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    Hello My Name is Malla!

    UNIT 1

    Listening Listening to the greetings and introduction expressions Respond to the greetings and introduction expressions

    Speaking Greeting and introducing

    Reading Read aloud personal letter with good pronunciation

    Writing Write personal letter

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    Lets listen and repeat

    Lets listen and repeat

    Greeting and leave taking Responses Hello/hi! Good morning

    Good afternoon Good evening

    How are you?

    Good night, mum!

    Hello/hi Good morning

    Good afternoon Good evening

    Im fine, thank you Fine, thanks

    Good night, honey

    Hi! Hi!

    Hello Hello


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    Good bye/bye See you tomorrow/later

    Sweet dream Bye/ bye-bye See you

    Catatan : Good morning diucapkan antara pukul 00.00-12.00. Good afternoon diucapkan antara pukul 12.00-06.00. Good evening diucapkan antara pukul 06.00- menjelang tidur. Good night diucapkan saat berpisah pada malam hari atau akan tidur.

    Look at the picture and listen carefully.

    Lani is a new student. She meets Adi in the library.

    Source: artono wadirman, 2008

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    Respond the following dialogue with the correct expressions.

    1. Heru is a new neighbour. Malla : Hello. Im Malla. Hilda : ____. Im Hilda. Malla : You are the new neighbour, right? Hilda : Yes, I am. I just moved from Merauke. Malla : Well, ____________, Hilda. Hilda : Nice to meet you, too.

    2. Dona meets her teacher, Mr Arman at the post office. Dona : ___________, Sir. Mr Arman : Good afternoon. You are .... Dona : Dona, Sir. My name is Dona. __________? Mr Arman : I am fine, thank you. ____________? Dona : I am fine, too. Mr Arman : Well, Dona. I have to go now. Pleased to meet you. Dona : ______________, too, Sir.

    3. Nita is Aris friend. One night she wants to see Ari at his home, but he is not home. Aris brother, Ira is at home. Nita : Good evening, Ira. Ira : _________, Nita. Nita : Is Ari at home? Ira : Im sorry, Nita. Ari is not at home. Nita : Oh, well. Thats OK. ________, then. Ira : Good night.

    4. Dika is Rians best friend. Dika : _____, Rian. Are you coming to the basketball game? Rian : Hi, Dika. Yes, Im coming to the game. Dika : OK, then. __________. Bye. Rian : See you .Bye.

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    Lets listen and repeat!


    Dialogue 1

    Sunny : Excuse me. Is your name Tiffany? Tiffany : Thats right. Sunny : Im Sunny.

    Dialogue 2 (in a school canteen)

    Kris : Is this seat taken? Suho : No, help yourself. Are you new here? Kris : yes. Suho : Whats your name anyway? Kris : Kris. Whats yours? Suho : Suho.

    Lets respond it!

    Introducing self Hello, I am Tiffany. Please call me Fany.

    What is your name?

    ___(your name)____

    Where do you live?

    ___(your address)___

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    Please remember!

    Beriku t adalah contoh - contoh ekspresi untuk memperkenalan diri dan menanyakan identitas seseorang. To introduce yourself, you can say: I am Kris. My name is Kris To ask ones identity, you can say: What is your name? I am . . . ./ My name is . . . . What are you from? I am from . . . . Catatan: di negara barat, ketika berkenalan dengan seseorang biasanya orang tidak menanyakan pekerjaan dan status perkawinan.

    Lets Listen and repeat!

    Introducing someone to another Please meet my friend Sully. Sully, this is Victoria. Victoria, this is Sully. Hello, Victoria. Nice to meet you.

    Hello, Sully. Nice to meet you too.

    Dialogue 3

    Luna : Sully, do you know Victoria?

    You may also learn other information for introduction, such as address and age.

    Question Response Where do you live? I live at Jl. Achmad Yani 27.

    What is your address How old are you? Im twelve years old. When were you born? I was born on 17 jule 2000.

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    Sully : No, I dont. Luna : Sully, this is Victoria. Victoria : Hello, Sully. It is nice to meet you. Sully : Hello, Victoria. It is nice to meet you too.

    Listen to the following dialogue three times and then answer the questions. (read by teacher)

    Malla : Good morning. Nita : Good morning. Are you a new student? Malla : Yes, I am. Im from Bandung. Nita : Im Nita. Im from Yogyakarta. Im a new student

    too. Malla : Its nice to meet you. Questions :

    1. What does Malla say to greet Nita? 2. What does Nita say to greet Malla? 3. Where is Malla from? 4. What does Malla say to introduce herself to Nita? 5. What does Nita say to introduce herself?

    Listen to and complete the dialogue. Compare your answers with your friend.


    Sehun : Hello, my name is Sehun. (1) _________________ Suho : Hi, Im Suho. (2) ________________ Sehun : I am from Tarakan. And you? Suho : (3) _____________ Sehun : Oh, I see. (4) ________________ Suho : Nice to meet you too. (5) ______________

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    Lets listen and repeat

    Lets listen and repeat after your teacher. 1.



    Hi, my name is Sully.

    Hi, my name is Luna.

    Good morning. Im Dio.

    Good morning. Im Lay.

    Johnny greets his parents Good morning when he sees

    them in the morning.

    Johnny wish his parents Good night before he goes to bed

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    Source: th. Kumalarini, 2008

    Respond the following dialogues. Look at the example.

    Dona : Hello, Hilda. Hilda : Hello, Dona.

    1. Nita : Good morning, Lisa. Lisa : __________, Nita.

    2. Malla : How are you, Tija? Tija : __________, thanks.

    3. May : __________, Sinta. Sinta : Good evening, May.

    4. Dona : Good afternoon, Nita. Nita : ___________, Dona.

    5. Hilda : __________, Mom. Mom : Sweet dream, honey.

    Look at the pictures. Practice the dialogues with your friend.

    When Johnny is leaving, he says Good bye!

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    Source: artono wadirman, 2008

    Prepare a suitable dialogue for each of the following pictures. Number one is an example then act them out with your partner.


    Sources: artono wadirman, 2008

    Victoria : Hello, Kyu. How are you? Kyu : Hello, Victoria. Im pretty good.

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    Look at the picture. Repeat after your teacher.

    Mr. Robbert : Good morning, students. Students : Good morning, Sir. Mr. Robert : How are you this morning? Students : Were fine, thank you. Mr. Robert : Nita, you are a new student. Come here and

    introduce yourself. Nita : Good morning, everyone. I am Nita Permata Sari. Please call me Nita. Answers these questions:

    1. What is Mr. Robert saying to her students? 2. Is the class in the morning? 3. What is Nita saying to her classmates? 4. Do you also introduce yourself to your new friends?

    Look at the pattern below. It will help you to introduce yourself or others. Look at the dialogue. When Nita introduce herself, she said I am Nita Pertama Sari. The word am indicates TO BE. Now, pay attention to the pattern.

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    Affirmative form


    Subject To be Something/someone I am Mr. Indra

    You are Rico He is My father She is Sully It is a cat We are Students

    They are Classmates You are lawyers

    Interrogative form


    To be Subject Something/someone ? am I Mr. Indra


    are you Rico is he My father is she Sully is it a cat

    are we Students are they Classmates are you lawyers

    Subject + be (am, is, are) + something/someone

    Be + Subject + something/someone + ?

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    Negative form


    Subject To be Not Something/someone I am


    Mr. Indra you are Rico he is My father she is Sully it is a cat we are Students

    they are Classmates you are lawyers

    Catatan: I am Im He is Hes She is Shes

    You are Youre We are Were

    They are Theyre

    Complete the sentences with To Be (am, is, are) correctly.

    1. Mia _________ a student. 2. Rani and Sinta __________ my classmates. 3. That man _________ not my uncle. 4. I ________ not the only child in my family. 5. ______ the students in the library? 6. ______ Andi at home alone? 7. We _______ not from the same elementary school. 8. ________ your father and mother at home?

    Subject + be (am, is, are) + not + something/someone

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    Lets complete the dialogue with the expression in the box. Act the dialogue out in pairs.

    Sunny introduces Jessica to Tiffany.

    Sunny : Hi, Tiffany. How are you? Tiffany : (1) _____________. Sunny : (2)____________. Tiffany, this is Jessica. Tiffany : Hello, Im Tiffany. (3)_____________. Jessica : Nice to meet you too. ______________? Tiffany : No, Im not. Im from Yogyakarta.

    In pairs, complete the dialogues based on the example. Then practise them with your partner.


    Sully : Good afternoon, sir. Mr. Siwon : Good afternoon. Are you a new student? Sully : Yes, Sir. I am Choi Sully. I am in 7D. How are you? Mr. Siwon : Fine. My name is Choi Siwon. I am a Science teacher. Do you come from Australia. Sully : Yes, Sir. My parents live there. But I live here with my uncle. Mr. Siwon : Pleased to meet you, Sully. Sully : Yes, pleased to meet you too, Sir.

    1. Key : Good morning, Maam. Ms. Nichole : ________________ Key : Yes, Maam. I am Key. I am in 7F. ___________ Ms. Nichole : _____________. My name is Jung Nichole. I am an English teacher. Do you come from New Zealand? Key