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: Bahasa Inggris


: X ( Sepuluh ) Multimedia / Kria Tektsil

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: Rabu, 11 Juni 2008Waktu

: 07.30 09.30 WIB

I. Choose the best answer of these question !

Items 1 4 refer to the following article

Twenty years ago when the personal computer hit the business world, experts predicted the advent of paperless office. But time has proved them wrong. Offices have more paper than ever. People can easily print out a personal copy of document for anyone who needs to see it. Programs such as spelling and grammar checkers, as well as improved computer graphics, have led people to expect perfection in their documents, and to keep printing copies until they get it. The simple truth is that most people simlpy prefer paper. Scientific studies have shown that paper copies are easier for people to road and to edit than is text on a screen. And many people are still nervous about documents being accidentally deleted from a computer _ if not through their own fault, through a computer system failure or a power outage. In short, although office paper may be significantly reduced the paperless office is unlikely to become a reality.1. What does this article discuss?a. the advantages of computers

b. the failure of the type writer

c. the paperless office

d. the efficiency of printers

e. the computer business

2. When was the paperless office predicted firstly?a. when office computers become commonb. when people realized the need to recycle

c. when paper become too expensive

d. when printers failed to work as advertised

e. when people are easy to read text on screen

3. How have computer program generated more paper?a. They use lots of paper

b. They print multiple copies

c. They make documents easy to prepare

d. They connect easily to printers

4. Why will offices probably always use paper?

a. paper can be signed

d. many people prefer paperb. paper is traditional

e. paper can be documented

c. paper is easier to mail

Question 5 6 refer to the following announcement !

Police are trying to locate miss Elsie Pearson, age 70 who disappeared from Kurnias home for the Elderly on Wednesday night. Miss Pearson is 165 centimeters tall, weights 100 kilograms and has short brown hair. She wears thick glasses, has a light complexion, and brown eyes, when last seen she was wearing a short blue jacket brown slack and black shoes.5. What is the announcement about?

a. a missing person

b. The description of miss Elsie Person

c. A polices researchd. Kurnias home for elderly

e. Miss Pearsons appearance.6. How is Miss Pearsons appearance?a. Shes overweight

b. Shes ideal weight

c. Shes slim

d. Shes tiny

e. Shes beautiful

7. Zona : whats your plan for next year?Deta : If I pass all the exams, I directly to the industries.

I want to be a dress maker in a garment industry.

a. will go

b. would enter

c. would have gone

d. am going

e. should go

8. Yudi : I feel exhausted doing last exams.Nuri : seeing the movie this afternoon.

Yudi : sound great. I hope it will make my self fresh.

a. Lets

c. Go

e. What a good idea

b. How about

d. Do you want

9. In my opinion, its the camera to use, because it has the sharpest picture quality.a. Convinient

c. most conveniente. convinient as

b. More convenientd. convining

10. I you the dictionary if you promise to return it tomorrowa. would lend

c. have lent

e. were lend

b. will lend

d. am lending

11. We were with the hotel service, we expected it to be much better.a. disappointed

c. amused

e. exhausted

b. boring

d. embarrassing

12. The new singers were ___ They did their performances greatly on the stage last night.a. amazing

c. annoying

e. tiringb. disgusting

d. worrying

13. The children . a comedy on the stage at school party last Sunday.a. play

c. are playing

e. will play

b. played

d. would play

14. Rina: can I go to the movie tonight, mom?Mother: yes, but you go home before eleven.a. could

c. must

e. should

b. can

d. may

15. You mustnt here. Its prohibited.a. smoking

c. smoke

e. is smoked

b. smoked

d. smokes

16. It is possible to a good mask if we study hard.a. getting

c. get

e. getted

b. gets

d. got

What do you think this sign meansc. dont turn left

d. dont turn right

d. turn left

e. one way

e. turn right

17. A : basketball is this?

B : It is Susans basketball.

a. who

c. which

e. what

b. whom

d. whose18. Adi

: Where is the Indonesian Bank?Nugroho: It is Rasuja Said Hotel and Murah Restaurant.a. betweenc. beyond

e. after

b. under

d. in front of

19. A : ..?B : Give me black colour.

A : Here you are, sir.

B : What is the price?

A : It is only are hundred thousand rupiahs

a. What is this ?

c. What do you want ?

e. How do you like it ?b. What is that ?

d. What colour is this ?20. Lusi: Excuse me, the bus station please?Ina : Okay, follow this way, turn right and then turn left, it is on your left.

Lusi: Thanks.

a. How far is it to

d. Could you tell me the way to

b. Where is the location of

e. Would you go to

c. How long does it take to

21. Parent

: What do the students usually do at school?

Teacher : . In the workshop.

a. They practice

d. They will practiceb. They are practicing

e. They would practice

c. They have praticed

Qustions 23 24 refer to the following map.

22. You are standing in front of the book shop. A foreigner comes asking you the way to Melia Hotel.Foreigner: Excuse me. Could you please tell me how to get to Melia hotel from here?


: Certainly

a. Walk up this street, turn right on Mawar Street. The Hotel is on the left side.

b. Walk down Kenari Street, turn left on Bougenville Street. The hotel is across the Bank.

c. Walk along Kenari Street, turn left on Mawar Street. The hotel is on the right side next to the store.

d. Go along this Street. Dont turn left on the Tjunction. The hotel is on Mawar Street.

e. Go straight Kenari Street, turn right on Mawar Street. The hotel is on the left across from BII Bank.

23. The hotel Guest: We want to go to the Park. Where is it, please?

The bell boy: Fine sir, please walk down this street. Turn right on kenari and again on Bougenvile street. Pass the Bakery and the post office. The park is on the left side across from the college.

a. beside

c. turn left

e. among

b. turn right

d. between

24. Which one is correcta. He prefers to give to accept something

b. He prefers giving to accept something

c. He prefers give to accepting something

d. He prefers giving to accept something

e. He prefers giving to accepting something

Number 26 30. Find the error on the sentences by crossing A, B, C, or D.25. If my friends come to my house, I would serve them delicious food.

26. The bank is near from here, it is on Bamboo street.27. There is six people in her family.

28. I wonder if you could showing me the way to the toilet.

29. He would rather reading novel than write story.

II. Answer the question below!

1. Find the location of the map based on the direction below!.

You are in front of the rail way station. You want to go to the hotel. The hotel in on the right of Kemuning Street. There is a bank behind the hotel. You want to go to the mosque. You should go along Kemuning Street, there is T-Junction you should turn right, the mosque is on your left. From the mosque you want to go to the cinema. You should walk down on Mawar Street, there is T-Junction you should turn left the cinema is on your left. From the cinema you feel hungry and want to go to the restaurant. The restaurant is across from the cinema. From the restaurant you want to pick up your brother at his school. You go straight on Delima Street, your brothers school is on your right. There is drug store across for your brothers school and you are buying Enervon C there. From the drug store you want to visit your friend in the hospital. The hospital is next to the drug store. Finally you want to go to the bus station. You go along Anggrek Street the bus station is on your right.A =

E = ..

I = ..

B =

F =

J = ..

C =

G = ..

D =

H =

.2. Make description of these picture below ! ( min 5 senteces )

3. Make conditional sentences based on the given situation.

a. If you want a good score in examination, what will you do?

b. What will you do if you loose your job.

4. Make sentences of the words below.

a. Confusing confusedb. Interesting interested.

City Library


BII Bank


Post Office


Bougenville Street

Mawar Street

Melia Hotel

Shoe store