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  • Vol.3 no.33 / www.thejakartapost.comTHURS 30

    Bali & BeyondTravel Fair 2016

    Zero wasTe villages

    shakespeare in Badung

  • 2 june 30, 2016

    PT BINA MEDIA TENGGARA I EDIToRIAl AND GENERAl DEPARTMENTjl. tukad musi VI/17 kav.1 renon Denpasar Bali (0361) 265 436, 265 437 Fax (0361) 223 698 [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Bali & Beyond travel Fair 2016 les Biches 04 05

    from THE EdiTor

    Board of Directors Jusuf Wanandi, Cherly P. Santoso, Endy M. Bayuni & Riyadi Suparno I Editor in Chief/Guarantor Endy M. Bayuni

    Editor I Wayan Juniarta I Contributing Editor Rita A. Widiadana I Editorial Staff Desy Nurhayati, Bram Setiawan, Anton Muhajir, Alit Kertaraharja, Ni Komang Erviani, Luh De Suriyani, Wasti Atmodjo I Photographers Agung Parameswara, Lukman SB, Zul Trio Anggono, Anggara MahendraGraphic Designer Budhi Hartono, Sunaryo, Mohamad Soleh

    General Manager Wiradiatma Wijoga I Advertising Kadek Ita Noviyanti, Ngurah Agung I Circulation Slamet Sunarno I Promotions Mirah Adi


    cover photo: coUrtesY oF nUsa DUa Beach hotel


    authentically Bali

    shakespeare in Badung

    sunset seekers

    adventure time

    house of Ioco

    Zero waste villages 06


    this issue will be the last edition of Balibuzz to reach your hands. I would like to express my gratitude to our readers, the communities, as well as our friends in the private sector, who have been supporting Balibuzz over the last two years.

    this farewell does not mean that Bali no longer occupies an important position in the realm of The Jakarta Post. Instead, the closure of Balibuzz is being carried out in order to enable us to shift our resources to revamp and expand jplus, our premier nationwide lifestyle and travel publication.

    this means that there will be more stories on Bali published and circulated at the national, good bye and see you soon!

    The Editor


  • 3june 30, 2016


    every year, the villagers of tenganan pegringsingan in karangasem celebrate a month-long religious festival called Usaba Sambah, to respect lord Indra, the god of war in hindu mythology.

    among the rituals held during the festival is Mekare Kare or perang pandan, where the men of tenganan proudly display their courage in a ritual battle. this year, the ritual took place on june 24 and 25.

    armed with clubs made of thorny pandanus leaves and rattan shields, they took their place

    on an elevated wooden stage to partake in a brief duel, accompanied by the sounds of gamelan played at a fast pace to boost the fighters spirits.

    For a total of three hours each fight lasts only a few minutes but is sufficient to inflict wounds on the participants and even draw blood it is a contest open to all, including boys of all ages. no hard feelings, no hatred, no revenge and no one wins or loses in this fight.

    the only aim of the fight is to shed blood as the ultimate sacrifice for lord Indra.

    Mekare kareBlooD oFFerIng For the goD oF war

    worDs anD photos AGUNG PARAMESWARA

  • 4 june 30, 2016


    Bali & Beyond Travel Fair 2016

    InDonesIas onlY traVel FaIr showcases toUrIsm potentIal across the archIpelago


    Bali is one of the main gateways to Indonesia for global travelers, contributing up to 40 percent of all foreign visitors to the archipelago annually.

    the island serves as a hub, providing direct access to many places across Indonesia, including emerging destinations, so that visitors can explore this vast country with its endless natural and cultural beauty.

    the countrys diverse tourism potential was showcased during the Bali & Beyond travel Fair (BBtF) 2016 last week, which was held for the third year.

    taking place from thursday to saturday, BBtF the only travel and tourism fair in Indonesia brought together 168 sellers

    (exhibitors and tourism operators) and 222 buyers from 30 countries in a single forum, with a transaction value reaching rp 6.8 trillion (Us$516.8 million).

    the participants, consisting of tourism stakeholders from provinces nationwide, had the chance to directly promote the tourism potential of their respective areas to international buyers.

    this business-to-business event was expected to advance the countrys tourist industry through business sessions and direct promotion of best practices in meeting, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (mIce) and leisure management.

    with exhibitors and buyers from numerous countries around the world, the forum

    facilitated pre-scheduled appointments and business sessions for buyers and sellers to negotiate on their long-term leisure and corporate travel needs.

    corporations, travel agents, hotel and resort chains, cruise operators, convention planners, venue operators and travel buyers could leverage the two and a half days of business-to-business sessions to enhance their respective brands in Indonesia and asia-pacific markets.

    participants in this event are all prominent buyers and sellers. we hope they will be able to promote Bali and areas beyond the island, to the world, said ketut ardana, head of the BBtF

    organizing committee. For this years BBtF, the committee

    organized a post tour to several areas in Indonesia, including other parts of Bali, as well as Banyuwangi, komodo island, ntB and toraja, to provide opportunities for the buyers to have first-hand experience of Indonesias attractive destinations.

    as a prominent forum in the travel industry, BBtF is expected to be one of the worlds biggest travel fairs.

    next year, Bali & Beyond travel Fair will be held from june 7 to 11 and south sumatera will be the co-host.

  • 5june 30, 2016


    three inspired individuals, who were gathered by fate, united by a shared vision and enthralled by the endless creative freedom that they find in Bali, founded les Biches in 2012.

    after four years of exploring the market on the island, in jakarta, sydney and Berlin, they opened their first store in Bali.

    situated in the heart of seminyak, on jl. kayu jati right next to the legendary motel mexicola, the eponymous store is the answer for all style-conscious shoppers looking for the perfect outfit to unwind by the beach, drink their sunset martini or dance on a fabulous Bali night out.

    the store showcases les Biches own collection of clothes, bags and accessories, as well as products from other brands that share their vision, including pantainanas, hunt of hounds, love hunter, adiya, les specs luxe and Uslu airlines.

    apart from that, it also offers an ever-changing collection of objets trouvs and the odd collectable high fashion piece.

    les Biches literally means the does (as in female deer), but the term is French slang for girls or girlfriends and loosely translates into the sweethearts or the darlings.

    to emi, andri and stephan, it stands for feminine strength, frivolous wit and a flirty seductiveness. It is a name that allows the designers to dream up an exquisite and always humorous world and offer their own brand of eccentric chic to todays gentlewoman.

    For the opening of the store, les Biches prepared an exciting new summer/Fall 2016 collection, coetum (the latin word for an assemblage of objects, mysteriously referring to local rituals).

    coetum can be a string, a rope and a piece of cable, a fishing buoy and a hook, colored discs and a motherboard and a page ripped out of a book. all play a part in les Biches new collection.

    think of 80s japanese Fashion and how names like Yohji Yamamoto, kawakubo, Issey miyaki and kenzo previewed japanese style to the world.

    minimalist looks, deconstructed sequence, a play on dark and light, the use of little trinkets, as well as the diversity of details emphasized by the monotone is how les Biches interpret their latest collection.

    they continue their aesthetic from previous collections, by playing with transparent materials, silky viscose and oversized volumes. Yet, they manage to elevate it to a whole new level, making it their most elaborate and most awaited collection to date.

    capsule was their first collection, which was launched in 2012. having their own individual projects at the time, designers stephan and emi needed a creative outlet to channel their passions. they started off with simple shapes that were perfect in their details, like embroidery, hand embroidered cross stitch, enlarged paisley that sat on beautiful fabrics, such as cotton, linen and silk. Inspired by the beach culture, they played with semi-transparent materials that represented an airy, yet bold nature of Bali, with a selection of earthy colors.

    les Biches has also launched an online store,, offering worldwide shipping with free shipping throughout Indonesia.

    with a new focus, a story and a distinguished style, les Biches is making its way to becoming the leading fashion style in Indonesia.

    Les Biches an eccentrIc FashIon BranD opens Its FIrst

    store In BalI


  • 6 june 30, 2016


    It has long been common practice for families to dump their organic waste in the backyard for pigs or cows to feed on, instead of collecting the waste to create compost. this habit attracts houseflies, rats, cockroaches and many insects.

    many households even dispose of organic waste with their general rubbish, which is then taken to the land fill. some simply burn all their waste.

    estimates claim that 65 percent of waste is organic, 7 percent recyclable (plastic & glass) and the remaining 8 percent is unusable or toxic. current practices are very unhealthy and affect surrounding living conditions.

    to create a healthier environment, rotary club in Bali has taken the initiative to educate local people on how to handle organic food waste using fermentation in an anaerobic system (without oxygen) to turn it into compost.

    the organization has also formed the community-based rotary community corps (rcc), under rotary guidance, to further provide assistance on composting at the community level.

    the target is to select small villages in agricultural regions with a population of not more than 100 families, most of whom are farmers or laborers.

    Bungkulan village in singaraja, in the northern regency of Buleleng, has been selected as the pilot project.

    here, each household has been trained to collect their own organic food and kitchen waste at home and keep it in a plastic container. when the container is full, it is sent to the rcc processing center for the final stage of fermentation in the ground.

    at the processing site, the contents of the boxes, which have been fermenting over the past two weeks, are poured into the trench, mixed with soil then the whole trench is covered with soil.

    It takes a further two weeks for this buried waste to turn into compost, which the local people can then use on their crops instead of buying expensive chemical-based fertilizers.

    this system improves the surrounding area, removes odors, flies and rats and helps to create zero waste by returning all kitchen and food waste to nature.

    with the successful commissioning of this project, rotary aims to expand this system into other villages.

    Zero wasTe villages a project to help FamIlIes tUrn FooD anD kItchen

    waste Into compostworDs DESY NURHAYATI photos COURTESY OF ROTARY CLUB

  • 7june 30, 2016


    Visitors curiously inspected the traditional house. the floor was made of a mixture of clay and rice husks, while the lower part of the outer wall was covered with dried cow dung. the upper part was constructed of plaited bamboo sheets topped with a dried grass roof.

    most of the houses in Sade, a four-hectare village inhabited by the indigenous sasak people in central lombok, share similar features. the village has a population of around 700 people, mostly working as farmers and weavers.

    In recent years, Sade has grown into a popular tourist destination as a growing number of visitors wish to see first-hand the unique culture of the people who adhere to Wektu Telu, a syncretic form of Islam, hinduism and animism.

    the steady stream of visitors, which can amount to hundreds of people per day, has opened up a new job opportunity for local people. now, some of them have left the rice fields to offer their services as guides to the visitors.

    proficiency in the english language used to be the primary obstacle for the Sade people wanting to work as guides. nowadays, however, language and history training is held each month and the number of locals becoming tour guides has increased, one tour guide, mahmud, said.

    tourism has also brought buyers for locally made handicrafts and woven cloth. most of

    Sadea traDItIonal VIllage hopes For a Better

    FUtUre throUgh toUrIsmworDs anD photos ANGGARA MAHENDRA

    sades women are accomplished weavers. this is due to the fact that girls are prohibited from getting married before they master the skill of weaving.

    It is a two-hour drive to reach sade from lomboks capital of mataram. Visitors are advised to rent a motorbike or car because public transportation is scarce. Sade lies just 30 minutes drive from the beautiful white-sand kute beach.

  • 8 june 30, 2016

    the pIoneer oF lUxUrY accommoDatIon In nUsa DUa oFFers an aUthentIc BalInese experIence


    AuthenticAlly BAli

  • 9june 30, 2016

    Cover story

    Designed to resemble a Balinese palace, nusa Dua Beach hotel features all the elegance of a royal residence, while offering every modern amenity and convenience for a luxurious getaway.

    the award-winning resort offers its authentically Bali experience through the features of its 382 guestrooms and suites nestled on nine hectares of lush tropical Balinese gardens facing a span of 200 meters of white sandy beach on the nusa Dua peninsula.

    the beautifully landscaped gardens are a joy to walk around and witness wildlife, from birds and lizards to the ducks around the immaculate ponds.

    since its grand opening in 1983, this five-star diamond resort has been welcoming kings, queens, presidents and other dignitaries, and now boasts an extensive range of rejuvenated rooms and facilities with a new feel, while still retaining its Balinese heritage.

    guests can feel like Balinese royalty in the palace club wing, an exclusive entity within the hotel that offers ultimate privacy and various exclusive privileges, including a private registration area, butler service and complimentary in-room Internet access.

    all the palace club guests have access to the palace club lounge to enjoy a complimentary selection of non-alcoholic beverages, daily afternoon tea and evening cocktails.

    the resorts specialty suites comprise two bedrooms, with the possibility of adding adjoining rooms. guests can choose the Batur suite with garden view, or agung suite with stunning ocean view. For ultimate privacy, the resorts nusa Dua suite offers a private entrance, private pool and whirlpool.

    meanwhile, the royal residence offers superlative elegance and unique luxury together with a surpassed level of service. previously only available to royalty, the royal residence is now open to guests. It is situated in a private enclave among the resorts magnificent gardens, where a private entrance heralds one of the most secluded and beautiful villas in Bali.

    enhance your authentically Bali experience with nusa Dua spa, the spa pioneer on the island. the spa highlights its rich Balinese tradition through ambiance and a variety of

    indigenous treatments. the skilled therapists are ready to pamper guests with ultimate relaxation rituals.

    also located within the spa vicinity, the resort provides a fully equipped fitness center, squash and tennis courts to ensure guests can stay fit.

    Dining in a royal setting will bring your authentically Bali experience to absolute perfection. the signature rajas restaurant offers pure Balinese cuisine in a palatial setting.

    established in 2001, the poolside restaurant, located only meters from the beachfront, is designed to reflect the way a Balinese royal family would dine.

    rajas is a place where guests can take home more than just beach memories and standard hotel food and can try a more authentic piece of Bali. rajas menu is based on research in Balinese palaces and villages and is the result of many interviews and taste trials in far-off hamlets.

    rajas cuisine is seriously Balinese fare, unmodified the result of more than a year of taste testing, guest trials and in-house cooking contests. although it serves original Balinese food, rajas is certified as a halal restaurant.

    popular rajas appetizers include the award-winning palem sari ulam (steamed seafood in coconut curry pudding), tum udang (minced prawn and young coconut steamed in banana leaf and served on a seaweed salad with lesser galangal and garlic chili dressing) and other unique specialties.

    Favorite soups including the seafood kuah gedang sareng (fresh jumbo prawns with young green papaya soup).

    the array of main courses on offer are as

    varied as sate gede (oversized barbecued chicken, lamb and beef skewers with long-bean salad and sweet chili coriander dressing), ulam segara mepanggang (grilled baby snapper with shallot, lemongrass and live leaf dressing) and pesan be pasih (lemon basil and tamarind marinated mackerel wrapped in banana leaf and grilled).

    If guests like their meals spicy, as most Balinese do, they can ask for chili sambal prepared and ground tableside using a traditional Balinese mortar and pestle.

    rajas signature dish is bebek or ayam betutu a whole duck or chicken marinated in 16 different spices, wrapped in palm leaves and slow cooked for four hours. It is presented to the guests in a whole piece and then carved at the table.

    the dessert menu includes pisang rai (poached bananas in coconut batter with honey and ginger ice cream), village favorite

    dadar gulung (pandanus leaf pancakes with a jackfruit and palm-sugar filling served with coconut ice cream) and other sweet traditional specialties.

    guests can dine indoors in air conditioning or in a poolside, open-air wooden pavilion that is decorated regally with intricate Balinese carvings. there is also the option of booking a private indoor area with seating for up to eight people.

    all rajas dining paraphernalia was sourced and produced in Bali, except for the crystal glasses. noteworthy are the heavy, solid-brass show plates, cutlery and dulang (food stands), as well as the tablecloths made from brokat (traditional lace material) that is usually used to make Balinese womens blouses.

    Indeed, there is no better place to experience the authentic Balinese heritage and culture on the Island of the gods than the iconic nusa Dua Beach hotel and spa.

  • 10 june 30, 2016

    It was not a cold, foggy British night. Instead, it was a humid, tropical night. not the kind of weather shakespeare experienced when he wrote those powerful plays that continue to entertain the world centuries after he passed away.

    Yet, on that humid tropical night, one of his plays was about to be performed at a community hall in abiansemal Dauh Yeh cani village in Badung. It is a village steeped in traditional Balinese performing arts. It boasts topeng (masked theater), wayang (shadow puppet), arja (classical dance drama), calonarang (supernatural horror theater) troupes, as well as scores of different gamelan ensembles.

    the villagers started to fill the hall. all were in simple Balinese attire.

    I heard that foreigners will perform. I have no idea what they will do, a pecalang (traditional guardsmen) said.

    watching western artists perform was not a new thing for the villagers, he assured, because in the past there had been several such performances in the community hall and village temple.

    the melodious sounds of metallophones played by local child musicians marked the opening of the cultural night. Village chief I wayan sutama gave a brief speech, thanking leon rubin, the plays director for bringing the performance to the village, and apologizing that the hall was not packed with a full audience. apparently, the village was to have a major cremation ritual the following day and most of the villagers were busy preparing for it.

    the actors, a mixed group of western and local artists, entered the stage and the play began. It was an adaptation of Cymbeline, shakespeares tragicomic take on power and jealousy inspired by ancient British legends.

    the presence of a narrator and the fact that


    shakespeare in Badunga BrItIsh theatrIcal groUp perForms In a BalInese VIllage

    worDs anD photos LUHDE SURIYANI

    all dialogue was in Bahasa made it easier for the audience to understand the two-hour long performance.

    presented by east 15 acting school in essex, the performance involved several big names in Balinese performing arts, including nyoman catra, nyoman sedana and wayan Dibia, as well as young Balinese theatrical actors,

    including Indra parusha and tebo aumbara. It was produced by allegra ceccarelli, while the songs and music were composed by richard Brown. psyche chui designed the lighting and wenhai ma crafted the costumes.

    the play was also performed at Bali arts Festival and agung rai museum of arts (arma).

  • 11june 30, 2016


    gili trawangan, a 15-square kilometer island off lombok, has pristine beaches, stunning underwater beauty, as well as being the perfect distance from crowded cities, thus making any visitor feel liberated instead of marooned.

    one other thing, it also offers the perfect sunset. this is important since a growing number of visitors now have placed getting an impeccable sunset selfie near the top of their must-do list.

    Visitors can travel to gili trawangan from Bali or lombok. a fast boat from padangbay harbor in Bali takes around 1.5 hours. a more expensive option is taking a fast boat from Benoa harbor.

    In lombok, a trip to the island can be booked in Bangsal or teluk nara harbors, with the latter being an increasingly popular option

    due to the close proximity of the pier to the car park. at Bangsal harbor, passengers have to walk for quite some time, or board a cidomo, a horse-drawn cart. a 10-minute speedboat trip to gili trawangan costs around rp 75,000 (Us$5.70).

    cycling is the best way to explore this island and bicycle rental usually costs around rp 80,000 per day.

    as the day draws to its end, groups of cyclists and visitors in cidomo can be seen rushing to the western edge of the island. this is the quieter part of gili trawangan, with only a few cottages dotting the shoreline.

    precisely at 5 p.m., the sun makes its final descent to the horizon and suddenly the blue sky erupts into a juxtaposition of bright colors, from yellow to orange to red. It is a fantastic sunset.

    sunseT worDs anD photos AGUNG PARAMESWARAgIlI trawangan shoUlD

    Be on the a-lIst For sUnset loVers


  • 12 june 30, 2016


    nothing beats the fresh air and stunning landscape of rural areas to heal the body and mind of a city-dweller. krisna adventure in sambangan village, Buleleng, offers such vistas and numerous outdoor activities that can lure anybody to escape their urban atV ride along the companys track will take visitors on an exhilarating journey around

    the rural village landscape, lush paddy fields, a pristine stream, green lawns and a forested hill. a 20-meter long orange bridge connects the two separate areas of krisna adventure.

    not far from the bridge is a set of stairs that leads visitors down a ravine and to a large river. a short walk along the bank yields a majestic sight: the 35-meter tall aling-aling waterfall. the waterfall is so gorgeous that some visitors spend hours there.

    krisna adventure lies 30 minutes drive from lovina, or three hours drive from ngurah rai airport.

    It also offers other adventurous activities, such as paintball and flying fox. the entrance fee is quite inexpensive.


    a great oUtDoor experIence For cItY DwellersworDs anD photos ANGGARA MAHENDRA

  • 13June 30, 2016

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    Island BuzzGriya Santrian introduces the Rama Sita Spa Jamies Italian Kuta Beach appoints new head chefReconnect with natures beauty at Griya Santrian in its newly opened luxury hideaway for wellness, the Rama Sita Spa. Comprising three spa villas, this sanctuary offers spa rituals, body and face therapies, while the separate Alengka pavilion provides areas for consultation, reflexology and hand and foot care. The contemporary design of Rama Sita Spa greets guests with a myriad of textures, color and symbolism and is an ideal venue to embark on a journey of rejuvenation. The spas ambience radiates relaxation and rejuvenation for tired souls. Aromas from essential oils, incense, aromatic sea salts and flowers fill the spa suites and uplift your senses. De-stress with a variety of pampering treatments and allow professional therapists to help relieve your sore muscles and aching joints.All the unique ritual treatments are designed by Erika Dewi of Banyu Spa, who has more than 20 years of international experience in the industry. She has personally overseen all products created in laboratories with the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation, with induced bio-energy in the final products. The bio-energy obtains a chain molecular structure that contributes to maximize the benefit of all the natural aromatherapy and herbal products.

    Jerome Rezel has been appointed head chef at Jamies Italian Kuta Beach, moving up from the sous chef position. Rezel has been part of the Jamies Italian family since 2011 and was part of the opening team for the first Jamies Italian restaurant in Singapore, which is now one of the busiest restaurants in the country. As early as 14-years-old, Rezel took his first job as a kitchen helper, then went on to study for a culinary diploma immediately after national service. Prior to joining Jamies Italian, he honed his culinary skills working with well-known mentors such as World Gourmet Summit chef Roberto Galetti, Marco Guccio, Iron Chef Lady Anna Borrasi and Gero de Maria. Commenting on his new role, Rezel said, My aim is to bring exciting flavors and twists to all the Italian classic recipes, staying true to the culture and brand of Jamies Italian. We are proud to work with fresh local produce and carefully source some of the best products in Bali. I hope to be able to speak to every guest that walks into my restaurant through the food that we present to them.

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  • 14 June 30, 2016


    Beer Pong TournamentJuly 1Starts 7 p.m.Rumah SanurJl. Danau Poso No. 51A, Sanur

    Celebrating Murni - ExhibitionJuly 16 Sept. 18Sudakara Art spaceJl. Sudamala No. 20,

    Free Pizza Event Every ThursdayFrom 2 10:30 p.m.Ristorante SpaccanapoliJl. Pengosekan, Ubud

    Google I/O ExtendedJune 25 From 8 a.m. 6 p.m.Rumah SanurJl. Danau Poso 51A,

    Jazz and Blues Session Every Thursday, Friday and SaturdayFrom 9 p.m. 11:45 p.m.Mannekepis Jazz and Blues BistroJl. Raya Seminyak, Kuta: (0361) 8475784

    Kul Kul Farm Bali Open Day Every ThursdayFrom 8 11 a.m.Come and join workshops and the fun of sharing farm duties.Kul Kul Farm BaliJl. Raya Sibang Kaja, Br. Saren, Abiansemal, BadungE-mail: [email protected]

    Limbo Hip Every ThursdayStarts 8:30 p.m.LacalitaJl. Raya Batu Bolong No. 68, Canggu

    Mades Warung Live Performances Balinese Dances Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, SundayLive MusicEvery Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, SaturdaySalsa DanceEvery SundayMades WarungJl. Raya Seminyak, Kuta: (0361) 755297

    Sunday Funday Community MarketJuly 3From 11 a.m. 3 p.m.The Sayan HouseJl. Raya Sayan No. 70, Ubud

    Sunset Beach Bar & GrillEvery SaturdayChill-out music, snack-style menu, true Balinese hospitality.Intercontinental Bali ResortJl. Uluwatu 45, Jimbaran: (0361) 701888

    Watch Worldwide Sports Events Live sports coverage at Meads, watch live AFL, NRL, Super Rugby, cricket, tennis, F1. Meads Boutique Villas HotelJl. Pratama No. 99, Tanjung Benoa: (0361) 776604

    Wayang Bocor Puppet Show by Eko NugrohoJuly 29From 6 10 p.m.Potato Head Beach ClubJl. Petitenget No. 51B, Seminyak

    Food & Drinks

    REStauRantNine cafes in Seminyak that Instagrammers love.

    The JunctionOpen daily, 11 a.m. 11 p.m.Jl. Kayu Aya, Seminyak

    Sea CircusOpen daily, 10 12 a.m. Jl. Kayu Aya, Seminyak: (0361) 738667

    Revolver EspressoOpen daily, 8 a.m. 5 p.m. Jl. Kayu Aya/ Gg. 51, Seminyak

    La PlanchaOpen daily, 7 a.m. 11 p.m. Jl. Pantai Camplung Tanduk, Seminyak: (0361) 730603

    La FavelaOpen daily, 11 1:30 a.m.Jl. Kayu Aya, Seminyak

    Motel MexicolaOpen daily, 11 1 a.m.Jl. Kayu Jati, Seminyak

    Livingstone Caf & BakeryOpen daily, 7 a.m. 10 p.m.Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak

    Grocer & GrindOpen daily, 7 a.m. 10 p.m.Jl. Kayu Jati No. 3X, Seminyak

    SisterfieldsOpen daily, 7 a.m. 5 p.m.Jl. Kayu Cendana, Seminyak: (0361) 9050507

    Listed by,

    Tour & Travel Agent

    Perama Tour & TravelBali, Lombok, Flores, all over Indonesia.Easy and safe at a reasonable price, all for your convenience.Head Office. Jl. Legian No. 39, Kuta : (0361) 751551, 751875,

    Promote your event with us! Call : 0361 265 436/7 or email to [email protected]


    Nirmala Supermarket Jl. Uluwatu II no. 10 Jimbaran, Phone (0361) 81470919Jl. Uluwatu Ungasan, Phone (0361) 705454Jl. Uluwatu Pecatu, Phone (0361) 7472303Jl. Uluwatu II no. 10 Jimbaran, Phone (0361) 81470919Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai 81 Jimbaran, Phone (0361) 4729081

    aCtIVItIES CoursesGamelan Course Mekar BhuanaLearn about Balinese culture and music.Jl. Gandapura III No. 501X, Denpasar

    : (0361) 464 201

    Gaya Ceramic Arts Center Private tutelage for individuals and small groups. From handcrafted sculptures to potters wheel throwing techniques.Jl. Raya Sayan, Ubud

    : (0361) 7451413 or 976220

    Delta DewataThe first supermarket in Ubud Jl. Raya Andong No.14, Ubud

    : (0361) 973 049, 978 071

    Silversmithing Classes Studio Perak Explore your creativity and make that piece of silver jewelry youve been dreaming about! Jl. Hanoman, Ubud

    : (0361) 974244E-mail: [email protected]

    BintangPerum Dalung Permai Pertokoan A11 A15, Kerobokan Kaja Jl. Raya Seminyak No. 17, KutaJl. Raya Campuhan No. 45, Ubud

    Papaya Fresh Gallery Jl. Mertanadi, Kuta

    W Bali Presents Late Night Sessionwith Nuno Dos Santos (Wompost Records/Sohaso/PT)

    July 7From 10 p.m. 4 a.m.

    Woobar at W Retreat BaliJl. Petitenget, Seminyak

    : (0361) 4738106


    DenpasarBarong & Keris DanceEverydayStarts 9 a.m.Jl. Waribang No. 11 Kesiman, Denpasar: (0361) 224596

    JimbaranKecak & Fire DanceEverydayStarts 6 p.m.Uluwatu TempleJimbaran, Badung: (0361) 9041163

    KutaTraditional & Modern PerformancesEvery day (Except Wednesday)Starts 8 p.m.Kuta TheaterJl. Kartika Plaza No. 8X, Kuta

    : (0361) 762750


    Calonarang Dance Every Thursday, SundayStarts 7:30 p.m.Mawang Village, Ubud

    Topeng Jimat Every WednesdayStarts 7 p.m.ARMA Museum & ResortJl. Raya Pengosekan

    Legong Dance Every FridayStarts 7:30 p.m.Balerung Srinertya Waditra (Balerung Mandera)Br. Teruna, Peliatan, Ubud

    : (0361) 972124 or 970503

    Simple Guidance When Attending a Temple Ceremony

    1. Always wear a sarong and sash. 2. Do not walk in front of people when they are

    praying. 3. Do not use flash or point your camera at the

    priests face.4. Never sit higher than the priest, the offerings

    and/or people praying. 5. During cremation ceremonies, do not get in the way of attendees, however perfect that

    photographic moment might be.6. Women are not allowed to enter temples

    while menstruating.

  • 15June 30, 2016


    Tanah LotKerobokan




    Nusa Dua



    Ngurah Rai Int Airport

    Penida Island









    Menjangan Island


    Mt. Sangiang


    West BaliNational Park


    Pura LuhurUluwatu

    Pura Rambut Siwi

    Mt. Batur

    Pura Batu Madan

    Mt. Agung


    4 21


    Where to go



    POOL PARTYEvery dayFrom 5 7 p.m.Sunset drinks and DJ performanceIP Bar, 3rd floor Pullman Bali Legian NirwanaJl. Melasti No. 1, Legian

    : (0361)

    Summer Rainbow Charity NightJuly 2

    Starts 7 p.m.Harris Sunset Kuta

    Jl. Pura Mertasari, Sunset Road,



    Bali Art FestivalJune 11 July 9Bali Art Center

    Jl. Nusa Indah No. 1, Denpasar

    Live EURO 2016Until July 10

    Stadium CafeJl. Kartika Plaza, Kuta

    : (0361) 763100

  • 16 June 30, 2016


    House of IoCoSituated in the heart of Balis fashion district and shopping mecca,

    Seminyak, on Sunset Road, the House of IOCO emerges with a new vibe and design that echoes comfort yet sophistication through all of its collections.

    House of IOCO Fashion evolved from three basic values Creation, Interaction and Commerce all of which form the companys foundation.

    From its main studio, where ideas are created, House of IOCO translates different inspirations into designs that later come true in various shapes, colors, textures and movements.

    The fashion house also opens its creative doors to personal consultation with an in-house stylist or designer available to create custom-made quality pieces.

    Under the artistic eye of talented designer Monica Ku, House of IOCO has five unique brands that speak for different aspects of design and fashion: IOCO, ONLY BY IOCO, SOOK, MONICA KU and IOCO HOMME.

    For IOCO, Monica has carefully studied the various body shapes of women and their unique personas, then translated this into a well-made collection. IOCO brings functional, pure and simple designs to life through smart pattern

    cutting. This involves draping and shaping with subtle details to achieve a clean and modern finish.

    IOCO represents the diverse personas of women in general through the use of assorted colors from neutral classic tones to bright and bold shades as well as a play on different patterns. The pieces are all unique on their own, but can also be combined to create a more complete look that speaks of timeless simplicity and sophistication at the same time.

    ONLY by IOCO is Monicas personal pick and is an exclusive limited collection. These designs are edgy, refined and even alluring. This line is a

    playground for Monica to express herself through various cuts, shapes and tailoring that are different from IOCO yet still communicate the same concept.

    For the younger or young at heart, SOOK represents fun, vibrant personas through its playful but simple design. The brand plays with colorful prints that create a statement in the modesty of casual wear, the simplicity that runs through the fashion houses soul.

    If fashion is based purely on dreams, this line would be the embodiment of that concept. MONICA KU recreates her own personal dreams into fashion art pieces. Statement looks and haute couture designs are the language of this line that is currently intended to be a showcase of creativity and pure imagination.

    Next to the main IOCO collection, IOCO HOMME is Monicas translation of essential wear for men. The designs are simple, clean and practical; the fabrics amplify a timeless style for modern day gentlemen.

    IOCO HOMME uses similar fabrics to IOCO to complement the main collection, just as a man always balances a woman.

    House of IOCO collections can be purchased at strategically located boutiques around Bali as well as online through major resellers such as Further information about House of IOCO can be found at


    Situated in the heart of Balis fashion district and shopping mecca, Seminyak, on Sunset Road, the House of IOCO emerges with a new vibe and

    design that echoes comfort yet sophistication through all of its collections.

    different inspirations into designs that later come true in various shapes, colors, textures and movements.

    The fashion house also opens its creative doors to personal consultation with an in-house stylist or designer available to create custom-made quality pieces.

    Under the artistic eye of talented designer Monica Ku, House of IOCO has five unique brands that speak for different aspects of design and fashion: IOCO, ONLY BY IOCO, SOOK, MONICA KU and IOCO HOMME.

    For IOCO, Monica has carefully studied the various body shapes of women and their unique personas, then translated this into a well-made collection. IOCO brings functional, pure and simple designs to life through smart pattern

    cutting. This involves draping and shaping with subtle details to achieve a clean and modern finish.

    IOCO represents the diverse personas of women in general through the use of assorted colors from neutral classic tones to bright and bold shades as well as a play on different patterns. The pieces are all unique on their own, but can also be combined to create a more complete look that speaks of timeless simplicity and sophistication at the same time.

    collection. These designs are edgy, refined and even alluring. This line is a





    D P





    Y O

    F IO