example of an earthquake caused by tsunami is the 2004 Indian Ocean Eathquake (around Aceh area ). An example of a landslide caused tsunami is the Lituya Bay, Alaska tsunami, in 1958.

The eruption of the volcano Krakatoa in the Sunda Strait of Indonesia on August 27, 1883 is an example of volcano eruption based tsunami. In 1997, scientists discovered evidence of a 4 km diameter asteroid that landed offshore of Chile approximately 2 million years ago that produced a huge tsunami that swept over portions of South America and Antarctica it is an example of meteor caused tsunami. The vast majority of tsunamis result from earthquakes. This is why a tsunami os often called seismicseawaves. With tidal waves, water flows in circles, but with a tsunami, water flows straight. This is why tsuamis cause so much damage!

Tsunamis are very dangerous because they contain immense energy and propagate at high speeds. Tsunamis rank high on the scale of natural disasters. Tsunamis can demolish coastal communities within minutes. The tsunami of December 2001 in Aceh region is the worst ever in recorded history. It killed about 300.000 people close to the earthquake and about 58.000 people on distants shores with the addition of 5.000.000 people who were affected by the tsunami. Apart from the trail of death and destruction of human property that it left behind, it also caused widespr