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Public Gamification Implementing Gamification in the Public Sector Gamification World Congress 2016

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Public GamificationImplementing Gamification in the

Public SectorGamification World Congress 2016

Page 2: GWC - Joshua Wong

¡Vamos! Future of Work related

• HR Technology remote worker

• Gamification content director

• Government & Economics


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The Quest: Bringing together 2 worlds…

Seemingly Impossible Problem + Initially improbable Solution

Page 4: GWC - Joshua Wong

Why do civil servants need gamification?

Gamification is a design innovation

Out-game Boss

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“What is Gamification?”

Gamification is a design innovation. (not a technology


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The Gamification Perspective: Gamspiration

1. INSPIRATION by Game Design




Game Outcomes


Page 7: GWC - Joshua Wong

Gamification; Optimal use of mechanics/motivation

Great frameworks: Werbach’s Hierarchy and Chou’s Octalysis!

Page 8: GWC - Joshua Wong

For exampleMechanics: Foreshadowing the

tools of government in a

digitally enhanced society

Motivations: What if policy

design accommodated intrinsic

and extrinsic motivations?

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No Limits! Software eats the world butGamification is redesigning the software!

Page 10: GWC - Joshua Wong

“Can you be more specific for civil


A gamification perspective guides

existing public sector innovations

Page 11: GWC - Joshua Wong

The Gamification Process: 2 models

Habit Psychology (Eyal) + Data Science Technology (Wu) Gamification creates sustained behaviour via

Page 12: GWC - Joshua Wong

Data Driven Habit Creation

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Civil services today wants to make use of

Behavioural Economics + Digital Immersion (AR/VR) + Big Data

Page 14: GWC - Joshua Wong

These are some of the things that can be used… Positive + Social psychology

Behavioural + LnD/Health PsychologyDigital Reality ImmersionDescriptive AnalyticsPrescriptive and Predictive Analytics

Page 15: GWC - Joshua Wong

Stimulating behavioural change today;separated, static, standardised

Page 16: GWC - Joshua Wong

The future: Gamified public policy design




Page 17: GWC - Joshua Wong

“OK, I am interested. But can we implement it?”

The same way as the private sector

Page 18: GWC - Joshua Wong

Can the public sector be innovative?

To Summarise: best practices of the private sector can overcome the Unique and Exceptional public sector challenges.

Page 19: GWC - Joshua Wong

To Illustrate: Singapore, UK, India

Page 20: GWC - Joshua Wong

Add new content (EDRD)

• New Case Studies!

Limit the timeline (SP)

• Innovation Generation phase

Phase out gamified mechanics

• Subsequently tone down competition

Takeaway 1: Design for the entire timeframe

Page 21: GWC - Joshua Wong

Solve Company’s Problems (EDRD)

• Non-digital / Digital (Hybrid)

Solve User’s Problems (IS)

• 1st internal communication channel.

Integrate new models (SP)

• Backend (CRM) + Frontend (marketing)

Takeaway 2: Adapt the design as necessary

Page 22: GWC - Joshua Wong

Keep it simple (EDRD)

• Low cost, more speed = more projects

There are exceptions

• Validation from the private sector (IS)

• Commercial Agreements (IS)

Takeaway 3: Stay lean

Page 23: GWC - Joshua Wong

Create innovation Hubs (EDRD)

• On site use only

Segregate innovation enablers (IS)

• Closed Beta

Concentrate time period (SP)

• Limited innovation phase

Takeaway 4: Intensify the innovation context.

Page 24: GWC - Joshua Wong

Design innovation

Less Tech No Limits

More Epic

Page 25: GWC - Joshua Wong

A gamification-augmented government that enriches society

with intrinsic motivation?

In Singapore, Ministries of Health + Transportation + Manpower

MOM SGFuture Public Engagement

HPB’s National Steps Challenge


Page 26: GWC - Joshua Wong

Or Data Driven Citizen Obedience?

Page 27: GWC - Joshua Wong

The Quest must continue…