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There are rooms you have to cross along paths. Some are practically empty, some full of light. They are the result of the objects that inhabit them, that put you at ease.Things that may not have a value, others that are full of life, a sort of city, and anything can exist in there, a whirlwind of stuff, even useless things, but it makes you feel good.There are objects that fade like postcards on dressers, and objects that go on living. They don’t go with the others, because they have atemporal signs and lives.There are seas painted on walls, women on buildings, some say it’s the same, but instead it is not, we like different things, the ones that have an authenticity that speaks and gets noticed, leaps out at you and makes you wonder: how did they do that?Marco Ciriello

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    Printed in Italy by Arti Grafiche Meroni

  • I N D E X

    > 4 > 7

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    > 1 9

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    B O O K C A S E SA N D C A B I N E T S

    1 .TA N I M O T O

    i n f o > 24

    A R M C H A I R S A N D S O F A S

    2 .Y u VA

    i n f o > 2 4

    3 .P I l O T I S

    i n f o > 2 5

    T A B L E S

    4 .M A N T I S

    i n f o > 2 5

    5 .R A I lw AY I N D O O R

    i n f o > 2 6

    C H A I R S

    6 .D O N Z E l l A

    i n f o > 2 6

    7.F l O R I N D A S O F T

    i n f o > 2 6

  • 41T A N I M O T O

    design V ico Mag i s t r e t t i


    | B O O k C A S E S A N D C A B I N E T S

    Japanese delicacy in a freestanding

    modular bookcase, for infinite

    side by side placement and corner

    configurations. A few simple l ines

    give form to a true classic for

    the home or office. The slender

    shelves can be easily adjusted

    to store books of different sizes.

    info > 24

  • 55

  • 6

  • 72Y u v A

    design Aksu/Suardi


    A R M C h A I R S A N D S O FA S |

    Soft , rounded l ines, the desi re

    to s impl i fy, to reduce th ings

    to thei r essence , start ing f rom

    a cushion. A cushion attached

    to the base , forming the back

    and armrests , which becomes

    a seat s imply by rest ing on

    the structure . The rounded

    corners accentuate the soft ,

    fami l iar forms. The f i l ler is

    y ie ld ing yet f i rm, to guarantee

    comfort . I r regular seat and

    back d imensions g ive th is

    p iece a unique character.

    info > 24

  • 88 | A R M C h A I R S A N D S O FA S

  • 99

  • 1 0

    p I L O T I S

    design Phil ippe Nigro


    3Inc l ined l ike the st i l ts of

    a bui ld ing, the sol id wooden

    legs grant stabi l i ty to the

    soft heart of th is armchair,

    c reat ing a d ia logue between

    what supports and what is

    supported, between ins ide

    and outs ide . P i lot is becomes

    the protagonist of any l iv ing

    area, to create a cozy corner

    in a large space or a spec ia l

    zone set as ide for re la xat ion.

    info > 25

    | A R M C h A I R S A N D S O FA S

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  • 1 2 | A R M C h A I R S A N D S O FA S

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  • 1 51 5

    4M A N T I S

    design Patricia urquiola


    TA B l E S |

    An object that fl ies, on four

    legs. Thats how Patricia

    urquiola describes Mantis,

    her gentle table. Gentle

    l ike sheet metal, a malleable

    industrial material, bent to

    create the form of the legs.

    Joined to the central beam,

    they make a backbone for

    the slender, tapered top,

    l ike the wing of an airplane.

    Mantis is an impressive, long

    or very long table, to seat

    many people. A synthesis of

    innovation and craftsmanship,

    solidity and l ightness, it is

    perfect for a large dining

    room or for a board room.

    info > 25

  • 1 6

    5R A I L W A Y I N D O O R

    design luca Nichetto


    Railway goes Indoors, entering

    the home with a refined black

    Marquinia marble top combined

    with an anthracite base, or in

    the total white version with

    a top in white marble. For

    those who love the warmth of

    wood, it is also available with

    a top in natural oak. A table

    of solid character, clean forms

    and rigorous functional quality.

    info > 26

    C H A I RL A v E N H A M E X E C u T I v E

    > 2 7

    | TA B l E S

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  • 1 8

  • 61 9

    D O N Z E L L A

    design Michele De lucchi


    T A B L ER A I LW A Y I N D O O R> 1 6

    Donzella reprises a bri l l iant

    interlock to resolve the

    connection between the seat

    and the legs: a simple wil low

    pole that splits to form the

    handle of a rake, invented

    by an anonymous designer

    many years ago. This elegant,

    refined chair adapts perfectly

    to all settings, from the dining

    room to the studio, and also

    comes in black, for informal

    meeting rooms.

    info > 26

    C h A I R S |

  • 2 0

    7F L O R I N D A S O F T

    design Monica Frster


    | C h A I R S

    The black and white version of

    Florinda becomes Soft thanks

    to polyurethane padding for

    the seat and the simple cushion

    that fits handily into the back.

    info > 26

    T A B L ER A I LW A Y I N D O O R

    > 1 6

  • 2 12 1

  • NOTES The measurements of products are indicated in cm (in inches for the uS market) and can vary by +/- 5 cm (+/- 2 inch) for the upholstered furniture and +/- 1 cm (+/- 1/2 inch) for the other furniture and accessories.

    The colours of the products shown in the photographs are indications, and may not correspond to the real colours.

    De Padova products stand out for their use of fine materials treated to enhance their natural, characteristic beauty. The workmanship makes it possible to appreciate all the specific qualities of the materials utilized, making every product unique. Products made with natural materials like wood and marble, and with natural dyes and colours, may differ slightly from one another in terms of both colour and grain. Exposure of the products to natural or artificial light can cause alterations of the original colours.

    De Padova reserves the right to eliminate, aesthetically modify or improve its products without prior notice.

    The products are manufactured in compliance with the safety regulations that apply in their intended markets: please contact our Customer Service Department ( for specific information.

    For information on conditions of sale and warranties please contact customer service.

    The De Padova distribution network is shown on our site,,under the info section.

    descriptions and dimensions

  • y u va > 07design Aksu/Suardi , 2012



    ta n i m o t o > 04design Vico Magistrett i , 1991

    2 4

    Type Modular bookcase. Material Solid oak or black walnut structure. Back panels in

    particle board veneered in oak or black walnut. Adjustable shelves and vertical dividers

    of painted particle board or veneered in black walnut. Base (feet/wheels) Adjustable

    feet. Finish/Colour Oak or black walnut finished with open-pore acrylic varnish. Shelves

    and vertical dividers painted in eggshell white for the oak version only or in black

    walnut. Notes Adjustable shelves can be placed in five positions, at a perforation inter-

    val of 32 mm.

    Type Two or more seater sofa, chaise longue and pouf, complete with throw pillows (see

    drawings). Material Steel structure with elastic belting. Cushions and seat support in

    variable-density polyurethane foam covered in polyester batting. Aluminium or ash

    legs with adjustable plastic feet. Goose down throw pillows 27 x 58 cm and 38 x 38 cm.

    Finish/Cover Completely removable cover, available with stitching in two versions:

    long tacking stitches on all cushions with contrasting or ton-sur-ton thread, selected

    from the indicated range of colours; standard stitching with thread matched to the

    selected fabric. Satin-finished aluminium or oak-stained ash feet.

    B O O K C A S E S A N D C A B I N E T S | S O F A S








    150 90 Yu/PF


    Yu/4Yu/3 230




    170 90

    70 100


  • 03 p i l o t i s > 10design Phi l ippe Nigro, 2012

    2 5

    m a n t i s > 15design Patr ic ia urquio la , 200804

    Type Armchair, pouf and three seater sofa complete with lower back pillows (see draw-

    ings). Material Back structure of steel coated with polyurethane foam, covered with

    polyester batting. Seat structure of steel and wood. Goose down seat cushions with

    polyurethane foam support and covered with cotton fabric. lower back pillows filled with

    polyester batting. legs in oak or black wa