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1. Eni Novita Sari2. Ika Dian Novitasari



A. Background

Momordica charantia L-or often called PARE, known by the public as a plant that has a bitter taste. However, bitter melon also has a million benefits to health. Pare including plants such as vines and pumpkins sepiral panhandle. The fruit is a long oval-shaped, ridged rind surface. Although bitter melon has a bitter taste, but many people who love this plant to be cooked as a side dish accompanying rice or vegetables, because this plant has its own taste for the pleasures enjoyed. The herbalists often use bitter melon to treat diabetes because it can lower blood sugar levels, preventing cancer, and inflammation. B. Problem Formulation 1. Gynecology pare. 1.1. Introduction pare 1.2. The content of bitter melon fruit 2. Pare Benefits for patients diabethes mellitus. 2.1 The benefits of bitter melon for people with diabetes mellitus 2.2 How to use as a medicine pare 3. Pare consuming side effects in the long runC. Objectives To know that the bitter melon plant communities used as a vegetable, it is very beneficial to humans in terms of both health and as an ingredient in traditional medicines and are also a source of vitamins.CHAPTER II


1. Ingredients Fruit Pare 1.1. Introduction pare Bitter melon or bitter melon is a vine that originated from tropical Asia, especially the western regions of India, namely Assam and Burma. Aanggota tribal pumpkin-Labuan or Cucurbitaceae is commonly cultivated for material used as a vegetable and medicine.Momordica name attached to the binomial name means "bite" that shows the description of the jagged edges of the leaves which resemble teeth marks.

Bitter melon or bitter melon has many local names, in an area referred to as a pariah Java, bitter melon, bitter melon, pepareh. In Sumatra, known as bitter melon preiu, fori, pepare, kambeh, untouchable. People call it the marsh Nusa Tenggara, truwuk, paitap, paliak, pariak, Pania, and pepule, while in Sulawesi, people call the Poya, Pudu, penru, parsi belenggede, and palia.

1.2 The content of bitter melon fruit Pare contains protein, carbohydrate, and less fat. Pare is rich in calcium, iron and phosphorus. Vitamin prominent contained therein are vitamin A and vitamin C. From research conducted in Japan in 2003 is also known that the seeds of bitter melon is strong enough anti-oxidants to fight free radicals in the body that triggers the formation of cancer cells, accelerating aging, clogged arteries, stroke, and diabetes mellitus. Meanwhile momordica seeds also contain beneficial antiviral protein 30 as an anti HIV / AIDS (Zheng et al. 1999; Grover and Yadav, 2004). According to the research of Dr.. Mangestuti Apt, Ms, faculty of the department of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry Faculty of Pharmacy, Airlangga University Surabaya, bitter melon fruit contains a compound cucurbitacin, momordicin, karatin, terpenoids, hydroxytryptamine, vitamins A, B, and C. The content of compounds that are similar iinsulin polypeptide called polypeptide, efficacious lowering blood glucose levels directly. Almost all parts of this plant, good seeds, flowers, leaves, and roots, efficacious for the drug. However, bitter melon fruit is most commonly used for medicinal ingredients, especially diabetes mellitus. Pharmacological effects of this plant and its bitter cold, pare efficacious as anti-inflammatory, lowers blood glucose levels, to treat cough, sore throat, sore red eyes, rheumatism and ulcers dysentery.Table 1. Nutrition Fruit PareNo.NutritionMany


1calorie (energy)22,00 kal29,00 kal

2Protein0,90 g1,10 g

3Fat0,40 g0,30 g

4Carbohydrates4,60 g6,60 mg

5Fiber0,90 g-

6Abu0,70 mg-

7Calcium32,00 mg45,00 mg

8Iron0,90 mg1,40 mg

9Sodium2,00 mg-

10Niacin0,03 mg-

11Phosphorus32,00 mg64,00 mg

12Potassium211,00 mg-

13Vitamin A335,00 SI180,00 SI

14Vitamin B10,06 mg0,08 mg

15Vitamin B20,03 mg-

16Vitamin C55,00 mg53,00 mg

17Water93,34 g91,20 g

18The edible part-77,00 %

Sources: 1) Food Composition (1964) Handbook No.. 1 Manila (Knott JE & Deanon JR (1967); 2) MOH Directorate of Nutrition (1981) in: Rukmana (1999)2 . Pare Benefits for Patients with Diabetes mellitus2.1 The benefits of bitter melon for people with diabetes mellitusDiabetes mellitus is one of the diseases caused by declining hormone produced by the pancreas kelnjar . The decrease in these hormones cause all of the sugar ( glucose ) is consumed the body can not be manufactured perfectly so that glucose levels in the body will increase . Sugar which include polysaccharides , digosakarida , disaccharides and monosaccharides are energy sources that support overall human activity . The whole of this sugar will be processed into energy by the hormone insulin , because people with diabetes mellitus will usually experience lethargy , lack of energy , always feeling thirsty, urinate frequently and blurred vision , other symptoms due to glucose levels that are too high will occur atheroma as a cause kororer early heart disease .According to data from the World Health Organization ( WHO ) , Indonesia ranks as the world 's sixth country with the highest number of people with diabetes mellitus after India , China , Soviet Union , Japan and Brazil . Recorded in 1995 the number of people with diabetes mellitus in Indonesia has reached 5 million. In 2000 there were approximately 5.6 million people in Indonesia who have diabetes . But in 2006 estimated the number of diabetics in Indonessia rose sharply to 14 million people .The high rates of diabetes mellitus drug is manufactured in the factory and on the market seems to be quite an impact on the purchasing power of poor people , especially for people who pitch in the category of middle people , so it caused more severe diabetes mellitus can even cause death .Pare plants is one alternative healing diabetes mellitus , kiarena contain saponins , flavonoids , and polyphenols ( a powerful antioxidant ) , and glycosides cucrbitacin , momordidin , and charantin that can lower blood sugar ( Anoymous 2007) .Since ancient times , are used to treat people with diabetes have proven efficacious hypoglycemic by insulin plant which reduces the sugar content in blood and urine .

Research on the hypoglycemic efficacy was conducted by William D.Torres in 2004 both in vitro and in vivo . Pare effects in lowering blood sugar in animal work by preventing the intestines absorb sugar is eaten . Additionally pare allegedly has a component that resembles a sulfonylurea , the most old antidiabetic drug . These drugs stimulate beta cells ( ) pancreatic glands of the body produce more insulin , and increase the sugar reserves of glycogen deposits in the liver . Momordisin , similar glukosidaa also contained in bitter melon can lower blood sugar levels and help the pancreas produce insulin .Bitter melon as an antidiabetic discovery was confirmed by the results of a British study drug expert , A.Raman and C.lau in 1996 which stated that the extract of bitter melon fruit and dry powder causes a reduction in glucose levels in darahdan improve glucose tolerance . In traditional medicine , bitter melon fruit pounded to produce a bitter liquid or boiling the leaves and fruit to produce water that can be drunk directly . As a diabetes medication , bitter melon fruit can be served as a tea because it proved to have no side effects on the digestive system so that appropriate consumption by patients who experience constipation .2.2 How to use as a medicine pareAccording to Dra . Emma S Wirakusuma , a nutritionist at the Bogor Institute of Agriculture , the use of bitter melon as better medicine made especially dahuli extract . The trick , deseeded pare thinly sliced , dried in the sun to dry . If the slices are dry pare , do subtle hinngga milling or grown , then diayah . Any time you want to use only need the warm water . In addition to long-lasting , this method can engurangi bitter taste .How to overcome pare utilization Diabetes Mellitus , ie by Take 2 pare , wash and mash and add half cup water . Stir and squeeze . Drink potions as much as 1 day . Repeated for 2 weeks . Pare for the use of seeds , namely by providing 200 grams of melon seeds , melon seeds then roasted until dry and finely ground . After the cold stored in jars . How to use 10 grams of seed powder makers pare with boiled water to drink 3 times a day .How to use : 200 gr pare washed and blended . Add water to taste . Wring the cloth until collected a quarter piece of glass . Warm the juice over low heat subs 15-30 minutes . After a cold , drink , do every day . Or 200 grams of washed and pare diirs - thin slices . Boil 3 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup , after cold filtered . Drink , do every day .How to use , 200 g of fresh bitter melon fruit is washed and blended . Add enough water , then squeezed with a piece of cloth to collect as much as 50 ml ( a quarter cup ) . Juice warmed over low heat for 15-30 minutes . After a cold drink , do every day .

2.3 Pare consuming side effects in the long run. Although bitter melon has many nutrients and can be used to maintain health, but pare NOT be consumed by women who are pregnant because experiments in mice bitter melon juice giving cause miscarriage, ALSO SHOULD NOT be consumed by women who are breastfeeding their babies, because the content entered into breast milk and not good for the baby. Pare could reduce fertility it is not well taken by couples who are young and still want to have children. Pare consumption in the long run, both in the form of juice, salad or vegetable, can kill sperm, trigger impotence, damage the testes and male hormones, even potentially damage the liver (Basch et al. 2003; Lord et al. 2003). CHAPTER IIICLOSING

1 . ConclusionsResearch related to the utilization of plant Pare prove that , pare can use to maintain the health and illness that are not easily affected by infections , viruses and diseases including malaria . The herbalists generally use bitter melon to treat diabetes because it can lower blood sugar levels , prevent cancer , inflammation ( swelling ) and inflammation of the prostate and prostate cancer .Even though good for maintaining health , pare breast-feeding women should not be consumed because it is not good for the baby . Pregnant women are not allowed to consume bitter melon excess because it can cause miscarriage . As herbal antifertilitas has been done both in males and females . However, from the above description it can be concluded that the plant Pare ( Momordica charantia L ) can be considered as a potential herbal ingredients antifertilitas.

2 . SuggestionEverything that is beneficial to health in accordance with atuaran consumed . If consumed berlabihan or in the long term will inevitably cause effects to our health .

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