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International-Bali Post. Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Transcript of International-Bali Post. Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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    Tuesday, August 3, 2010

    16 Pages Number 1462st Year

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    The top elected official in thepredominantly Muslim state,Omar Abdullah, was in New Delhiand met with Prime MinisterManmohan Singh, Home Minis-ter P. Chidambaram and DefenseMinister A.K. Antony to discusssteps to defuse the unrest that hasleft 34 people dead over the pastseven weeks.

    The need is to end the cycleof violence. Some semblance ofnormalcy has to be a precursor forany political initiative, Abdullahtold reporters.

    The recent tension in the Hi-malayan region divided be-tween India and Pakistan andclaimed by both is reminiscentof the late 1980s, when protestsagainst New Delhis rule sparkedan armed conflict that has sinceleft 68,000 people dead, mostlycivilians.

    Kashmiri Muslims have heldmassive street protests, attackedsecurity camps with rocks andburned police stations. Govern-ment forces have responded byusing live ammunition and tear gasto break the protests against Indianrule. Clashes erupted again Mon-day in dozens of places across theregion, as protesters defied a

    Associated Press Writer

    BUCHAREST, Romania A 25-year-old Romanian woman weigh-ing 528 pounds (240 kilograms),who gave birth to a baby girl morethan 5 months ago, has died. Rela-tives of Victoria Lacatus say shedied of a heart attack Sunday afterdeveloping a high fever and breath-ing problems.

    Doctors from Craiova hospital insouthern Romania said Lacatusheart stopped. Hospital manager

    AP Photo/ Florin Ardelean/ Adevarul DailyIn this Feb. 17, 2010 file picture Victoria Lacatus, a 25-year-oldpregnant woman weighing 528 pounds (240 kilograms), is liftedby fire fighters out of an ambulance in Bucharest, Romania.

    Obese mom dies in Romania,5 months after birth

    Florin Petrescu said doctors triedto resuscitate Lacatus for 30 min-utes, a task made difficult becauseof her extreme obesity.

    When Lacatus gave birth on Feb.18, Dr. Daghni Rasasingham, ofBritains Royal College of Obste-tricians and Gynecologists in Lon-don said the case was rare, giventhe mothers weight and height of5 feet and 3 inches (1.6 meters).Rasasingham said she would be atrisk of clots, diabetes, post-birthbleeding and infection.

    1 dead, 30 wounded inmore India Kashmir protests

    AP Photo/Dar YasinA Kashmiri Muslim protester throws a policemans bambooshield on a burning government vehicle after protesters set iton fire during funeral procession of Tanveer Ahmed inPampore, outskirts of Srinagar, India, Sunday, Aug. 1, 2010.Continued on page 6

    Associated Press Writer

    SRINAGAR, India Government troops fired atthousands of people protesting Indian rule over thecountrys portion of Kashmir on Monday, killing oneperson and injuring more than 30 as the wave of vio-lence that has swept through the region continued un-abated.

    round-the-clock curfew.Government forces fired on

    thousands of protesters holdingstreet protests in the southern townof Kakpora, killing one and wound-ing five, a police officer said on con-dition of anonymity as he was notauthorized to talk to reporters.

    In the northern village ofKralpora, protesters set a securitybunker on fire and ransacked acounterinsurgency police forcecamp, the officer said. Troopsopened fire, injuring eight protest-ers, three critically, he said.

    Protesters also burned a govern-ment building and a local intelli-gence office in Budgam, a town tothe west of Srinagar, the regionsmain city. Four protesters werewounded there, the officer said. InSrinagar, troops announced overpublic address systems mounted ontheir vehicles that stern actionwould be taken against those vio-lating the curfew.

    However, hundreds of protesterscame out on the streets in severalneighborhoods, chanting Go In-dia! Go back and We want free-dom. Troops fired warning shotsand tear gas to disperse the protest-ers, the police officer said.

    Bali exports 7.1tons of coffee

    Inception livesdream to top boxoffice for thirdweek

    Australian womanlodges 33 milliondollar sex claim

  • InternationalTuesday, August 3, 20102

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    Bali News

    Former President of Indonesia,Megawati Soekarno Putri, alsomade her time to be present at theevent entitled TMII ArchipelagicCultural Enchantment Festival2010. At least, 500 spectators werereluctant to move from their seatfrom the beginning until the end ofthe performances. Moreover, theKeling Brahmin fragmentary per-formed at the last session was filledwith many moral messages fittingfor the future leaders of this coun-try. Similarly, the message was trulyrelevant for the societal life today.

    The story told about a Brahmin(priests) from Java coming to Balito meet the King Waturenggong, awise king ruling the SuwecapuraKingdom and could bring theSuwecapura Kingdom,Klungkung, Bali, to its golden pe-riod in the XVI century. The ar-rival of Keling Brahmin who re-mained to belong to the family ofthe King Waturenggong had reli-gious mission as a priest. Unfor-

    Solutions to resolve the trafficcongestion by the operation ofSarbagita (Denpasar, Badung,Gianyar, Tabanan) bus by BaliProvincial Government seems toless resonate and it is believedwould not be effective. Within thenext three months, Bali ProvincialGovernment will launch the opera-tion of Sarbagita bus. This bus willserve the new route starting fromTabanan to Denpasar and Gianyar.Target of this pilot project is tounravel the traffic congestionpoints in Kuta including the routeto Nusa Dua.

    Unfortunately, the public re-sponse to this solution was not soencouraging. It was proven whena question proposed: Are yousure the operation of Sarbagita busto become an effective solutionused to overcome the traffic con-gestion on the strategic intercityroutes? Answers of respondentswere focused on the choice notsure. There were 72.6 percent ofrespondents admitted to not sure.They generally assessed the habitof using buses had not been estab-lished yet. In addition, respondentsgenerally admitted to not knowwhere the direction and the bus ter-minal were due to lack of social-ization.

    Meanwhile, respondentsclaimed to believe that theSarbagita bus could overcome thecongestion amounted to 14.3 per-cent. They expected that after theoperation of the bus there wouldbe a new policy in the use of pri-vate vehicles. At least, respondentsexpected there should be endeav-ors to overcome the burden of con-gestion. In the meantime, respon-dents who claimed to know noth-ing about the matter reaching 13.1percent. They said the rate of ve-hicle growth was very high andweakness of policing on the roadswould make any solutions ineffec-tive.

    When asked about the question:In your opinion, what kind ofmeasure should be taken by gov-ernment to address the inter-re-gency congestion in Bali? re-spondents generally expected thegovernment to make a review onthe implementation of publictransportation route. It was notedthat 50 percent of responses lay-ing on this proposal. They assessedthe existing route was not effec-tive to drive them to their work-place. In addition, public trans-

    Cultural enchantment at TMII

    Keling BrahminKeling BrahminKeling BrahminKeling BrahminKeling Brahminmesmerizes spectatorsmesmerizes spectatorsmesmerizes spectatorsmesmerizes spectatorsmesmerizes spectators

    A fragmentary entitled Keling Brahmin performed by Gita Chandra Art Community fromKlungkung successfully enthralled hundreds of visitors to the Indonesia Miniature Park (TMII),in particular Balinese pavilion, last Saturday (Jul 31) night.

    tunately, his arrival did not getpleasant welcome and appreciation.Keling Brahmin looking shabbyand ugly even got bad treatmentwhere he was not recognized as thefamily of the King Waturenggong.Ultimately, the Keling Brahmin wastortured and expelled fromSuwecapura.

    Once upon a time, the king helda Nangluk Merana (pest preven-tion) ritual at Besakih Temple. Itwas intended to poise the universedue to influence of negative effects.In fact, a calamity afflicted theSuwecapura. The series of ritualsturned disorganized. Pest attackoccurred malignantly and harmedthe farmers crops. Mount Agungvibrated and Suwecapura was af-flicted by contagious disease. Ap-parently, such condition